Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Future “International tourist areas” displeasing to unions – The World

On the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

The map of future” International tourist areas “(ZTI) in which shops can open on Sundays and also the evening until midnight, is emerging. A provision under the Macron law, passed in early August.

The Ministry of Economy, which was therefore responsible for defining these areas, forwarded a draft decree “for advice to local elected officials, unions and professional organizations on the eve the weekend of August 15 “ reported Le Parisien in its edition of August 19.

If the ministry had so far raised the possibility of creating four ZTI in Paris, the project sent to the different actors finally has twelve, to which must be added the six major railway stations. Bercy also proposes the creation of three other areas, Cannes, Nice and Deauville.

Currently, there are seven areas in Paris, classified as “municipal tourist area” and thus defined by the City Council. “ Essentially streets, such as the Champs-Elysées, for example, reminded Claude Boulle, Executive Chairman of the Union of the large trade center (UCV), the World in July.

We would move from a concept tourist corridor to a notion of area like London or Barcelona, ​​where we find a complete urban territory, so as to avoid the scattered confetti. “

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In the new areas under Bercy, we find d First the inevitable tourist areas such as the Champs Elysees, Montmartre and the Boulevard Haussmann, or the Saint-Germain. . Choosing some areas might betray a very commercial approach to tourism Bercy

Among the future ZTI, thus has a considerable number of shopping centers – that of Beaugrenelle, in the 15 th arrondissement; the slab Olympics, area where the center is located 2 Italy in the 13 th ; or Les Halles, in the 1 st .

A nonsense for the Inter-Union Liaison Committee of Commerce in Paris (CLIC-P), which brings together the CGT, SUD , UNSA and CFDT, which considers that “The Macron project aims to Sunday labor generalization in trade, international tourism constitutes only a communication artifice” . These projects will “well beyond the perimeters strong international tourist associates who served as a pretext for the development of the law”

“Happy chance or mere urban logic” writes Libération

“The ZTI and selected stations cover all Fnac stores of Paris, thanks to a long pass Avenue des Ternes, a crossing of the Seine into the Saint-Emilion court or a long detour to the mall Italy 2. “

The CLIC-P also denounces circumvention of an amendment proposed by the Senate, and taking up a request for Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Fnac, which claimed an exemption for the “retail of cultural goods “ can open on Sundays.

Although the measure was ultimately not adopted in the vote in Parliament, Fnac stores will be able to remain open on Sundays and evening until midnight If the mapping of new areas proposed by Bercy remains unchanged. The CLIC-P sees this element confirmation that this legislation was “the objective of generalization of Sunday work in trade, international tourism constitutes only a communication device. “

An argument obviously rejected by the Ministry of Economy. “ This is by no means widespread opening of shops on Sundays, since the proposed zones correspond to only 6% of the area of ​​the Capital reacted the office of Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, in a statement to AFP . According to the spokesman, all the selected areas correspond to important transportation areas, with a strong hotel presence and monuments that contribute to tourist visits to Paris .


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