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Senate Elections: Marine Le Pen calls for dissolution of … –

Senate Elections: Marine Le Pen calls for dissolution of … –

REACTIONS – All comments in the wake of elections that saw the right reclaim the Senate …

Clap end a Senate left. The right has found Sunday evening the majority of the High Assembly, despite the relative strength of the left. The elections for the first time sent two elected National Front in the Luxembourg Palace

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Marine Le Pen, the president of FN , claimed again the dissolution of the National Assembly on Monday morning. “We’re way over our political foundation” of electors from 1000 to 4000, argued MEP on France 2 “must dissolve the National Assembly,” insisted the ruling National Front. “In a democracy worthy of the name, and it is the people alone who decides when there is a disclaimer at this point of the policy.” Steeve Briois, general secretary of the FN, said Monday on its website that entry of the FN in the Senate is “historic.”

While the FN is against the dual mandate, both Frontists elected Sunday will accumulate their mayor’s seat with their terms as senator. However, David Rachline said Monday morning on Europe 1 that he would give up his term as regional councilor.

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A Senate threatened to “disappear”

While the right has just regain the Senate, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, while just re-elected Senator UMP , has hinted a doubt Monday. He assured on BFM TV and RMC that the High Assembly was threatened “with extinction” if it failed to prove its “efficiency.” A warning when the former prime minister is seeking the chairmanship of the Senate Wednesday. Jean-Pierre Raffarin said he was struck by “a very strong challenge to the Senate in this campaign,” senatorial. He sees in this assembly a “cons-power vis-à-vis all the presidents.”

Jean-Pierre Bel ( PS ), which will transfer the chairmanship of the Senate Tuesday , Monday played down the defeat of the left. He pointed to a “deculpabilisation” electoral college which led to the election of two senators FN. About the victory of the right, “there was no tidal wave,” said he said. “We have held” still ruled the former senator from Ariege

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UDI wants to be “respected” warned Yves Jégo Monday, presidential candidate of the party centrist. The deputy for Seine-et-Marne wants the centrist group presents a candidate for the presidency of the Senate. “I really say as a warning to the UMP: Do not assume that the UDI is an accessory available. It’s not a rattle, voters want an independent UDI UDI that can wear a little different from the UMP “values, launched Jégo on I-TV. “The UMP is not the only party that would lead the Senate, he has to be a pluralistic alliance,” said he still felt.

The losers in this election are the women, said Monday feminist association “ Dare feminism .” In a statement, she recalled that there is 23.5% of senators for “76.5% of men in the Senate.” Before denouncing “the strategies developed by the parties to circumvent the rules to ensure parity uninhibited machismo in addition to the inglorious record of the Upper House on women’s rights.”

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