Friday, August 21, 2015

Touraine in EE-LV “Whistle me!” – Liberation

Thursday, early afternoon, it was pointed at Villeneuve d’Ascq, near Lille, in the Summer of environmentalists. Outside, the clouds. Inside, the auditorium was packed. In opening, ecological health. Socialist Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, is around. Stakeholders succeed. In the introduction, a migrant who lives in the Calais jungle explains its trajectory. Then policies. Some unleash some tackles towards the government. On the platform, the Minister nods, a bit unhappy and takes notes. The audience applauds. MEP Michèle Rivasi spoke. She congratulated the Minister for his fight against tobacco. Then she released the spikes, accusing the government of laxity against pharmaceutical companies and lobbies. The applause multiply. The whistles against the minister too. Installed in the front row: Cécile Duflot (MP), Sandrine Rousseau (regional list), Barbara Pompili (MP) and Emmanuelle Cosse (National Secretary) will not budge

The conclusion approach.. Marisol Touraine speaks. She coldly meets Michèle Rivasi to defend his record and his fight against lobbies. The minister has the right, too, a few (small) applause. But when she launches “I can not here do not call the rally in the first round [regional] the forces of progress!” , new whistles are heard. The minister retorted: “Whistle me! You state your positions, me mine “.

Then comes the time of departure. “There were some tensions but the debate has been very positive. Among ecologists, there are different trends, but we always worked together. It is for this reason that we must gather from the first round in the regional “, the Minister repeated before disappearing. Ecologists side, this question seems already settled. They present alone or with the Left Front in the first round and will list in all regions. Good news for the MEP Yannick Jadot: “Today there is a real place for our policy. We must seize this space and we can slug it out in January 2016 on coming into office and the presidential if necessary. . But for the moment we must remain sealed “ By the end of the event, the Greens will other members of the government: the head of Laurent Fabius diplomacy and state secretary in the digital Axelle Lemaire.


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