Monday, August 17, 2015

MH370: late research, early vigilance – Clicanoo

Without new discovery of elements from an airliner, including the MH370, the prefecture announced yesterday that the “careful vigilance” began. What brand is the end of the official surveys.

It is thus asked FAZSOI (Armed Forces of the Southern Indian Ocean zone), cops and users of air and sea to have close eye on the go and report any suspicious observation CROSS (Regional Operational Centre for Surveillance and Rescue).

Search operations were conducted from 7 to 17 August. All coasts of the island have been inspected in the sky and sea. The Casa aircraft flew 25 hours, helicopters were engaged for 7 h 30, 15 h 30 ships. 143 people were mobilized including land for research on the rollers. Apart Flaperon discovered July 29 on the beach of Bois Rouge, no other debris from a Boeing 777 has been found to date on our island. Some objects brought to the Gendarmerie Brigade of air transport (GED) have yet to be analyzed. But the chances they belong to an airliner remain very low. Today, families and observers are asking a question: Flaperon there will be enough to deliver the keys alone the disappearance of flight Malaysia Airlines? The answer will come from experts Toulouse




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