Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Menu loaded for the return of Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls – L’Express

Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls lunch together on Tuesday, on the eve of the Cabinet of school. And the menu (imaginary) of these policies reunion seems more indigestible than greedy. Judge for yourself …

As a starter, the impossible reversal curves may weigh on the stomach of the President and her Prime Minister. The executive will have to do without the economic upturn that was to soften the taste of their return. This block is not new and deserved to be revisited. But growth persists in not taking off when unemployment, he rises again and again.

Pork and French Dijon mustard

Transition to the logic input, for which the chef chose a daring variation bites to Dijon . A politico-gastronomic wink when addressing the issue of replacement of François Rebsamen, who leaves the Ministry of Labour to find the town of Dijon.

He Employment will fall into the hands of a former rebellious close to Martine Aubry, Jean-Marc Germain, whose name circulates insistently? This sign would allow it to mute criticism of the slingers who will give voice to the 2016 budget approach?

It is with a certain bitterness in the mouth that Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls then discuss the main course. A pork tenderloin in Breton cider. The animal was offered by an angry farmer came to meet the Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll this week. French 100%, it was one of many animals that farmers have continued to feed at a loss during the suspension of trading in Breton Pork Market, which takes up Tuesday.

Dairy products are their friends for life

Cheese and dessert will follow to the executive couple. Why choose? Especially the need to support the dairy sector, in a critical situation that affects beef farmers. The livestock crisis, all-productions, should be discussed at the European Council of Agriculture Ministers convened in Brussels on September 7 at the request of Paris. For dessert, so a subtle caramelized rice milk will refuel dairy products.

Note that no wine will complement the meal. This would not have been the best effect, while the figures of road safety are very bad. The government must convene an “inter-ministerial committee on road safety” in charge of adopting new measures to stop the slaughter. No digestive not in the program, although the Executive torque might have desired a little heat to finish, before moving on thorny preparation of regional elections and the COP 21 to the end of the year. Drink or drive the country must be chosen.


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