Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Manif for all goes down in the street – the Figaro

VIDEO – The collective is organizing Sunday a new fashion show in Paris, to bring back the family at the heart of the debate of the primary.

“Stop, that’s enough!” The slogan is vague enough to unite all kinds of distresses. This Sunday, the Manif for all returns on the street, in the hope of reconnecting with the immense parades in 2013 and 2014, which had mobilized hundreds of thousands of people against the project Taubira law. “For the past four years, people ignored, families despised…”, unworthy of the collective in a video calling for “no more suffering”. With the approach of the primary right and centre, the Manif for all, which “brings together more than ever”, according to its president Ludovine de La Rochère, also wants to bring back the family at the heart of the debate. “With our shoes, is prepared in 2017!”, will sing-t-on Sunday, for this Day of family and of the child”.

Not to the LDCS (medically assisted procreation) “without father”, in the GPA (gestation for others), the “diffusion-like” school, “case of the family policy”… the words have not changed. “Parentage Taubira, the graft does not”, he will be able to read signs, pink and blue. “This is not because a law is passed that it renders service to the company!”, hammers Axel Rokvam, one of the founders of the “watchmen”, who will host, on Sunday evening, a vigil on the theme of the family. Even anger on the side of the family Associations catholiques (AFC): “The directory of the recent political developments is dramatic, they feel. The parents are evicted from their role as the primary and principal educators of their children (dissemination imposed by the ideology of gender, reform of the college without the slightest consultation of the parents), the family policy is progressively emptied of its contents, the GPA is legalized, and, most recently, the freedom to express reservations about abortion is put into question by legislative means!” For its president Jean-Marie Andres, “the French families have the duty to express their rejection of this new “colonization is the ideological””, according to the terminology of pope Francis.

“The government is caught in a kind of one-upmanship society,” says Tugdual Derville, general delegate of Alliance Vita, an association partner of the Manif for all. While the programs of those who will govern in a few months are being developed…” in The wake of a debate among the candidates in the primary “where there was not even a question of the family,” said Ludovine de La Rochère, la Manif for all has put forward a survey OpinionWay in which 61 % of right-wing supporters say they are in favour of a questioning of the Taubira law (22 % wanting to repeal and 39 % a rewrite). Thus, the “importance of coming many, emphasize the organizers. We have obtained many victories by continuing to act after the vote of the Taubira law. This is not the time to let them down.” The more that this event will be held a few days before the deadline (21 October) for France to make an appeal of a conviction of the ECHR (european Court of human rights) regarding the GPA…

on the side of The politicians, “we find men and women brave, admirable perseverance, and consistency”, note Ludovine de La Rochère. Loyal supporters of the Manif for all, Jean-Frédéric Poisson, president of the christian democratic Party and a candidate in the primary, Bruno Retailleau, chairman of the LR group in the Senate, Guillaume Peltier, a spokesperson for the Republicans, or even Hervé Mariton, member of parliament RL of the Drome region, have announced their presence. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, president of Standing the France, and Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, mp and FN, will be there also. As well as several civil society figures, including the former chair of the Committee Miss France, Geneviève de Fontenay, who does not hide his vote to the left. “All perspectives should be represented on the podium”, promises Ludovine de La Rochère.

“The course is short : approximately 2.5 km. Upon their arrival to 13 hours of porte Dauphine, the protesters will be filtered and searched”

Sign of the”enthusiasm of the activists, who were waiting with baited breath to go back down in the street” remind us of the organizers, “leaflets had to be reprinted five times”, as the posters, the fact of a campaign of pasting massive. “These last days, we are witnessing a rise in registrations,” says a leader in the region. While a few weeks ago, some were hesitant still, there is a real rush on the cars: most one free place! It organizes now for the carpool.” In a context of terrorist threat, the security of the parade was especially investigated with the police. “For this reason, the course is short-about 2.5 km,” says Albéric Dumont, vice-president of the Manif for all. Upon their arrival to 13 hours of porte Dauphine, the protesters will be filtered and searched.” So as to “ensure that all participants in the family aspect” of the procession.


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