Monday, August 17, 2015

3D printer before Machine – Release

Print, it is weighed! Yesterday a prosthetic hand as that received by the small Maxentius, in Isère, and tomorrow, houses, clothes and pizza. Month after month, the possibilities offered by 3D printing, the technique of manufacture by melting successive layers of materials, continue to surprise us. As the first custom dentures seem far … Today is printed with wood, glass, cells and even cheese – it’s easier when it is American it seems. Objects with forms ever more complex and customizable at will. For colored materials, or conductive transparent. We even conceive printers able to print what they know and learn from their mistakes. Is the third industrial revolution is invented before our eyes, as some claim? Admittedly, the 3D printing technology constantly pushing the old production constraints. It now manufactures small series of 50 or 5000 pieces without breaking the bank. The final cost of printed objects – Yoda statue, jewelry or metallic element – is increasingly competitive. And it is the same for standard or custom piece. Sometimes, the specifications surpass those of its copies produced by conventional methods. Above all, and this is perhaps the most advanced, there is no need to know it. While individuals are beginning to seize the printers and bespoke gets over, here are four sectors that 3D printing is about to upset top to bottom.

By Rim Bossard and Gabriel Simeon


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