Saturday, August 22, 2015

Emmanuelle Cosse: “When environmentalists gathered, they are strong” – Le Point

The national secretary of Europe Ecology-Greens (EELV), Emmanuelle Cosse, said Saturday that “when environmentalists and ecology are gathered, they are strong” after three days of a university Summer parasitized by internal political debates. “What I learned from these summer days, is our mobilization for the COP21 a success, our mobilization to the stakes of climate change are understood and above all remember that when the environmentalists are the Ecology and when they are collected, they are strong, “said Emmanuelle Cosse to conclude this summer school in Villeneuve d’Ascq, near Lille.

” I say simply, but nicely firmly that it is time to take the field for the regional elections, it is time to get in front of our people, to show what we are capable of doing in these areas and not to waste our time with unnecessary debate, “said she insisted, applauded by activists.

” Destroy political ecology “

During these three days, environmentalists are torn on the issue regional alliances to 6 and 13 December. If the activists chose in all regions to appear in autonomy vis-à-vis the PS, they still must choose whether they will ally themselves with parties of the Left Front, including in the two regions where the National Front could win the bet (Nord-Pas-de-Calais / Picardy and PACA).

It is this choice that environmentalists are divided frames. Part of parliamentarians, including Senator Jean-Vincent Place and the member for Picardy Barbara Pompili or the François de Rugy and Denis Baupin MPs have signed a text denouncing these “alliances with the Left protest” to “risks destroying the ecology policy. ” “It is the militants who choose” retorted Sandrine Rousseau, tops the list Nord-Pas-de-Calais / Picardy.

COP21, the other big file the return for environmentalists is almost passed into the background, despite the coming of the Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius. Regarding the climate conference to be held in Paris in December, Emmanuelle Cosse launched: “What we expect of the coming months is the coherence and consistency, such as France ‘copy’ is not only a communication formula but a translation in our finance laws in our public policies and therefore a new course for our country in the fight against climate change. “


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