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Political season: six boiling files waiting Francois Hollande – FranceTV info

Fresh and rested? After a week of short and discreet holiday in the south of France, the President of the Republic, François Hollande, has regained the Elysee Palace, Monday, August 17. After lunch with the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, Tuesday, the Head of State will chair the Council of Ministers re-entry, this Wednesday, August 19th, at the Elysee. And the hot issues that await abound. FranceTV information summarizes key

Find a new Minister of Labour

First issue to deal with:. The succession of François Rebsamen. In the middle of his vacation, the Minister of Labour announced his will to succeed Alain Millot, died of cancer, as mayor of Dijon. A term he successfully ran for, since it was elected on August 10 by the socialist majority of the Burgundian city. Consequence: François Rebsamen will present his resignation from the government after the Council of Ministers on Wednesday

Who will replace.? Several names are circulating, including the Minister of Agriculture, Stéphane Le Foll, who must now face the crisis of the breeders, the Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal, or the member’s “rebellious” Jean-Marc Germain. The new Minister of Labour he will announce a “actual decline” in unemployment by the end of 2015, as assured François Rebsamen end of June? Francois Hollande has made the decline in the number of job seekers the necessary condition to represent themselves in the presidential election in 2017. This means if the file has for him.

Solve the crisis breeders

Another urgent issue: successfully resolve, sustainably, the crisis of farmers, including those in the pig industry. Stalled last week, the pork market resumed Tuesday after a meeting of key industry players in Paris, around the minister Stéphane Le Foll. But things are far from being resolved: the two biggest manufacturers in the pig sector, Bigard and Cooperl, continue to deny the price demanded by the farmers and the government

. His entourage ensures: Hollande is closely following the case. The topic has also been discussed during an interview Monday lunch at the Elysee Palace, between the Head of State and Minister of Agriculture. Because the crisis should not bring himself suddenly with the end of vacation: a national demonstration breeders is already scheduled on September 7, during a meeting in Brussels of European Ministers for Agriculture <. / p>

Manage the crisis of migrants

This is one of the subjects on which the National Front will surf during the campaign regional in December: in Calais, more than 3,000 migrants are crammed into the “new jungle” in dire conditions, while the passage to England is becoming increasingly difficult. In Paris, after the expulsion of migrant camp located under the metro La Chapelle, several places or buildings were squatted this summer in eastern Paris, the relocation has been insufficient or inadequate.

The Government refuses to accept more asylum seekers, while France is officially only 13th in the European ranking relative to its population. From crisis to crisis, and lack of adequate European solution, the management of the file appears erratic, while the stream of refugees arriving on the shores of the Mediterranean is growing, particularly in Italy and Greece.

Restoring growth

After a slight acceleration of growth slipping again. In the second quarter, the counter is stuck at 0%. In June, INSEE yet provided for a 0.3% increase. Despite the optimism of the Minister of Finance, Michel Sapin, ensuring that France is “recovery in growth,” is indeed a setback after three consecutive quarters of slight increase . The figure is even worse than during his traditional interview of 14-July, François Hollande had affirmed once again that “growth is here” .

Now, less growth than expected, it is also less than revenues in the state coffers, and thus more savings to be expected for the budget 2016. And Michel Sapin, which starts at prepare the next budget law, will have to deal without touching more French portfolio: the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has even called for new tax cuts for households, “not in one year, but on “. What, he hopes, revive consumer spending and thus boost growth.

Limit the damage to regional

Growth of the death, high unemployment left disorganized … Solidarity government, the Socialist Party combines the handicaps before the regional elections to be held in December. The executive could suffer a new snub after losing 28 general advice to departmental March. “It will be complicated,” , concedes, laconic, a Hollande adviser quoted in Le Parisien .

How to save the furniture in the 13 new regions? President and government will probably try to maneuver behind the scenes to lists PS-EELV union in the first round, particularly in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, facing the FN led by Marine Le Pen. But it’s an understatement to say that in the entourage of the head of state as in the ranks of the majority, optimism does not reign for this last major election before the presidential election 2017.

Prepare the climate conference

Great expire by the end of the year: the COP21 summit. The big global meeting on climate change to be held in Paris from 30 November to 11 December, bringing together 196 countries. François Hollande made one of the challenges of his presidency, hoping to reach a meaningful agreement on cutting emissions of greenhouse gases, including CO2 (carbon dioxide).

positive signal: some months of this conference, Barack Obama gave a strong signal. US President presented a plan for a “clean energy” by imposing a CO2 reduction via stopping power plants to coal. However, according to Le Figaro the rivalry between the Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Ségolène Royal Minister of Ecology “worried many experts” and “weaken the French diplomatic efforts” to succeed in finding an agreement between countries with competing interests.

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