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Road safety: the government promises new measures – Le Figaro

VIDEO – The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, supported by Prime Minister Manuel Valls, would include strengthening the punitive aspect and prevention, at the Inter-Ministerial Committee to be held in September. The actors of road safety there especially see the announcement effects.

After the publication of poor figures of accidents on the road, Interior Minister and the Prime Minister wanted to show that the government was on a war footing and was taking the issue very seriously. “The battle for road safety is a human issue, a top priority, road violence is not inevitable,” said Bernard Cazeneuve on Friday, visiting the Raymond-Poincare Hospital in Garches (Hauts de-Seine), where it treats injured road. “Behind cold statistics are dramas, devastated families, men and women struggling to rebuild,” said the minister, recalling the last review of road safety. July was the deadliest year 2015. 360 people died on the road. A figure net increase compared to July 2014 (19.2%).

After invoking the weather factor in explaining the rise in accidents last month, the Interior Minister has pointed “maladjusted behavior of road users,” listing the main causes of accidents such as the consumption of drugs and alcohol, the use of phones while driving or drowsiness. The interior minister promised to “further measures” on the occasion of an Interministerial Committee for Road Safety Board (IRB), to be held in September. An announcement in late morning reiterated by Prime Minister Manuel Valls. On the agenda: a “new strategy of automated radar,” a work on “the fight against flying addiction problems” and a strengthening of the “repressive measures” and “prevention”


A “solemn appeal” to road users

Faced with persistent bad figures of road safety, Bernard Cazeneuve attempted to defend his policies. “Since the beginning of the summer, 14,000 policemen were mobilized weekends to monitor road users,” detailed the tenant of the place Beauvau. He also mentioned his plan of 26 measures launched last January, of which 19 have already entered into force. The remaining six are expected to be by the end of the year or the beginning of the first half of 2016.

But “all the measures we take will be in vain if there is no in the country a collective consciousness, there is no will to change behavior, “he warned. “I want (…) launch a solemn appeal to the responsibility (…) I mean seriously to all the people who have to take the road they must be exemplary and responsible,” he began, on the eve of a large crossover weekend. “Every time a driver gets behind the wheel, he must have in mind the civic responsibility to”.

“We must change the method”

This morning , the statements of the ministers are far from convinced the actors of road safety, denouncing for two years of government inaction on this issue. “Mr. Cazeneuve appealed to the responsibility of citizens, well we use its responsibility for the failure of its policy, “reacted strongly Chantal Perrichon League president against road violence. “It is time to agree the words and deeds.”

The medical professor Claude Got, specialist in the accident, was also skeptical. “We are in communication and there is nothing new,” said the expert on iTélé who resigned from the National Road Safety Council in March. “He talked about his 26 but if the next steps are the same barrel, there will be no progress (…) If we want to lower the death rate on the roads, we must change the method” commented the specialist, who fears that the IRB of the season is not sufficiently prepared.

“apply the measures already adopted”

On the Road Safety Association, an estimated Bernard Cazeneuve was “in his role” this morning, but that much remains to be done. “More than new measures, it would have to apply the measures already announced in recent years,” complains in turn Jean-Yves Salaun, managing director of the association, referring to alcolocks that have never really been used since 2011. It also recommends the reinforcement of controls. “You have to tighten the screw for quick results, not to mention the prevention component to have on the long term,” responds the association responsible.

A lawyer involved in the defense of road accident victims, Me Jehanne Collard waiting to see the results. “I do not doubt his commitment to this cause,” she responded. “But I feel that it is not followed by the rest of the government and Mr. Francois Hollande. I think it is sorely lacking in means to achieve it. ” Counsel regrets the lack of strong signal to motorists whose behavior was relaxed in recent years. “There should be a traffic police, a reinforcement of controls, all coupled with a more effective communication about what a tragedy on the road,” she pleads. “There must be a collective awareness: the motorist must understand that the controls are not there to make money, but to save lives.”


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