An association denounces the presence of pesticides in most of the mueslis non-organic. – David Lee / Rex Feature/REX/SIPA

you think You all good by opting for the muesli at breakfast ? It is (a little) messed up.

A survey conducted by the association for Future Generations has demonstrated that ” 100% of the samples non-bio analyzed contain residues of pesticides “. In arriving at its findings without appeal, a laboratory has analyzed the fifteen packets of muesli with fruit that is not organic, and five bio, according to the findings of the association published by Le Parisien.

In the products are not organic, (All Bran Fruit’ fibre, Kellogg’s, Crousty 4 fruits Auchan, Muesli Carrefour 7 fruits, Granola Jordans Country Crisp whole grain fruits and nuts in particular) 141 residues of pesticides were found, of which 81 are suspected of being endocrine disruptors.

future Generations says that the average concentration of 0,177 mg/kg of chemical residues, quantified per sample is 354 times the ” maximum permissible concentration permissible in drinking water for all pesticides “. It is what it is.

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” We do not say that people are going to be sick by eating the muesli, but it is abnormal to start her day with a cocktail of endocrine disruptors, ” says François Veillerette, spokesperson of the association at the Paris.

According to him, the grain change their mode of storage. It explains, as well as to protect the seeds stored in silos or containers, the cereal crops are dusted with insecticides.

By contrast, none of the samples of organic muesli tested during the survey (Bjorg, Earth and cereal bio, Auchan muesli bio 7 fruits, Jordans and Organic village) is concerned.

” This report reveals yet the exposure of the population to be too many residues of pesticides with endocrine disrupting chemicals suspected to act at very low doses, ” says François Veillerette said. The association control to minimize the public’s exposure to endocrine disruptors and sum the european Commission review its criteria ” to make them really protective “.

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