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Versailles arrested on the bus with a fake gun and weapons – Le Parisien

Maxime Fieschi | August 23, 2015, 4:28 p.m. | Updated: August 23, 2015, 4:28 p.m.

A man 34, lovers of firearms, was arrested Friday night after causing a scare to the passengers of a bus in Versailles.

It was nearly 21 hours, a few hours just after the shooting in the Thalys in Arras (North), and the man was walking with a backpack which emerged the barrel of a gun.

Alarmed, several passengers got scared and have warned the police. The police stopped the bus in the square of the Act and have arrested the individual smoothly. That’s when they discovered that the gun was only a replica airsoft, incorporating the external characteristics of a Famas assault rifle.

In her bag, the man also carrying a small arsenal. two knives, telescopic baton, brass knuckles, a hatchet and shotgun chargers AR-15 (also known as M-16), their real

Saturday morning, during a search of his home, investigators also got hold of a real AR-15 assault rifle and two pistols, real well.

The man also produces its authorization to carry weapons as a member of a shooting club and that commonly practice target shooting. He also indicated that he is a follower of “bushcraft”, this practice brings different natural environment survival techniques. “Given the context related to the case of the Thalys and the confusion caused his equipment, he was particularly awkward,” said a source close to the case. The man, unknown to the police, however, assured that he was not aware of what had happened in the North of France. It has been released. The floor of Versailles has nevertheless decided to try him in February 2016 before the criminal court for “illegal transport of weapons without just cause”

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Shooting in the Thalys provides that Guillaume Pepy SNCF – The Point

Guillaume Pepy is on the alert. After the shootout Friday in a Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris, “a barbaric attack that knows no precedent,” according to the president of SNCF quoted by the Journal du Dimanche , the company announced several measures.

“There is the Vigipirate that includes a public transportation component, now reinforced with this special edition, the 3117″ operational from “September 1,” said the JDD Guillaume Pepy, saying it “allows anyone to report anything unusual or even disturbing, at the station or on a train.” The SNCF president added that the information “can be given to trained and qualified persons to identify if it is something Benin or if this can trigger an intervention.” These “people trained and qualified” will almost forty other than “specialized in railway security”. If he evokes an “express diagnostic alert” Guillaume Pepy stresses the “importance” of the device

Another new safety measure of SNCF. Strengthening “decisive” in the rating stations and trains on vigilance, “not enough presents” for now, according to Guillaume Pepy. “Before evidence of heroism, the three men identified Thalys direct threat. It is primarily their vigilance which helped to save lives, “says the company’s boss at the newspaper.

” A track on which it takes “

As for questioning security measures, although lower than in particular airports, Guillaume Pepy reminds the JDD that “the train in France, it is 20 times more traffic than the air “. And the President of the SNCF to say that the establishment of “board screening measures at airports” in stations “is not a track to be reckoned with.” Guillaume Pepy, however, a judge baggage “random” part “of the actions under consideration.” Finally, the President of the SNCF said that strengthening railway security patrols on trains “matter for operational priorities, which are confidential.”


Shots in the Thalys: “It was typed until it crumble” –

“Everything happened very quickly” , said Anthony Sadler, a student, who was traveling with his friends Alex Skarlatos, 22, and Spencer Stone, both US military, he had found for holidays in Europe.

“We heard a shot and broken glass,” tells Alex Skarlatos, a member of the National Guard of the state of Oregon, returned there bit of a mission in Afghanistan. “I saw a man enter the wagon with a Kalashnikov. “ Chris Norman, a British consultant aged 62, who was traveling in the same wagon, said they had ” saw a guy with an AK47 (Kalashnikov). Alex told Spencer, will nab him. The guy pulled out a knife and slashed Spencer at the back of the neck, he almost cut his thumb too, Spencer held it and was finally overpowered, he was unconscious, we ended the attach “.


” Spencer ran well 10 meters to type. We started banging him on the head until he collapses “, told his side Mr. Skarlatos. On images captured with the help of a mobile phone inside the train and broadcast by several television channels, one can see the suspect, a thin young man, wearing white pants and topless, wrestled to the ground on belly, hands tied behind their backs. A Kalashnikov is placed against a seat and blood is visible on a window of the car.


The suspect, who according to the first elements of the investigation is Moroccan or Moroccan origin and would be aged 26, said nothing and “seemed in a daze” , according to Anthony Sadler. He said he could talk on the phone at Spencer Stone, who was hospitalized, and “is well” . “He does not believe that all this happened” said Mr. Sadler, saying “very proud of (his) friend” . “I’m just a student, I came to see my friends for my first trip to Europe and a terrorist was stopped, it is rather crazy” .


Lot: a man dies crushed by beer kegs at a village festival – TF1

Day village that was to take place in Varaire, in the Batch , was marred by a sad accident. A man is death crushed by drums beer and another was seriously injured. The two men proceeded Saturday afternoon unloading barrels a truck using a forklift to feed the refreshment of the votive festival when a rupture or imbalance brought down barrels that rolled and crushed two volunteer festival committee.

One of them, aged thirty years, father and resident in the Loire, was killed. The other was seriously wounded and evacuated by helicopter to a hospital in Toulouse.

The festival was canceled, an investigation was opened and a psychological support cell set up.

If the causes that led to the fall of the drums has not yet been confirmed, a technician in criminal investigation Cahors dispatched by the prosecutor and cited by The Dispatch spoke “possible breakage of a retaining hook of the load.”


One of the heroes of Thalys: “Our only chance to survive was to act together” – Le Parisien

Alice Moreno, Arras (Pas-de-Calais), our special correspondent | August 23, 2015, 7:13 | Updated: August 23, 2015, 7:21

On the night of Friday to Saturday, seated in a restaurant Arras, his pale pink shirt bore traces of blood, bearing witness to the violence of the confrontation with the shooter. In the late afternoon, he covered a wide black jacket, beige trousers but his remains studded with dried blood.

Chris Norman did “not find sleep,” says t- he. Impatient to regain his, it will nevertheless take time to trace the film of the previous day events. Seeing this man armed with a Kalashnikov, his first reaction was to “sit and hide.” “Then I said, OK, I’ll probably die, so as to go, he says. Our only chance to survive was to act together. “Humble, it ensures that the real heroes are Alek, Anthony and Spencer, the three friends Americans with whom he has mastered Ayoub al-Khazzani, over-armed, in the car 12.

Spencer Stone is the first to have intervened in the car, as soon confided yesterday morning at Alek and Anthony. Installed on adjacent seats, the three friends on holiday in Europe first heard a gunshot. “An employee of the train appeared, running down the hall, chased by the shooter. “At this moment, Alek, military in American National Guard, launches his friend:” Spencer, c’mon! “Spencer, army soldier, US Air, running, jumping on the gunman. His two companions joined him, then it was the turn of Chris intervene. “He was overpowered and wrestled to the ground. A French, I think it was a train conductor at rest, kept one arm while I held the other, “he explains.

“His weapon was jammed”

In the fight, Spencer is wounded him cutter. “There were at least three notches neck, and he had almost lost his thumb,” explains Chris Norman yet. However, after tying the alleged terrorist, the young American to the imposing stature managed to rescue a passenger shot by stopping the haemorrhage through its nursing skills. “It was he who was able to stop the bloodshed that began,” insists the British. A clinical Lesquin (Nord) where Spencer was hospitalized, many patients went to his room to applaud her bravery.

His friends and Alek Anthony saluted his courage Friday evening. “I told Spencer to go because it was closer to the man,” stated Alek. “And then … I was scared, I wanted it to protect me,” he added, letting out an embarrassed laugh.

Yesterday evening, around 18: 30 pm, Spencer left Clinical arm in a sling on board a diplomatic car. An hour later, he spent the metal gates of Arras police to find his comrades. Acclaimed by the journalists themselves, he sketched a small smile through the glass, apparently embarrassed. His brow is bandaged, but we guess a deep cut. The cast of American heroes left the police station a few minutes later under escort. Earlier, they spoke by telephone with the President of the United States in person. Barack Obama expressed “deep gratitude for their courage and responsiveness.” “We had a lot of luck, says Chris Norman. To be honest, I do not know why the terrorists did not manage to get, I think it’s because his gun was jammed. “

VIDEO. Shots in the Thalys witnesses recount the scene

VIDEO. Thalys: testimony of a man who helped stop the shooter

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Attack Thalys: “Without them, we’d all be dead” – The World

These are three young Americans, childhood friends, on vacation in Europe and the United States will return to “hero” . Aleksander Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, who were greeted by their President Barack Obama for preventing a Friday slaughter in the Paris-Amsterdam Thalys will also be received by Monday Francois Hollande at the Elysee. Backed by a British sixties, Chris Norman and a French 28 years, they have disarmed and controlled a heavily armed suspect who had started to fire in the car.

Touché also in the fray by cutter strokes, Spencer Stone was released Saturday afternoon the clinic Lille-Sud, Lesquin, left arm in a sling. His two friends, Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler, were able to narrate the events on Friday evening in a brewery of Arras. All three were heard Saturday by the police. The three young Americans know from their childhood spent in California. The “First Class” Stone, 23, of the Air Force, based in the Azores and the Skarlatos soldier, 22, of the National Guard in Oregon, are military Sadler, 23, a student

Read also:. Thalys tribute to “heroes” Americans who neutralized the shooter

” Alek told Spencer ‘Go on, take care of him’ “

All three were in the circulating 9364 Thalys between Amsterdam and Paris for a new stage of their European vacation. There seems to be Stone, fellow 1m 90 and martial artist, who took the most risk. “It was the first to jump on the type, it is he who has been nicked” , told Reuters Sadler. “It is our friend, so when we saw it rise, we should follow and help [...] It was a crazy situation” , continued the student, enrolled at Sacramento State University.

Spencer Stone as he left the hospital on August 22 in Lesquin.

Sadler adds that everything happened very quickly after a first shot, the one that wounded the French passenger, while Kalashnikov AK -47 shooter seemed halted. “I saw that everyone bowed his head, and when I turned around, the shooter had just walked in the car with his AK. “ Late Friday evening, Briton Chris Norman, 62, explained to the press: ” Alek told Spencer ‘Go on, take care of him.’ Spencer rushed and was wrestled to the ground. They began to control the terrorist. “” Without Spencer, we’d all be dead “, has he said Saturday. The three Americans beat Ayoub El-khazzani him until he lost consciousness. Helped the British passenger, they tied him up and then provided assistance to French passenger.

“He returned from Afghanistan and must battle on holiday in France …”

Barack Obama, who had greeted on Friday evening their “heroic act” , called them on the phone Saturday evening to tell them “how all Americans were proud of their extraordinary courage “, reported the White House. “These men are heroes” , said General Philip Breedlove, supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe. Francois Hollande, who met Saturday morning on the phone with them, receive them Monday morning at the Elysee to their “witness the gratitude of France” , announced the French presidency. SNCF will in turn help their families to come to France if they wish.

Reached by telephone at his home in San Jose, California, Tim Eskel, the uncle of the “First Class “ Stone said how his family was proud of him. “Spencer is a very courageous, he has a huge heart” , he added. Emanuel Skarlatos, Alek’s father, was glad that things have turned out well. His son was returning from a tour in Afghanistan. “A guy returns from Afghanistan and must battle on holiday in a train in France …” , he said, prohibited. As for Anthony Sadler Sr., father of the third of the band, he says still have difficulty realizing what happened on Friday on board the Thalys. “But we are proud of him and we are very grateful to God that he was neither affected nor killed” , says the pastor of 57 years officiating at Shiloh Baptist Church in Sacramento

Read also the account:. Attack in the Thalys “I looked up and I saw a guy with an AK-47″

Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Chris Norman, in a restaurant in Arras, August 21, 2015.

Brighton. Video. Plane crash open air meeting, seven people – Ouest-France

The aircraft struck several cars on the A27, a major road, north of Shoreham Airport, which was taking place the meeting, said the police. The accident occurred at 14:20 (12:20 GMT).

Sept dead

According to relief, the crash caused the death of seven people and one person is in serious condition. 14 people were also injured more lightly.

The accident aircraft is a Hawker Hunter fighter 50s

Spectators filmed the scene.

According to initial findings and witnesses, the pilot was unable to recover the aircraft to the output of a loop, and it crashed on a road adjacent the airshow site.

Police said that the aircraft had hit several vehicles at that time, before finishing his run in the bushes.

A team of office British Air Accident investigation (AAIB) was dispatched on site to investigate the circumstances of the tragedy, said a spokesman.


Thalys shooter suspected of being a radical Islamist – The Obs

by China Labbé

PARIS (Reuters) – The identity of the alleged gunman Thalys is not established with certainty, but it could be a Moroccan of 26 years reported in February 2014 to France by the Spanish authorities for radical Islam, said Saturday Bernard Cazeneuve.

His description was “promptly” leads the Directorate General of Internal Security (RPS) to be issued against him a surveillance card “S”, in order to identify it in case of passage across the territory, said the French interior minister.

“It should remain cautious as to its identity is not yet established with certainty at the time we speak, “said Bernard Cazeneuve during a press briefing.

” If he declares the identity was confirmed, however, it would correspond to that of an individual of Moroccan nationality aged 26, reported by the Spanish authorities to the French intelligence services in February 2014 because of his membership in the radical Islamist movement, “he said.

is otherwise proved, if the profile is confirmed, it resided in 2014 in Spain and 2015 in Belgium, the minister said. “The investigation (…) shall establish precisely the traceability of the course and movement of this terrorist,” he said.

The individual had initially declined another identity to the investigators, was “unknown service”, hence the caution of Bernard Cazeneuve, did we told Reuters source familiar with the matter.

The man was transferred soon in the morning in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), headquarters of the Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate of the Judicial Police and ISB, where his detention continues. It can last up to 96 hours.

The terrorism prosecutor was responsible for the investigation French side.

The Belgian federal prosecutor has also informed Saturday that he had also opened an investigation, the suspect being mounted on the train from Amsterdam to Paris in Brussels train station.


The suspect, who wounded two people when train was at the height of Oignies, one shot and the other with a cutter, was subdued by several passengers.

According to preliminary evidence, a French traveler, who found himself facing him in going to the toilet, first tried to stop him before he fires several shots, said Bernard Cazeneuve.

Then two passengers have US citizen locked ground and spread his arms.

It is in this confrontation that the two Americans was injured with blows of cutter. A shot has also reached a Franco-American passenger installed in his seat, said the Interior Minister. Both men are in hospital in Lille and Arras, where the train was stopped and arrested the suspect. Their prognosis is not engaged.

Francois Hollande met Saturday morning by phone with these passengers whose “courage” and “cool” was welcomed by the executive and allowed “to avoid a tragedy”, said the presidency in a statement.

He will receive the “in coming days” at the Elysee to their “witness the gratitude of France.”

“It could have been carnage,” testified Briton Chris Norman, who also helped to neutralize the suspect.

The man was indeed a rifle Kalashnikov-type assault shoulder and had filled nine chargers, an automatic pistol and a knife, as stated Bernard Cazeneuve.

The latter sent in the night a telegram to all the prefects of France for their “recall the principles of vigilance and surveillance” necessary for the first train.

“The vigilance instructions also apply to all transport, airports, subway stations and RER, tramways, as part of vigipirate posture in force, “he he said, recalling that the threat was” very high “.

Bernard Cazeneuve assured to be” in touch Standing “with counterparts in neighboring countries with rail links with France” to strengthen the measures already taken on security in these trains. “

Since jihadist attacks that killed 17 people in January an enhanced security system was set up in France and several attacks have been foiled.

(Edited by Jean-Philippe Lefief)


Shots Thalys: SNCF will set up a “national reporting number of abnormal situations” – Le Point

Manuel Valls said on Saturday that SNCF would set up, after the shooting in a Thalys, “a national issue of reporting of abnormal situations” in stations and trains.

The SNCF will also “strengthen the number and visibility of vigilance posts in stations “said in a statement the prime minister, who spoke in the day with President of the SNCF, Guillaume Pepy.

” All the railway group agents are fully mobilized to ensure security of all travelers. The transport safety also depends on the vigilance of the citizens, “said Mr Valls in this press release jointly signed by the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve and the Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal . They discussed all three Saturday “with the main operators of public transport on due diligence measures in force.”

The SNCF “will also set up a national number for reporting abnormal situations which meet the staff specially trained to assess the nature of the threat and trigger the necessary actions. “

The SNCF president Guillaume Pepy has, however, ruled out a routine baggage control system, due to the number too important to travelers in train stations, 20 times at airports: “I believe that the question of extending the system from airports to train stations, today we can not say it’s realistic,” Has -he told AFP.

Check only a few high-speed lines, or international, are not considered. “Either you’re like Eurostar, in a completely closed area. If you are in an open area, the bad guys will go elsewhere. You are either comprehensive or efficiency is low,” said Guillaume Pepy.

It finds that “the strongest answer is that Bernard Cazeneuve and government repeated all day long, it is the tireless, intelligent action, commitment, intelligence and police. “

” The second answer is vigilance, (…) everyone is vigilant. This vigilance is also that one that helped yesterday the terror is stopped, “he said.

The government reaffirmed” the full mobilization of government departments to ensure the safety of everyone in all parts of the country, especially in transport in common, “including raising the maximum level Vigipirate in Ile-de-France since 7 January and the murderous attack against Charlie Hebdo.

” A total of 30,000 police and gendarmes soldiers assigned to protect sensitive than 5,000 locations across the country, including train stations and airports, “the government

8/22/2015 8:05:58 p.m.. – Paris (AFP) – AFP © 2015


Attack of Thalys is Ayoub El Khazzani? – The Obs

He denies any terrorist intent but Ayoub El Khazzani, reported as radical Islamist, has made trips to Syria and Turkey over the past two years: the investigators are trying to learn more about the heavily armed man was overpowered by passengers Friday in a Paris-Amsterdam train, avoiding bloodshed. Here are 4 things to know about the suspect.

#Son identity

Born September 3, 1989, Ayoub El Khazzani , aged 25, is a Moroccan national born in the city of Tetouan (north coast) which, according to Spanish information, lived seven years in Spain, first in Madrid from 2007, and then until March 2014 Algeciras in Andalusia, where attending a mosque identified as Salafist .

He was known for “drug trafficking” when he lived in the latter city, situated on the Bay Gibraltar, an offense for which he had been detained at least once. A source close to French intelligence services told AFP that the Spanish authorities had reported in their February 2014 that this man was capable of coming to France.

Sheet #

Reported by the Spanish authorities to the French intelligence services because of his membership in the radical Islamist movement, the individual was the subject of a listing “S” (for “state security ) concerning him, so that security forces refer to intelligence services if he was spotted.

According to a source close to the investigation quoted by the daily “Liberation”, this plug “ mentions no control over the French territory between February 2014 and the attack on Friday night” .

However, this does not mean that it has never visited France in that time, “the source said.

El Khazzani was also known Belgian authorities confirmed the Minister of Justice Koen Geens. L e Belgian federal prosecutor has opened an investigation to determine if it was involved in terrorist dies in Verviers dismantled in January.

#Des stays in Syria and Turkey

Ayoub El Khazzani “lived in Algeciras until March 2014 and decided to move to France,” said a source of the Spanish counter-terrorism services to the Spanish daily “El Pais “. “Once in France, he moved to Syria before returning to France,” adds the source … A source of revelation bickering with the French services, which indicate their side not to have had.

This is “very surprising and the least original source makes today a Spanish state information in total contradiction with the elements that have been handed down so far,” said a . French police source

On May 10, 2015, due to its fichage, ISB locates El Khazzani in Berlin, where he embarked for Istanbul, Turkey – which France informed Spain the next day. Ten days later, according to this source, the Spanish authorities informed the French services qu’Ayoub El Khazzani is now installed in Belgium. C ‘is also in Brussels he boarded the Thalys August 21.

#Sa story

Transferred Arras Saturday morning in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), at the headquarters of the Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate (SDAT) and SID, the suspect denied any involvement in terrorism.

After initially refused to comment, Ayoub El Khazzani explained that he found the suitcase and weapons it contained “in a Brussels Park” and that he would soon formed the project to fleece the passengers of a train. He was going “to try Arms” when it was attacked by the passengers.

A version whimsical considered by investigators.



Emmanuelle Cosse: “When environmentalists gathered, they are strong” – Le Point

The national secretary of Europe Ecology-Greens (EELV), Emmanuelle Cosse, said Saturday that “when environmentalists and ecology are gathered, they are strong” after three days of a university Summer parasitized by internal political debates. “What I learned from these summer days, is our mobilization for the COP21 a success, our mobilization to the stakes of climate change are understood and above all remember that when the environmentalists are the Ecology and when they are collected, they are strong, “said Emmanuelle Cosse to conclude this summer school in Villeneuve d’Ascq, near Lille.

” I say simply, but nicely firmly that it is time to take the field for the regional elections, it is time to get in front of our people, to show what we are capable of doing in these areas and not to waste our time with unnecessary debate, “said she insisted, applauded by activists.

” Destroy political ecology “

During these three days, environmentalists are torn on the issue regional alliances to 6 and 13 December. If the activists chose in all regions to appear in autonomy vis-à-vis the PS, they still must choose whether they will ally themselves with parties of the Left Front, including in the two regions where the National Front could win the bet (Nord-Pas-de-Calais / Picardy and PACA).

It is this choice that environmentalists are divided frames. Part of parliamentarians, including Senator Jean-Vincent Place and the member for Picardy Barbara Pompili or the François de Rugy and Denis Baupin MPs have signed a text denouncing these “alliances with the Left protest” to “risks destroying the ecology policy. ” “It is the militants who choose” retorted Sandrine Rousseau, tops the list Nord-Pas-de-Calais / Picardy.

COP21, the other big file the return for environmentalists is almost passed into the background, despite the coming of the Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius. Regarding the climate conference to be held in Paris in December, Emmanuelle Cosse launched: “What we expect of the coming months is the coherence and consistency, such as France ‘copy’ is not only a communication formula but a translation in our finance laws in our public policies and therefore a new course for our country in the fight against climate change. “


EELV: ecology returns to the front of the stage – Le Figaro

After clashes around regional alliances, environmentalists have multiplied the plenary devoted to ecology at the end of their summer days in Lille.

From our special correspondent in Villeneuve d’Ascq, Julien Chabrout

The alliances between EELV and the Left Front for regional had set fire to the powder among environmentalists. After criticism from several officials EELV against the strategy of the party in some areas, environmentalists Summer Days (JDE) have regained some calm Friday night and Saturday in Lille. Three months after the Paris World Conference on Climate Change (COP21 from 30 November to 11 December), the organizers have chosen to focus on the end of JDE plenary devoted to ecology.

Friday night, the Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius spoke at a discussion on the content of the agreement on the COP21 could be found in December. Welcoming upon arrival in Lille “to work very well with environmentalists who have a very important role” to play in the preparation of the COP21, the head of French diplomacy said he wanted to “reach a global agreement, binding, ambitious and sustainable “while recalling that it must be approved by all states. “It is clear that France should lead by example,” he said to the applause of environmental activists.

Shortly after the intervention of Laurent Fabius, the National Secretary of EELV Emmanuelle Cosse for his part warned the government: it “refuses to make a politician reading agreement on the climate in December. All those who will use it will be wrong, “she warned, while François Hollande hopes with success at COP21, brown the ecologists in government.

“The success of the COP21 can only be done with a leader in Europe,” stressed the list head EELV regional Ile-de-la-France. Another point addressed by Emmanuelle Cosse: the output of fossil fuels demanded by environmentalists. “We need to increase renewable energy and reduce fossil fuels in parallel,” she has said before calling to fight against climate change and “do not be a spectator of the disaster of humanity.”

Two former ministers took EELV relay on Saturday. Former Minister Delegate for Development, Pascal Canfin said he was “hostile to the commodification of ecology” at a plenary entitled “Give a prize to nature: true or false solution?”. “Acceptable cases are extremely limited,” said he said. Later in the afternoon, the former minister will intervene again in a plenary dedicated to COP21. Pascal Canfin then discuss with his former government colleague Cécile Duflot, under the eyes of the mayor of Lille Martine Aubry, who will be present in the room. Fleeing the media, the former Housing Minister Cécile Duflot has shown discreet since the early summer days. Standing away from the agitated debate on alliances between EELV and the Left Front for regional ecologist MP for Paris prepares for his part in small groups another deadline: the Presidential



Thalys: the suspect on suspicion of belonging to the “radical Islamist” (Cazeneuve) – Les Echos

1:29 p.m. Cameron welcomed the “extraordinary courage” of those who have mastered the shooter

British Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the “extraordinary courage” of passengers, including a Briton, 62, who have mastered the shooter train Thalys Amsterdam-Paris.


12:45 Hollande talked on the phone with the American and French

According to a tweet from the Elysee Palace, the President of the Republic s ‘met Saturday morning on the phone with several American and French citizens who have enabled the control of the attacker Thalys



12:31 Bernard Cazeneuve honors a French passenger

During a short speech of six minutes, the interior minister gave details on the investigation. We learn that a French first attempted to control the gunman and two American passengers intervened. The interior minister calls for caution as to the identity of the shooter “that is not yet established with certainty a time as I speak.” You must check “precisely tracking the route and terrorist movements,” but he is suspected of belonging to the “radical Islamist”, has he detailed. The man is placed in police custody, which can last up to 96 hours.


12:16 John Hughes Anglade accuses SNCF agents refusing to assist passengers

The actor Jean-Hughes Anglade, one of the passengers trapped in the Thalys, accused SNCF agents have locked in the car driving and refusing to open the door them despite their pleas for help for him “inhuman abandonment”. “Suddenly, members of the cabin crew ran down the hall, back bent. Their faces were pale. They were heading to the motive, their working car. They opened with a special key, and then have locked inside, “he told Paris Match. “Glued to each other against the metal door of the motor, we tapions above, we shouted for staff to let in” but “nobody answered us. Radio silence,” he accused.


12:10 Hollande receive people who mastered the shooter

François Hollande “will receive in the coming days at the Elysee” people who mastered the shooter Thalys Amsterdam-Paris “to show their gratitude to France,” said the Elysee



11:36 One of the men who mastered the shooter hospitalized Lille

One of the Americans who helped to control the train the shooter will be transferred Saturday in a hospital in Lille. Spencer Stone was shot in the neck and hand with a cutter. It will probably be examined by a surgeon for his injured finger. The first of the two wounded, which is French-American and the identity has not been revealed, was shot in the chest / shoulder. He was transported by helicopter to Lille on Friday night. The prognosis of both injuries is not engaged.


11:28 The suspect denies being a terrorist, without convincing

The suspect denies the terrorist nature of its work, a version which in the state of investigations, does not, according to a police source. Heard initially in Arras, he was transferred Saturday morning in counterterrorism premises in Paris.


11:19 The Belgian federal prosecutor opened an investigation into the “base of the anti-terrorism law”

The Belgian federal prosecutor announced the opening of an investigation ” on the basis of the anti-terrorism law “after the attack committed yesterday in a Thalys train from Amsterdam to Paris by a man who was about to open fire with an automatic weapon.


10:34 The suspect is still questioned

The man believed to have opened fire on Friday Thalys train between Paris and Amsterdam, injuring two people, was the subject of a listing of the intelligence services, depending on who he provided to investigators, do we learned from police sources. Focus on what is known about the suspect.


9:09 Hollande could receive US military


8:14: The exploits of the US military are unanimously welcomed

“Heroes,” which “prevented a massacre” with their “courageous action”: tribute is unanimous on the part of politicians or ordinary citizens, to the US military neutralized with a man who opened fire in a Thalys train for his arrest. The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, expressed Friday his “gratitude” to the two Americans “particularly brave.” US President Barack Obama praised their actions “heroic.”


Death of Emmanuel Ratier, librarian of the extreme right – Liberation

Figure familiar to the far right, the journalist Emmanuel Ratier died Wednesday at age 57 of a heart attack. Unknown to the general public, this former newspaper Minute had also collaborated on Current Values ​​ and Figaro Magazine . He was also the librarian of his political family, since 1996 his own publishing confidential letter Facts and Documents . This bimonthly publication had become a small institution on the far right, used even by specialists outside the movement. Thursday, many figures from his camp saluted the memory of the essayist – including Jean-Marie Le Pen, on trial by the executive committee of the National Front:

Facts and Documents includes portraits, “prying” policy or a watch on the activities of the “lobbies” . This last section gives particular attention to Jewish and Masonic organizations. If Facts and Documents is characterized by a factual tone and a remarkable level of information, it betrayed the beliefs of its author. “Emmanuel Ratier was probably a fairly substantial anti-Zionist, but his speech was devoid of obvious hate dimension in other authors, the specialist judge of the extreme right Jean-Yves Camus. He was convinced that the essence of politics consisted of influential lobbies and games, but without self-designate a central agent of the plot. As for the method, it was a fairly cautious man with a real professional capacity journalist, despite minor errors “.

Reconciliation Alain Soral

In recent years, Emmanuel Ratier had approached the anti-Semitic polemicist Alain Soral, including participating in powering the site of his organization Equality and Reconciliation. Presenter on Radio Courtesy, the antenna “of free speech and the real country” , Ratier also ran the bookstore Facta, in the ninth arrondissement of Paris. A sort of ideal library of the extreme right, to the most sulfurous works – including the writings of Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson – or the most obscure. Emmanuel Ratier was himself the author of a voluminous French political Encyclopedia and more recently a book on Dark of Manuel Valls , which has had some impact within his political family. He claimed to be particularly the role of the Prime Minister’s wife in a sudden “conversion” would have known it for Israel.

The deceased then maintained a rich personal documentation of numerous personalities, associated or not with the far right. Files sometimes made available to his political friends or journalists, representatives of that same “System Press” hated. Emmanuel Ratier was generally considered inherit Henry Coston, another extreme right nomenclator died in 2001, he openly complotiste and antisemitic.


Shots in the Thalys. Obama salutes the heroes who avoided the carnage – Ouest-France

M. Obama expressed his “deep appreciation for the courage and responsiveness of several passengers, including members of the US military who have selflessly mastered the assailant” .

No prognosis

He paid tribute to the “heroic actions” that probably prevented a “tragedy far worse” , adding that the US would remain “close contact” with the French authorities during the investigation that has just begun. US President extended a “prompt and full recovery” to all the victims of the shooting. The commander William Urban, spokesman for the Pentagon, said “that a military member was injured during the incident” . According to him, his prognosis is not engaged, but he was not able to give any other details. A gunman opened fire Friday in a Thalys train between Paris and Amsterdam, wounding two before being overpowered by American passengers. The train was immobilized in Arras station (northern France), where the shooter was arrested.

In civil

According to the American news channel CNN, the Two Marines were in civilian clothes and have mastered the man while he was loading a Kalashnikov assault rifle, after shooting one of the soldiers with an automatic pistol. A French police source said the suspect, if his identity was confirmed, was the subject of an information services card. According to the very first elements of the investigation, it would be Moroccan or Moroccan origin and 26 years old.

Earlier, Francois Hollande, Manuel Valls, and Bernard Cazneuve also highlighted the bravery and courage of the two soldiers.


Regional: EELV knows how to ally left – The World

Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Jean-Vincent Place in 2011.

If the basis of the Europe Ecology-The Greens activists see a dim view of an alliance with the Socialists – it showed whistling Marisol Touraine Thursday 20 August during the first days of their summer 2015 – although some executives consider an alliance with the PS. Instead, in at least four regions out of thirteen, EELV share the field with all or part of the Left Front.

“Ras-le-bol” s’ protested Jean-Vincent Place. Senator worries alliances with the radical left formation in Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy in PACA, two regions that could delight the National Front. EELV with MP Denis Baupin, he regrets that alliances do “with protest left” rather than “with the reformist left” . Also, he warned, if the activists had to vote for this alliance northerner September 12, he, Senator environmentalist, would draw “all consequences”


The rule: autonomy unless strong FN

The MP Barbara Pompili and fellow co-chair of EELV group in the Assembly, François de Rugy, recalled the choice of autonomy the Green party in the first round, with a particularity “in the regions where the probability that the FN is strong wins the election.” Here discussion must engage with all the left.

The three party heavyweights deplore the “summer fever” that has taken hold of EELV, while activists must validate these alliances in at least four areas: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Environmentalists “sectarian”

Voting will take into account the remarks outraged by Jean-Luc Melenchon in the newspaper Southwest. “The Greens have chosen to make autonomous lists, but in six of the thirteen regions, they unite us. (…) They say one thing and do another “, denigrates the former presidential candidate, calling his troops ” being in any list rather than suffer the annexation “. “In addition, they want to have all the top of the list and count the score for EELV; it is sectarian “, he said.

Jean-Luc Melenchon asks its partners in the Left Front, EELV and New Deal to ” meet in the coming days “, for the next regional elections ” are not a new act lacked the emergence of an alternative to citizen service ecology, solidarity and democracy “.

If there was a time to issue the Left Front ally of environmentalists throughout France regional, reconciliation was overturned in May because “Holland gave them the coup who wants to be Minister , as the co-founder of the Left Party.


Friday, August 21, 2015

Shots in a Thalys: what is known about the suspect – The World

A man arrested by the police on the platform of the Arras railway station.

He was traveling with a Kalashnikov, an automatic pistol, nine magazines and a cutter. The alleged shooting that wounded two people in a Thalys, Friday, August 21, is a Moroccan of 26 years which is the subject of a sheet S of the intelligence services, according to our information. This plug S, for “state security,” especially targets people with ties to terrorism, but that are not necessarily monitored.

According to the Le Soir the suspect boarded the train in Brussels. He was overpowered on board by two American soldiers who neutralized as he tried to reload his gun in the toilet. Arrested shortly after 18 hours and taken to the police station of Arras, he would refuse for the moment to speak.

“No one knows the identity of the individual or his motives” , explained the spokesman of the Interior Ministry, Pierre-Henry Brandet. The Anti-terrorism section of the Paris prosecutor’s office took up the investigation.

The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, who spoke from Arras, called “everyone to extreme caution “ as the identity of the shooter has not been confirmed.


Belgian Prime Minister evokes a “terrorist attack” – The World

(AP Photo / Jacques Brinon)

The Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, called Friday, August 21 “terrorist attack” the tragedy that occurred in the Thalys between Amsterdam and Paris. Two passengers were injured by bullets by a gunman on the train. The alleged shooter was arrested and remanded in custody in Arras.

The head of the Belgian government met in the evening with François Hollande. Paris and Brussels have agreed “ co-operate closely in the framework of the investigation,” he said.

The French president assured in a statement that “everything is implemented to clarify and obtain all the necessary information about what happened” .

The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, himself has expressed on Twitter’s “gratitude” to two Americans who intervened to control the shooter.

The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, who traveled to Arras in the evening , also expressed his gratitude to the two military “without which we would probably have faced a terrible tragedy” . He also called “extreme caution” on the investigation. “On a serious subject, we will communicate as soon as we will be means to do so” , the minister said.


Shots in the Thalys: “We came close to disaster” – Le Monde

Police Station in Arras, 21 August.

The passengers of Thalys, which took place a shooting which caused two injuries, Friday, August 21, waiting patiently outside the room Weavers, Arras. It is 21 h 30. Grouped in a gym a few meters from the station, they reminisce the journey between Paris and Amsterdam that could turn into a nightmare. “We came close to catastrophe,” and tells a Brussels, still in shock. Because of the stifling heat inside the building, most of the passengers wait routed on the external markets. While Red Cross distributes water bottles and food trays.

“The alarm beep rang for about a minute 30 to 17: 30 pm while the train was traveling Slow and stopped rowing “ says a passenger installed right next to the train, where the tragedy occurred. “From the window, I then saw people jumping from the train, to curl on the side” says a Dutchman.

Read also: Shots in a Thalys: that we know the suspect

“In these times, we do not ask questions”

Margaux, backpack, returning from a conference in Antwerp. “It’s in the food wagon I learned that first started shooting, a second person had tried in vain to neutralize before warning the flight attendant and a American has immobilized the assailant “, she explains. She saw an injured covered in blood with two bullet holes evacuated by ambulance, followed by two other men “one with a seemingly torn shirt with a knife and the other covered in blood perfusion was evacuated sit “.

Anthony, an Australian trip with her daughter, also saw one of the wounded who asked a first aid kit. “But cabin crew was not there, the only people reflex was to run in the opposite side, in such times, we do not ask questions” , raconte- he, stressing that the attacker was quickly arrested by the police

Read also:. Thalys tribute to “two heroes” Americans who neutralized the shooter

Once all the passengers and headed down the gym, deminers were then thoroughly searched the train to ensure it did not contain a bomb. It took a good two hours before the instructions from falling: the passengers had to submit “their identity papers and train ticket to leave evidence from police missioned there. And of course, demonstrate any evidence that could help investigators “, shouted an officer in the room, immediately widely applauded by his congregation.

The passengers of Thalys were grouped in a gym close to the Arras station, 21 August.


Since the police suspected a terrorist attack, the passengers were asked to wait. The minister, arrived there around 21: 30 pm, was towards the gym when he turned around to intervene on live TV in front of the station of Arras. It will make no appearance in the gym. If passengers feel they have been well taken care of, some consider that they were not very well informed. “is more easily obtained information via the internet by our smartphones and call our loved that shipboard personnel” , regret a young student.

The atmosphere within gym still remains relaxed. Some argue, sitting on the floor. Others are installed on the stands. Eight young women have moved in a circle and keep smiling. “There was a lot of solidarity paradoxically: a lady who shares the cake she had made, a child attendant who kept the smile, a prefect who called the families to reassure them” explain Julie and Manu, from Amsterdam. All passengers should win Paris at night.

Gaetane Deljurie (Arras, special correspondent)


Shots in a Thalys: the political world reacts – The Point

After a man opened fire on a train Thalys Amsterdam-Paris, wounding three people, two seriously, the political world responds this Friday night.

Eric Ciotti MP and Deputy Secretary General of the Republicans: “This new terrorist attack confirms if need be that France is one of the most exposed targets in the world it must alert the government (…) on the need. act with great force against terrorism and in particular against the jihadists identified in the country. Also, I repeat my request for the creation of detention centers for those who represent a threat. The individuals who threaten our republic must be out of harm’s way. It is clear that today our country does not fight with suitable weapons against terrorist barbarism, “he said in a statement.

Florian Philippot , the FN vice president: “Thought for the victims of the shooting of #Thalys, carnage avoided by luck. Blindness and lack of boundaries become criminals “(Twitter)

Alain Vidal , Secretary of State for Transport:” All my solidarity to the injured and the passengers #Thalys. Immense gratitude to those who helped control the aggressor “(Twitter)

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis , first secretary of the PS:” Congratulations to the passengers for their courageous #Thalys response. This is rare and beneficial “(Twitter)

Roger Karoutchi , former UMP minister,” Belgian Prime Minister speaks, he, an attack terror Thalys..bonne in the mastery of French to suggest that the French authorities “(Twitter)

Sébastien Huyghe , spokesperson of the Republicans:” The Republicans warmly thank passengers , listening only to their courage, succeeded risking their lives to mastering the terrorist, preventing a much heavier balance sheet or carnage. (They) ask the President and the Prime Minister to finally hear the proposals of the opposition to fight against terrorism. “(Press release)

Nicolas Bay General Secretary of the National Front: “Who can believe that thisgouvernementFR of bisounours is able to ensure the security of French? Let’s get out quickly from #Schengen! #Thalys “(Twitter)

Xavier Bertrand , former Minister, Deputy Mayor Republicans of Saint-Quentin (Aisne):” I salute the courage of those who intervened in #Thalys, saving passengers a heinous attack. #Arras “(Twitter)

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan , President of France Arise:” More than ever time to reinstate national border controls. How many attacks it must endure to see the government act “(Twitter)

Christian Estrosi , Mayor of Nice Republicans:” Horrible act in Thalys Amsterdam-Paris. My thoughts and support to victims and families. Beautiful act of courage for disarmament “(Twitter)

Nadine Morano , former UMP minister.” Another person stuck intelligence services with any real follow? The interior minister must answer! #Arras “(Twitter)

Philippe Meunier , MP Republicans:” #Thalys: Holland # # # Valls Cazeneuve refuse to designate the enemy. They are therefore unable to fight “(Twitter)


Jean-Vincent Place could leave the Greens – Le Figaro

The boss environmentalists senators denounced the alliances with the protester left.

Special Envoy to Lille The plane split threat again among environmentalists. Deeply divided during the departmental elections, the EELV officials are back to the regional approach in December. Friday, Jean-Vincent Place entrusted his “ras-le-bol” in the World on the strategy …


TGV Paris-Marseille on fire in Isère, until 2:30 delays – Le Parisien

August 21, 2015, 18:44 | Updated: August 21, 2015, 20:09

Firefighters reported that a fire was in progress “on two oars of a train on the Paris-Marseille line,” and all 800 passengers were evacuated. The line is electrified, they waited, around 6:30 p.m., stopping traffic in order to intervene. On Twitter, photos taken by passengers showed thick black smoke emerging from the motive of a TGV. This is according to a passenger, the Marseille-Paris TGV party at 15h06.

photos posted on the social network showed passenger evacuation. Contacted by the SNCF ensures that “the line is not blocked because there is the possibility of a bypass on a classic line”.

In Paris in Lyon Station, where trains arrive from Marseille A sign was state to 6:30 p.m., of “the failure of a train between Valencia and Lyon (who) strongly disturbs the traffic towards Paris.” The TGV from Marseille were displayed with three hours late, those from Hyeres (Var), Barcelona (Spain) and Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales), with an hour and a half late.

By early evening, the delays were 1hr 45 in the north-south direction and 2:00 to 2:30 in the South-North direction, according to SNCF. Two trains, which followed immediately behind the damaged TGV, certainly will suffer more delays

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