Wednesday, October 5, 2016

For Fekl, Holland is not the natural candidate – The Figaro

about THE SCAN POLICY – The secretary of State for foreign Trade don’t know yet if he will support the president of the Republic to the primary of the left. “We’ll see when all the projects will be on the table “, timer-t-it.

Matthias Fekl is not concerned that negotiations on the Tafta. In the last few months, in the shade, it structures its networks, feeds his thoughts, thinking about the “restoration movement of the French society”. On Tuesday evening, the secretary of State for foreign Trade, the Promotion of tourism and French Expatriates celebrated its 39 years. He has also launched his movement, Movida, “a place for exchanges and debate” to weigh in the coming months, and especially beyond. One that is often seen as the anti-Macron brought together over a hundred supporters – mostly young people – on the barge of the Concrete (Paris Xii), at a time when the former minister of Economy presented its diagnosis of the France in Strasbourg.

In a speech that was picked up thirty minutes or so, the socialist europeanist expressed its good will to resolve “the crisis of democracy deep, the crisis of trust, participation in elections, elites, political decision-making”. With “Movida” (the name of the current cultural post-franco, editor’s NOTE), the bi-national franco-German wants to make a “blink of an eye to Spain, to the culture”. To end with a “Fifth Republic out of breath,” he recalled a few proposals: the establishment of a seven-year term non-renewable, a new constitution, a Parliament strengthened, the development of democracy at the local level and in the enterprises, the reinforcement of a public power”, modern and transparent”. A devotee of thematic institutional, the mandarin has also referred to the “ecological urgency”, and the establishment of a “european semester” for all young people.

Matthias Fekl warns: “movida” is not a “shop of work in the service of an ambition individual”. The secretary of State said to embody a “line realistic” in all loyalty vis-à-vis the president of the Republic. “Being in government has always been an honour, I don’t play the defeat of the left in 2017, even if the situation is difficult”, he says to the press. Asked about his support for François Hollande in the primary of the left, the good student, the government has strangely kicked into touch. “We’ll see when all the projects will be on the table, things are open, and I reserve my answer.” Before adding that the head of State is not “the natural candidate”. Regional counsel, New Aquitaine refutes the thesis of the “two lefts irreconcilable”, hammered by Manuel Valls.

In the meeting, the former deputy of Lot-et-Garonne, which could represent in his district in June, is pleased to have assembled a “thirties” of parliamentarians, horizon and sensitivities the different. Thierry Mandon, secretary of State in charge of higher Education, was announced “but has not been able to stay long.” Christophe Sirugue, the secretary of State in charge of Industry, has made the trip and was warmly applauded. Again, this is Emmanuel Macron, a veritable bugbear of the left, which crystallizes all the attention. Sandrine Mazetier, vice-president of the national Assembly, the is specifically designed. “We are a collective, nor right, nor right!” The researcher in political science Gael Brustier scratch also copiously the leader In walk!. “We are in a period of reinvention. I prefer a distant horizon with one step each day, rather than a Madoff ideological!” Matthias Fekl will have the last (good) word. “I am looking for a local for my association… But I wouldn’t look for money in the banks in London!”


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