Friday, February 10, 2017

Jain, Renaud, Vianney… check out the winners of the Victoires de la musique 2017 – Franceinfo

some thirty artists in the running, but only twelve prizes to be awarded. The Victories of the music took place, Friday, February 10, at the Zenith of Paris. Except for the Victory of the original song, awarded by the public, the list was compiled based on the votes of 600 professionals representing the music sector. Check out the winners.

>> Relive the ceremony of the Victoires de la musique 2017

original Song : Vianney

Sacred male artist of the year in 2016, the singer of 25 years has confirmed its status by winning the Victory of the original song with its title “I go”.

female Artist : Jain

in recent months, it’s impossible to miss the Toulouse, of 25 years, with his album Zanaka, double platinum (200,000 in sales), and a tour through France.

male Artist : Renaud

This is the second time that Renaud gets this award after 2003. In concert in Nantes on Friday night, the singer of 64 years, has not been able to raise his Victory in Paris. But he had everything planned, with the recording of a message and a cover of “as Soon as the wind will blow”.

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Album revelation : Radio Elvis

“Now, you want to go looking for people.” At the time of the release of their album The Conquest last spring, the three young members of Radio Elvis were part of their ambitions. This Victory should ease the task.

Album : Benjamin Biolay

Fifteen years after his first Victory, Benjamin Biolay complete his collection. Already surrounded by the past in the categories “album discovery”, “album of the year” and “male singer”, here it is again sacred, thanks to the texts of his album Palermo Hollywood.

rock Album : Louise attaque

winning Return for Gaëtan Roussel and his family, after ten years of absence. Louise Attack, won the fourth Victory of his history, for his album Fault to.

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Album of electronic music : Kungs

This young DJ of 20 years is rewarded for his album Layers, which include nuggets “This Girl”, “Don’t You Know” and “I Feel So Bad”. A meteoric rise to Valentin Brunel, who had been noticed, hardly major, by posting remixes on Soundcloud.

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urban music Album : Jul

another new head rewarded : the rapper from marseille is rewarded for his first studio album, My world. A victory is celebrated, inevitably, by forming the letters J, U and L with his famous gesture of the two hands.

Album of world music : Calypso Pink

The beautiful story of the queen of calypso continues : at 76 years of age, Calypso Rose is eventually rewarded for his album Far From Home, released last year. The native of Trinidad and Tobago took the opportunity to warm up the room, making him forget winter in paris.

Concert : Ibrahim Maalouf

Three years after the Victory of the album of world music, the trumpeter and pianist franco-lebanese is rewarded for her tour “Red & Black Light”, the name of his last album. the “If tomorrow morning, the children wake up and say to themselves ‘I too want to do the cello, the flute, the trumpet, the viola or the double bass’ this will be the real Victory”, a-t he said on stage.

Revelation scene : L. E. J.

“This Victory is a stepping stone.” After about a hundred concerts during the past year, Lucie, Elisa et Juliette, revealed on YouTube in the summer of 2015, won the first major award of their young careers.

Clip : Jain

The award was presented at the beginning of the evening, Jain, for his video of “Makeba”, performed by Greg & Lio. During the delivery of the prize, the producer Olivier Bassuet took the floor to address his support to Theo, the young man violently arrested in Aulnay-sous-Bois.

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