Sunday, February 5, 2017

National priority, purchasing power, safety : Marine Le Pen presents her program – The Figaro

David Rachline, a senator FN, announces that 3,000 people listening to the speech of Marine Le Pen in Lyon. “2000, were not able to enter”, he added. For the candidate, globalism economic leads to islamic fundamentalism.

“The borders are erased, our countries are “concourses”, she insisted, denouncing the “dilution culture in a lowest common denominator world”.

His supporters, who chanted “Marine, president” and “it is our home”, several times. Marine Le Pen is back on the attack on the Louvre to pay homage “to the gendarmes, police, military.” The president of the Front national has subsequently denounced the “yoke of islamic fundamentalism”. “We put words on what we want not live: we do not want to live under the yoke of islamic fundamentalism”.

Before detailing: “they want to impose on us prayer rooms, mosques, the catholic, the islamic veil, the submission of the woman banned from a skirt to work or bistro. But no French, no republican, no woman attached to his freedom and his dignity could not accept it.”


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