Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lilian Lepère, survivor of Kouachi brothers filed a complaint against TF1, France 2 and RMC – L’Express

The media are again in the viewfinder of justice for their treatment of attacks earlier this year. After the remonstrances of the CSA and the collective complaint hostages Hyper Hide the TF1 television channels France 2 and and the RMC radio, now the subject of a complaint from Lilian Lepère, revealed Tuesday Le Parisien . The prosecutor’s office opened an investigation.

An employee of the printing of Dammartin-en-Goële, which had entrenched the perpetrators of the killing of Charlie Hebdo , accuses the three media of putting his life in danger by revealing that he was hidden on the premises.

“To think the media”

On January 9, 2015, two days after murdering twelve person within the premises of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo , the Kouachi brothers had tried to escape the police by hiding in a printing of Seine-et-Marne. Two people had not had time then to be evacuated: the company’s boss, Michael Catalano and his employee, Lilian Lepère. The latter, however, had found refuge in a cupboard under a sink, where it had remained hidden during the eight hours that lasted the hostage taking.

However, interviewed on RMC, his party Republicans Yves Albarello revealed the presence of the young man on the scene. Information that TF1 and France 2 then relayed on their antennae, taking the risk to prevent Kouachi brothers. These were indeed listening to the media through radio and smartphones.

Opening of an investigation by the prosecutor of Paris

“The disclosure of this information in real time, even as Kouachi brothers, armed and determined were likely to take the place of operations, has some level of risk to Lilian [Lepère], “said the lawyer of the complainant, Mr. Antoine Casubolo-Ferro, to justify the recourse to justice. For him, the coverage of the three offending media is nothing but a “manifestly deliberate violation of an obligation of safety or prudence” imposed by the 1986 law on freedom of communication.

In the wake of a complaint by Lilian Lepère, the Paris prosecutor has opened an investigation, announces a judicial source told AFP. An initiative that will “think the media the next time,” hopes Me Casubolo-Ferro.


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