Sunday, October 16, 2016

Holland to Florence to assert that “having regard to its commitments” – Le Figaro

François Hollande said Sunday in an interview with the regional dailies the group Ebra he goes Monday in Florange (Moselle) to tell the employees that it has taken all of “its commitments”.

“I just tell them that I met all of my commitments. I had visited Florange during the presidential election campaign. I had made two promises: to save the site and avoid any social plan. They have been held. The 650 employees who worked on the blast furnace have been reclassified on the premises and none has been dismissed,” said the president of the Republic in this interview to be published in particular in the Republican lorrain.

“Not only that, there has been no loss of jobs at Florange, but the hires were made in 2015 and 2016″, he adds, while that of the unionists ahead Monday on the site.

“The blast furnaces were already at the end of 2012. It is true, they are not gone. These are the blast furnaces of Dunkirk that supply the Florange plant,” but, he argued, “today, there are more steel production at Florange in 2012″.

The head of State also justifies its refusal to nationalize the blast furnaces of the group as suggested at the time his minister of productive Recovery Arnaud Montebourg. An opposition which had provoked a serious government crisis.

“I preferred to negotiate a compromise robust, with the group ArcelorMittal to invest 180 million euros in Florange. 200 million euros of investments have already been made, that is to say, more than expected,” he says.

“in 2013, I announced the creation of a platform for the public to invent the steels of tomorrow. 20 million euros have been made by the State to this project,” argues Mr. Holland who should inaugurate this project on Monday, during his third visit since the beginning of the quinquennium.


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