Sunday, August 16, 2015

Abduction alert. Rifki, 4, abducted yesterday in Rennes: what we know – Ouest-France

“An abduction alert was triggered yesterday evening, August 15, said Thierry Pocquet of Upper Jusse, Attorney of the Republic during a press conference in Rennes. The mother and uncle of the child came to the police station. They said they were in Rennes, around 14 pm on the square City Hall, with the person who housed them and a man named Ahmed, also hosted in the same place. They knew only a few days. “

Ahmed and child moved away a few minutes “to go buy drinks” . They have sought them throughout the afternoon.

Prosecutor renews the abduction warning instructions. Since 2005, this plan has helped find missing children each time it was used.

“It has dark skin and short hair. He was wearing ‘trousers, a shirt and a jacket, the black together and wearing red and white sneakers It has a cap with a skull particular sign:.. growth on the right ear “.

” The suspect, a certain Ahmed, is black, about 25 years, 1 M 70, slim build, with hair comb, wearing a jeans with a lion design on the back pocket and left leg, and a brown jacket with short sleeves. “

If you locate the child or the suspect is asked not to intervene. Immediately call 0800.358.335 or send email to .


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