Tuesday, October 11, 2016

VIDEO. Cooking for the refugees, the new challenge on Facebook – The Express

“Thank you, Young people. You’ve made me cry of happiness, of consolation, of relief. I have short, very moved,” “Thank you and bravo, you made a lie of what the cons tell on the young people of the suburbs!”, “You are a beautiful youth, and it is a pleasure to see the solidarity in this world of crazy”… praise from the social networks do not cease to multiply, since Malik Diallo, a resident of Sarcelles (Val-d’oise), was posted on Facebook a video in which he throws a challenge to another district: as him and his friends, cook meals for the migrants.

“Without the help of the associations, show the world that our neighborhoods have a heart and especially a good education,” he writes in the preamble to his video that aired on the 29th of September. We see then, with a dozen friends, prepare some sandwiches and tchep (a rice-based dish, a specialty of West Africa) in the house area of white grapes, in Sarcelles, where he now resides. Then, they package these 150 meals, and will distribute them to as many of the migrants living in Stalingrad and at the door of the Chapel, at Paris, who soon gather around them with a smile.

66 000 views and 1700 comments

at the end of the 10 minutes of video, Malik Diallo and his friends call one of their knowledge, to regain their concept in it, in the quartier des Sablons, also in Sarcelles. “This is not a matter of money or buzz, it is a question of do good and it is free of charge,” adds the young man, who works as a delivery driver and crosses on the road, many people living in the street, as the cutting in France blue. “We are all children of refugees, it is for that one hands them our hands,” concluded his friend.

Since then, their video became viral, in excess of 66 000 views and 1700 comments, and the inhabitants of the Sablons have risen to the challenge on 6 October. “Here, everybody has put his stone to the edifice. Some have put 10€, others 20€. Even small, they have given something,” says Souleymane, 29 years old, the friend named in the video Malik, a journalist le Parisien who had met him the evening of his challenge.

He claims that the video of this initiative will soon be online. We will then know what district he chose to appoint, to take over from her. But there will clearly not need to be challenged in a video to bring the hand to the dough. As was stated by Malik Diallo on Monday night on Facebook, several residents of the Île-de-France promised that they would do the same, especially in the area of Warblers, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis). Worn by the feedback very positive about her project, Monday, he has even created a group on the social network dubbed The Grand challenge, to bring together the initiatives and good wishes.


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