Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The kidnapper of small Rifki indicted – Le Figaro

The uncle of the young Rifki (center) r & # xe9; lays reporters Sunday & # xE0; Rennes.

The uncle of the young Rifki (center) meets reporters on Sunday at Rennes Photo credits:. THOMAS BREGARDIS / AFP

Ahmed, 24, was already prosecuted in another case of sexual assault on a minor.

Who is “Ahmed A.,” this young man of 24 years, accused of having abducted and kidnapped the little Comorian, Rifki last Saturday in Rennes? Sunday arrested the suspect, also of Comorian origin, was indicted Tuesday afternoon for “kidnapping and sequestration minor” and “sexual abuse of a minor” as part of a judicial inquiry entrusted to …


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