Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Silence of Salah Abdeslam: the influence of Mehdi Nemmouche – The Express

Salah Abdeslam is alone, isolated in his silence. His two lawyers, the French Frank Berton, and the Belgian Sven Mary, have thrown in the towel. In a double interview with Obs and BFMTV on Wednesday, they explain to have waived his defence, discouraged by his total lack of cooperation. “Salah Abdeslam gives up. It is like a suicide, I’m afraid,” said the first.

The two criminal lawyers openly criticized the strict measures of surveillance that is the subject of the sole survivor of the attacks on the 13 November. Salah Abdeslam is watched 24 hours on 24 and is in the process, they say, to “transform into a savage beast.” This is why he refused obstinately to answer the questions of the justice. An explanation a bit simplistic. Because in reality, the Molenbeekois 27-year-old has also been influenced by a jihadist well-known: Mehdi Nemmouche, the perpetrator of the massacre at the jewish museum in Brussels in may 2014.

“Do not speak with the police and his lawyer”

The silence of Abdeslam finds its origin in an incident dating back to march 22, 2016, the same day of the attacks in Brussels. Imprisoned at the prison of Bruges, it awaits the visit of the belgian investigators, who must hear it, in the end of the day, for the second time since his arrest. However, as detailed in the minutes accessed by The Express, Salah Abdeslam is then asked aloud by Nemmouche. The latter is a cell located in the same wing without being totally nearby. The prison guards do not lose a crumb of the exchange and report it to the police upon their arrival.

“He [Mehdi Nemmouche] advises Salah Abdeslam to keep silent and not to speak with the police and his lawyer, because it will be sent to France to be tried”, write the investigators. Nemmouche screams also Abdeslam “that it is better to be in prison in France rather than in Belgium.” It is also the mouth of the terrorist as the survivor of the November 13, which has no television in his cell, takes knowledge of the mass killings of Brussels occurred in the morning.

The hearing of Salah Abdeslam will in any case turn the short, ten-minute penalty. In the Face of police, he argued, for the first time, his right to silence. A line of conduct to which it does not share more. Three days earlier, however, without being verbose, and while distilling lies, he had agreed to answer questions.


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