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Tribute to the victims of Nice : “In this 14-July, you want to admire the sky and not join him” – The World

Three months after the attack which has been 86 deaths on the promenade des Anglais, 2 000 people, family, friends and politicians, have attended a moving ceremony and grueling.

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A  reading of the names of the 86 victims, high  school students have filed the white rose.

It is 11 o’clock, on the Castle hill overlooking Nice and the interminable promenade des Anglais, which was made Saturday, October 15, the national tribute to the 86 people killed in the attack on the 14-July. The days before the ceremony, torrential rains had fallen on the city, causing its postponement, in particular for reasons of security, related to the storms.

in the shade of the umbrella pines planted on this fortification, one of the most powerful of the mediterranean arc, more than 2,000 people came in the park, not far from the monument to the dead of the city. More than half are relatives of those killed, injured, but also to people who were on the scene of the attack in the evening of 14 July and were shocked by what they have experienced.

In the ranks of politicians have been installed, François Hollande, his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of the national Assembly, Claude Bartolone, leaders of the right (Bruno Le Maire, Alain Juppé, François Fillon) and the extreme right, with Marine Le Pen and Marion Marechal-Le Pen. Also present were the ambassadors of 19 countries that have been unfortunate victims.

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” Our sorrow is indefinable “

Bereaved by the death of six members of his  family, Cindy Pellegrini took the floor on behalf  of the association of victims Walk of angels.

To open the ceremony, La Marseillaise was played by the orchestra of the republican guard, after the president of the Republic had sent military honors and before the review of the troops.

Bereaved by the loss of six members of his family, Cindy Pellegrini took the floor on behalf of the association of victims Promenade of angels, founded in the beginning of August. the ” In this 14-July, you want to admire the sky and not the join (…) today, Nice and all France weep 86 victims. Our sorrow is indefinable “, has launched the young woman with the blonde hair and eyes of aquamarine. Before concluding, sobs in the voice :

” We hope in the depths of our hearts that from now on, each 14-July, each of you will be able to admire the sky thinking that each star is a broken life forever. “

at the end of his speech, going back to the stands, the young woman has buried her face in her hands, holding back more tears, while Julien Clerc intoned the piano Useful, a song written in the 1990′s in reference to the dictatorship in chile :

As an ancient language, which we would like to massacre it, I want to be useful, to live and to dream. (…) In any neighbourhood of a moon lost. Even if the masters speak and could not hear me more. “

86 white roses, crying in the silence

At the moment the most challenging of the tributes, the students of the lycée Masséna, dressed in black, came, one by one, place a white rose on the fountain of the ephemeral. While the names of 86 victims were pronounced solemnly, the cries of a newborn came to break the silence of lead that enveloped the ceremony.

During those fifteen long minutes, the relatives of the victims, stifling their tears. Other wipe continuously their cheeks. A teenager crying at the hearing, in the multitude of names listed, the one from her grand-mother. A child sleeps in the arms of his father sobbing.

at this time, the crowd takes the measure of the magnitude of this terrorist attack. An attack that has touched Mario, 92 years old, and Léana 2 years. An attack that has decimated families – an aunt and her nephew, a grandmother and her grandson, a retired couple and has not spared any religion.

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” This business of evil will fail. “

François Hollande bowed to the tribune of  the families of the victims of the terrorist  attack in Nice, after his speech, the 15 October.

It is upon this point that François Hollande sought to highlight at the beginning of his speech, which lasted twenty minutes :

” The victims of this barbarism were not all the same origin, not all have the same route, not all have the same skin colour, not all of the same religion, but they are united today by the woe. “

” These victims belonged to the set of the neighbourhoods of Nice, the Ariane [popular area of the city]. They came from other regions of France. They came from around the world, attracted by the sea “, has added the head of State. The victims and their families are in fact from 63 French departments and 19 countries.

” What has been hit on 14-July, is national unity “, continued the president, before adding :

” well, no, I tell you no, this evil deed will fail, unity, freedom, humanity, in the end, will prevail. “

As a message of hope focused on the future, which can also be used to support the speech of Mr. Holland, the children’s choir of the Opéra de Nice Côte d’azur has interpreted the La Marseillaise, usually sung by the republican guard. In addition to the first verse as usual (” let’s Go children of the fatherland “), the singers belted out the ” verse for children “, quite misunderstood, thus take La Marseillaise more than three minutes.

” We shall enter the career When our elders are gone/there We shall find their dust And the trace of their virtues/Much less jealous of their survive That share their coffin We have the sublime pride/To avenge or follow them ! “

walkabout of The Pen

at the end of the hymn, Mr. Holland has left the stage under the applause of the relatives of the victims, he greeted several times, before leaving the stage empty, marking the end of the ceremony. The crowd then converged, wild and silent, to the esplanade.

Funny scene as that of Christian Estrosi, deputy mayor of Nice, Marine Le Pen and Marion Marechal-Le Pen, staff of the FN, is offering a walkabout, while the rest of the officials headed for the exit. There, those present come to the meeting of the three elected.

The two frames frontistes will remain more than ten minutes to shake hands, to greet the victims, take selfies with the younger children. A sign that this ceremony is marked by a discourse of national unity, carried high and strong by François Hollande and Cindy Pellegrini, is only a parenthesis in this city, laboratory of the hard right and historical stronghold of the FN.

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