Monday, August 17, 2015

The “abduction alert” plan has once again proved its effectiveness – Le Figaro

Less than 12 hours after triggering massive Sunday morning on the entire territory, the device has helped raise awareness and thus regain a little boy kidnapped in Rennes.

This is a woman on the TGV Paris-Montparnasse – Bordeaux that Sunday afternoon, acknowledged the child abducted the previous day in Rennes. She had seen the news on television and has recognized the small Rifki, 4, abducted the day before by a man, a priori knowledge of his parents. The forces of order prevented the alleged abductor was arrested and the child returned to his parents. It appears that the plan “Abduction Alert”, triggered after the abduction, was effective.

This is the 16th time that massive and immediate warning system deployed to assist in the search of an alleged kidnapped child was triggered, according to a statement from the Interior Ministry. So far, this system has been effective in all cases to find abducted children. It is largely inspired the plan “Amber Alert”, created in Texas in 1996 after the kidnapping and murder of Amber Hagerman small.

Adopted in France in February 2006, is to launch in cases of abduction of a minor child alert via massive fifty distribution channels (radio, television, websites, station signs and highways, urban billboards, SNCF or RATP networks, 22,000 terminals of the French Games) to mobilize the population in the search for the abducted child and his kidnapper.

Individuals can relay the alert via Facebook and smartphone applications.

The plan “Abduction Alert”, launched under the authority of the prosecutor, should be triggered as soon as possible after removal because the investigators found that the first 24 hours were crucial for child survival .

It is however activated only if several criteria are met: there must be a proven abduction and not simply disappear, the victim should be minor and his body or his life be in danger of Information would be possible to locate the child or the suspect and the parents of the disappeared must have given their agreement to launch the alert.

In France, this device was officially launched for the first After July 9, 2006 after the disappearance of two sisters, Emeline and Melissa, 8 and 10 years in the Maine-et-Loire. This case had proved to be a pointless warning, the two girls have returned home fifteen hours after their disappearance.

Under the terms of the plan, the child’s report and that possibly that of the person suspected of kidnapping and any information that may help to trace them are broadcast regularly. On television, a tape runs every quarter of an hour, while a full-screen message, possibly with a photo, appears between programs. The chains of the region closer together broadcast messages.


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