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The first round of the primary EELV : Cécile Duflot in bad posture – The Figaro

about THE SCAN POLICY – mep Yannick Jadot takes the lead in the race for the nomination ecologist in the presidential election, followed by Michèle Rivasi.

thunderclap among environmentalists. Given favorite until the day of the election, Cécile Duflot has been eliminated in the first round of the primary environmentalists by not collecting that 24.41 per cent of the vote, according to official results announced at 19h. It is accelerated by Yannick Jadot, head with 35,61% of the vote, and Michèle Rivasi, also qualified for the second round with eur 30.16%. Karima Delli, the youngest of the vote, came in fourth with 9,82% of votes. The participation for this first round, amounted to 75%.

” Who are the two qualified in the second round of the primary environmentalist?

The support of Duflot-picked and cold

In the bar reserved by the team of the former minister of Housing, the coloured panels flocked slogans “Remember the future” and “Cécile Duflot 2017″ are a terrible symbol. The candidate unhappy will not come in the establishment of the avenue de Flandres (Paris Xix) booked to celebrate the victory expected. For the one who wanted from the start bring his family politics behind his candidacy, it is a disavowal terrible. In a message posted on Facebook, Cécile Duflot said it was “disappointed” but has not given instruction to vote for the second round the results of which will be announced on 7 November.

The few “duflotistes” these are “surprised” by the defeat of the former minister. “She has paid the price for his image too institutional, while Yannick Jadot dreamed of being a minister, and Michèle Rivasi was an mp in 1997!”, plague Pierre Minnaert. David Cormand, secretary national of the party and the support of Cécile Duflot, relativize: “This is life, this is an election. Ecology is not subsidiarisée to Cécile Duflot”, he commented, hiding badly his disappointment. The boss of EELV was very clearly shown its support for the elected paris. Caroline de Haas, the campaign manager of the candidate, talking about a “defeat of the political strategy”. “Don’t worry, Cécile is in form, she is with relatives,” she said.

For the former EELV passed on the side of the left majority, this result is obviously a blow to the elected paris. “It pays its shifts in a row, she has played the activist model, but the activists are not fooled!”, analysis François de Rugy. “It is very clearly a sanction against it”, slip a close of Jean-Vincent Placed. Cécile Duflot, who defended the idea of a “Republic” ecological, preparing for 2017 since his departure thundering of the government, in April 2014. “No one had believed in the sincerity of his exit from the government, it was a tactic personal. Today she is paying the price for her bad image, she represents the establishment. The ecologist primary, this is never the favorite wins,” says one elected environmentalist île-de-france, in reference to the defeat of Nicolas Hulot in the face of Eva Joly, in 2011.

Yannick Jadot exults

After 16h, the half of the count, the mep and the former head of Greenpeace was in the lead with eight points ahead of the former minister, as was revealed in The Scan. About 17,000 people had registered online to participate in the election, with about 7,000 members, and 10,000 people, forming an electoral body perfectly unpredictable. A few meters away from the HQ of Cécile Duflot, Yannick Jadot is with its support, the “Bugle Greedy”. “I told you so!”, he smiles in front of journalists. “We are happy, the campaign for the second round begins as early as Friday in Rennes”, enjoys one of his close friends.

If the four candidates in the election have taken care not to compete too frontally during the pre-campaign, the debates and the précampagne helped us to identify real differences of substance and strategy between them. Cécile Duflot felt able to be in the second round of the presidential election. Yannick Jadot had declared him not to believe that there would be a president ecologist in 2017, leaves at the shine the more optimistic of his party.

Support of Michèle Rivasi long-standing, Jérôme Gleize is “not surprised” with the outcome of the mep. “She is going to fight for a win against Yannick Jadot, until the end of the second round”. Karima Delli said “does not have to be ashamed” of his score. It will announce its support for one of the two finalists in the days. The two finalists will meet on the 27th of October for a televised debate, before the announcement of the results of the second round is scheduled for 7 November.


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