Sunday, August 16, 2015

Removal Rifki: the child repatriated to Rennes at night – FranceTV info


24 hours after his abduction yesterday, Saturday, August 15, the small Rifki four years, was found on Sunday, including through abduction alert in a TGV to Bordeaux. By late afternoon, the August 16, Rifki and her abductor left the gendarmerie Libourne (Gironde) to be conducted in Bordeaux. The child was examined by the medical-legal institute, while the alleged abductor was heard by the PJ. “According to our information the two should be repatriated to Rennes at night,” Marie reported Neuville, France 3 reporter, live from Libourne.

This Sunday evening, several questions arise. Questions that investigators will have to meet. Why this young man of 25 took the TGV which was the terminus Bordeaux? Another question we will have to clarify why he has chosen, when the alert was given since 7:00 this morning, a public transportation

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