Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Nice: works of general interest for a boar’s head lodged in front of a mosque – The Parisian

Dthem Nice deemed to have filed an head of boar in front of the mosque-Nur Nice before its opening in June, were sentenced Wednesday to a term of work in the general interest, a-t-on learned from the lawyer of the association of worship.
“The facts have been re-qualified”, said mr. Helali Kais. The two men of 30 and 38 years of age were prosecuted for violence, aggravated by reason of membership or non-membership in the religion, but their lawyers have obtained a reclassification of the facts in a simple offence of provocation to be non-public discrimination because of the origin, ethnic group, nation, race or religion.
“found guilty, they were sentenced to perform work in the general interest of 80 hours over 18 months. They are condemned jointly and severally to pay to the association of Nice-The Plain of 1,000 euros for non-pecuniary damage and eur 300 for the legal fees,” he said.
The League of human rights, SOS Racism and Licra, the civil parties, have each awarded a symbolic one euro and 300 euros for legal costs.
“I was expecting a more severe punishment given the severity of the behavior,” said Me Kais, who reserves the possibility to appeal if the religious association decides.
The two men had killed a wild boar present on their land, and then decided, after having drunk, dropping the carcass of the animal in front of the mosque, without thinking about the consequences of their act, according to the public prosecutor.
again Tuesday, a boar’s head was found in front of the same mosque in Nice, and then removed by the police, who opened an investigation. “This is the second time and I hope the last,” said imam Mahmoud Benzamia who filed the complaint.
“These facts confirm that this was not a simple joke (in June). Twenty-four hours prior to the deliberation, it was decided to throw it even once a boar’s head, it proves that it is well-chosen and well-studied. This proves that the mosque and the muslim community are being targeted. It was in the middle of ramadan and just after the favorable decision of the administrative tribunal to the opening after the conflict with the city council, the object chosen is a pig, it was done to insult the feelings of muslims,” he said.
This mosque, whose work was recently completed, is at the heart of a controversy between the association that the door and the municipality of Nice, which accuses him of having been financed by the saudi fund. The mosque has a capacity of 400 to 500 faithful, according to imam.


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