Wednesday, October 5, 2016

VIDEO. Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Nobel winner for chemistry : “This is an award that recognizes a collective work” – Franceinfo

The French Jean-Pierre Sauvage, a professor at the Institute of science and engineering supramolecular (ISIS) in Strasbourg is the winner of the Nobel prize in chemistry awarded this Wednesday, October 5, for his work on the tiny “molecular machines”, in conjunction with the British James Fraser Stoddart and the Dutch Bernard Feringa.

“It was a big shock at the time, and a big surprise”, tells the story of the French scientist who is almost 72 years old. A guest in the newspaper 13 hours on France 2, Jean-Pierre Sauvage stressed that the award is to recognize a “collective work”. “I am rather late in his career, my work, the most recognized has been made there is a certain time” he replied, when asked if the price will change something in her life.

Jean-Pierre Sauvage describes his work : “It was necessary to manufacture molecules and that these molecules behave like machines, they are able to move under the action of a signal, they behave for example like a rotary engine, like a muscle.”

machines that operate at a scale tiny : “We can say today that we know how to make molecular motors, rotary engines, or others that have a maximum size of the order of a few billionths of a meter.”

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