Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Louvre: Abdallah El-Hamahmy said Monday, not to be controlled by the AR – The Express

The Egyptian 29-year-old has been formally identified as Abdallah El-Hamahmy, said Wednesday sources close to the investigation.

He explained Monday, “haveacted of his own free will“, “without having been sponsored by the group islamic State” when he has penetrated into the Carrousel du Louvre for, according to him, to carry out a symbolic action against France, which was to degrade the works of the museum with the paint bombs found in his backpack, according to another source close to the investigation.

A version inconsistent with his arrival on the scene Friday morning, when a machete in each hand, he rammed into the military patrol, shouting, “Allah Akbar“. In the eyes of the investigators, his statements made on Monday in police custody shows, on the contrary, that”it assumes a certain adhesion to the theses of the AR,” according to the source.

The suspect has said they want to “address to a symbol of France as a reaction to the strikes of the international coalition, which affect +the brothers in Syria+“.

according To him, he didn’t take it out on the military, with the machetes as “weapons of deterrence” against those who would prevent it from fulfilling its action.

After you have refused to express themselves, the man, badly wounded in the stomach by firing response of the military during his attack in the shopping mall, had begun to talk to investigators Monday at a third hearing, the hospital Georges-Pompidou in Paris, where he is being treated.

But since then, his health deteriorated sharply, making it impossible for the continuation of the hearings and of his police custody, which was lifted on Tuesday.

When his state will allow, the suspect will be presented to a judge who will question him again prior to a possible update review.

The prosecutor’s office in Paris has opened a judicial investigation for attempted murder in relation with a terrorist enterprise and conspiracy to a terrorist criminal.

- a guided tour at the Louvre –

The investigators seek to understand the backgrounds and motivations of this young man, a graduate in law and commercial framework in a business in the united arab Emirates (uae). Why is it made in Turkey in 2015 and 2016 ‘A-t-he benefited from complicities’

It was legally entered as a tourist in France on January 26, from Dubai, before staying in a weekly rental close to the Champs-Elysées. A journey prepared for a long time: the apartment, set 1.700 euros, had been booked online in June, well before the tourist visa lodged end of October. Another item that has puzzled investigators: a car that he had rented in Paris and has hardly circulated.

The surveillance footage shows that the man had come already, on the morning of 29 January, five days before his failed attack on the Carousel and then in the museum, where he followed a guided tour, according to a source close to the investigation.

over The investigation, investigators also discovered that he had sent from France two mandates of € 5,000 on 31 January and 1 February to an egyptian friend based in Poland, said the source close to the investigation, confirming information of BFM and of the Figaro.

to date, no claim has intervened to this attack, and no allegiance to a group jihadist was found during the search in his rented accommodation in Paris. But the investigators have, however, found one of his tweets containing an extract of a speech of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the former spokesman of the group jihadist EI, killed by a strike of the coalition antijihadiste in Syria.


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