Thursday, October 6, 2016

When Sarkozy the pope to dézinguer Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and dredge the cathos –

Nicolas Sarkozy should never leave Montauban. It was delivered on Wednesday a speech that make his gesture and his glory. If this was not a Bush, it looked like. Populism christian has been flattered, as ever, between support for the pope, the denunciation of the theory of the genre, the declaration of war to the LDCS and the GPA, and against the figure honnie from the left carrying all the calamities, anti-christian, the essential Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

For the purposes of the Primary the Republicans, The socialists, Nicolas Sarkozy is therefore laid in the counsel of the pope. If he was an honest man, just and righteous, to defend the sovereign pontiff prey to the criticism of the minister of national Education, it could be that the devotee Nicolas Sarkozy. The requirement is imposed. The duty of the command.

Only a model of asceticism, and rigor, of charity and humility, could bring relief to the man in a white robe mauled by the demonic succubus socialist. Nicolas Sarkozy was the man of the situation. Here and now, who could doubt of his legitimacy to deliver a fair fight?

The excommunication policy of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

To have questioned the clarity and the degree of knowledge of the pope denouncing the teaching of gender theory at school, citing a “slight speech and unfounded”, and the fact that the bishop of Rome was “also a victim of the massive misinformation campaign conducted by the fundamentalists”, the excommunication policy of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem has been pronounced from the pulpit of Montauban : “Can one deny the relativism and assert that the word of the pope is not of the same nature as that of the ideologists of the theory of the genre? Madame Najat Vallaud-Belkacem would have done better to keep quiet, she shames us all”.

And the choir to applaud… At The Republicans, the christian love command always boo, in all places and times, the figure of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the incarnation of the Evil came from the left, relativism despised and post-modernity festiviste … The shepherd Sarkozy knows his sheep better than anyone…

Nicolas Sarkozy keeps up with the pope. Now, it is no longer that which was evidence of odious and unbearable relativism, referring to the violence committed by both muslims than catholics, “I don’t like talking about violence in islam, If I speak of violence in islam, I have to talk about violence catholic. No, muslims are not all violent, the catholics are not all violent,” no, François is again this figure, which allows you to attempt to preempt the voters of the right, seized by the populist christian. The good pope, it is always the right, never the left one.

in The eyes of Nicolas Sarkozy, François is not a block found, but a lego relativistic, the religious makes sense only to the extent that it is exploitable by policy.

Montauban, Nicolas Sarkozy was running after the electorate of the Manif for all, and assimilated. In an emergency, if it is not in panic. It is that, today, polls, imperfect as they are, are repeated. Still and always. Sarkozy 2016 is no longer as irresistible as Sarkozy 2006. A trend persists. The blitzkrieg of media engaged in September, as soon as the actual entry in the field, has allowed Nicolas Sarkozy to back a good part of his disability, on the basis of a storytelling of the highest level, with the controversy over the Gauls in the story as the climax, but for the past ten days, the momentum is slipping. The machine Sarkozy overheating starts to spin.

The dynamic, but how dynamic?

The inertia Juppé turns out to be more complicated than expected to crack. And the dynamic being touted by Sarkozy last summer with its visitors, “The dynamics, you understand, the dynamics! It changes the whole dynamic!”, seems to be losing steam. Last example in date? A Louis Harris poll which shows that the effect Sarkozy is running out of steam with voters willing to vote in the Primary LR, 20 and 27 November. Admittedly, the sample of 627 people eventually surveyed on their intentions to leave doubt as to the dizzying fall of two points of Nicolas Sarkozy, but the trend remains. Juppé is still. Juppé resists. Juppe is holding.

In these conditions, the former president has no other choice than to turn into candidate a catch-all. Since the right is in the grip of populism, christian, goes for populism and christian. Hence the urgency, today, to take back to Fillon and Fish, the candidates most in tune with a good part of the electorate of the Manif for all assimilated… Those are likely to catch the disappointed of sarkozysme abjurant any desire to repeal the Taubira law, there is an urgent need to bring them back to the fold…

It was therefore necessary to exploit more quickly the breach opened by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, denouncing the elements of language taken up by pope Francis (and obviously provided turnkey by pharmacies the catholic ultras). The minister of national Education crystallizing on his person the sum of the tensions right-handed, the thief could not pass up the opportunity, even to flatter the passage of the feelings that unfortunately have little to do with the benevolence and openness.

Finally, we need to see and review the time of the speech of Montauban, where Nicolas Sarkozy takes to Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. How to pronounce his name, between scorn and contempt, the way to support the words “silent” and ” shame “, the gesture made by hands, that seem to repel a dangerous threat, all of this constitutes a set of dissonance cognitive, which encourages the public to anger and rejection. For those who are confronted, the image, the respect and the applause were something chilling, as we fear to understand that it is possible that all this is the fruit of an operating cynical unspoken that the audience understands without penalty.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem seems to remain the indispensable eternal scapegoat of France sick of the plague of identity and French president Nicolas Sarkozy seems to be used and abused for the needs of his campaign. This game is worth the candle ? To win an election or lose his soul ?


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