Thursday, February 2, 2017

Video of”special Envoy” that contain the confessions were devastating, Penelope Fillon ? – Obs

The images and the comments are terrible. Penelope Fillon has probably destroyed the defense strategy of her husband with the confessions she has made to the british newspaper “Sunday Telegraph” in may 2007. The interview, which was filmed, was exhumed by “special Envoy”, which released excerpts Thursday, 2 February. And the remarks made by one who, at the time, had just come to Matignon with her husband, are devastating :

“In fact, I’ve never actually been his assistant or anything of this kind”, said simply Penelope Fillon, Welsh birth, in English.

And concatenate them : “I care not of its communication.”

However, the contract of work Penelope Fillon, identified by “Obs”, shows that this is formally the assistant parliamentary French prime minister François Fillon since… April 1998,, and then of his parliamentary assistant, Marc Joulaud !

Yet, the daily that describes Penelope Fillon resembles rather that of a housewife who lives “as anyone else”, who has things “horribly boring” to-do”, but which takes advantage of Paris, “a wonderful place to do things, exhibitions…”

“Prospectus”, “associations”, “nothing more”

the wife of The new Prime minister of that time said that she enrolled in the University, in English literature :

“If I had not had my last child, I would probably go look for a job. But… I suddenly realized that the children see me as their mother. [...] I told myself that I would at work.”

His role at the side of her husband ? Penelope Fillon explains that she became involved with her husband. But nothing that looks like a job of assistant parliamentarian. Just recognize it to have it “always accompanied in his election campaigns, the meetings, to help”, “sliding flyers under doors for example. Going to “associations of the elderly, but nothing more. Nothing.”

Those few minutes of confessions sound the death knell for the defense of the couple Fillon, who seeks to prove since the revelations of the “Duck chained” that Penelope Fillon has not received an employment dummy to the side of her husband.


“I deplore the fact that while a criminal investigation is underway, phrases, and isolated by design, and out of context give rise to such exploitation in the media”, has reacted in a statement the lawyer, Penelope Fillon, Me Pierre Cornut-Gentille.

Penelope Fillon has provided investigators with “all the details demonstrating the existence of an actual work” as an assistant parliamentary of her husband, repeated by addition thereof.

The public prosecutor national financial has opened an investigation as a result of the revelations of the Canard enchaîné on jobs alleged fictitious Penelope Fillon as the assistant parliamentarian of her husband, and then of his deputy, who allegedly reported a total of 830.000 euros. Two children of the couple have received a total of 84,000 euros, also in the quality of parliamentary assistants.

After his deputy Marc Joulaud Wednesday, the private secretary to François Fillon’s Sylvie Fourmont and his parliamentary attaché Anne Faguer were heard in their turn on Thursday by the investigators.

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