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One of the heroes of Thalys: “Our only chance to survive was to act together” – Le Parisien

Alice Moreno, Arras (Pas-de-Calais), our special correspondent | August 23, 2015, 7:13 | Updated: August 23, 2015, 7:21

On the night of Friday to Saturday, seated in a restaurant Arras, his pale pink shirt bore traces of blood, bearing witness to the violence of the confrontation with the shooter. In the late afternoon, he covered a wide black jacket, beige trousers but his remains studded with dried blood.

Chris Norman did “not find sleep,” says t- he. Impatient to regain his, it will nevertheless take time to trace the film of the previous day events. Seeing this man armed with a Kalashnikov, his first reaction was to “sit and hide.” “Then I said, OK, I’ll probably die, so as to go, he says. Our only chance to survive was to act together. “Humble, it ensures that the real heroes are Alek, Anthony and Spencer, the three friends Americans with whom he has mastered Ayoub al-Khazzani, over-armed, in the car 12.

Spencer Stone is the first to have intervened in the car, as soon confided yesterday morning at Alek and Anthony. Installed on adjacent seats, the three friends on holiday in Europe first heard a gunshot. “An employee of the train appeared, running down the hall, chased by the shooter. “At this moment, Alek, military in American National Guard, launches his friend:” Spencer, c’mon! “Spencer, army soldier, US Air, running, jumping on the gunman. His two companions joined him, then it was the turn of Chris intervene. “He was overpowered and wrestled to the ground. A French, I think it was a train conductor at rest, kept one arm while I held the other, “he explains.

“His weapon was jammed”

In the fight, Spencer is wounded him cutter. “There were at least three notches neck, and he had almost lost his thumb,” explains Chris Norman yet. However, after tying the alleged terrorist, the young American to the imposing stature managed to rescue a passenger shot by stopping the haemorrhage through its nursing skills. “It was he who was able to stop the bloodshed that began,” insists the British. A clinical Lesquin (Nord) where Spencer was hospitalized, many patients went to his room to applaud her bravery.

His friends and Alek Anthony saluted his courage Friday evening. “I told Spencer to go because it was closer to the man,” stated Alek. “And then … I was scared, I wanted it to protect me,” he added, letting out an embarrassed laugh.

Yesterday evening, around 18: 30 pm, Spencer left Clinical arm in a sling on board a diplomatic car. An hour later, he spent the metal gates of Arras police to find his comrades. Acclaimed by the journalists themselves, he sketched a small smile through the glass, apparently embarrassed. His brow is bandaged, but we guess a deep cut. The cast of American heroes left the police station a few minutes later under escort. Earlier, they spoke by telephone with the President of the United States in person. Barack Obama expressed “deep gratitude for their courage and responsiveness.” “We had a lot of luck, says Chris Norman. To be honest, I do not know why the terrorists did not manage to get, I think it’s because his gun was jammed. “

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