Thursday, February 2, 2017

Penelope Fillon in 2007: “I’ve never been an assistant to my husband” – BFMTV.COM

“I never was his assistant or anything like that. I care not of its communication”, explains Penelope Fillon, before smile. When it holds to these comments, in may 2007, she was the wife of the new Prime minister of the French, François Fillon, and answers questions from the british journalist Kim Willsher, the giving in to the shoot by the photographer for the needs of the journal web site. This video excerpt of an interview that was used to feed a portrait published ten years ago in The Sunday Telegraph has been released by the program special Envoy on France 2 on Thursday evening.

These statements, and their retransmission in full case Penelope Fillon, in which the person is suspected of having received eur 900,000 in the framework of an employment dummy as an assistant parliamentary with her husband and Marc Joulaud, are a threat to the defence of her husband. François Fillon has continued to defend the reality of the activity of his wife as an assistant parliamentarian.

“If I had not had my last child I would surely go get a job.”

The journalist Kim Willsher has described special Envoy the preparation of this interview, ten years ago: “It was a holiday weekend. I received a call. They told me: ‘If you want to meet madame Fillon, it is tomorrow, at 9 o’clock’.”

Since the beginning of the interview, we see the reporter ask about the employment of the days of the wife of the head of government of the moment: “I’ve always managed to live my life on my side. I have always lived like anyone else. Of course, there are always things horribly boring that you need to do. But Paris is a wonderful city to do things, exhibitions. I enrolled at the university, in English literature. I’ve just started.”

The mother of a family, then added: “If I had not had my last child I would surely go get a job”. Visiblementt, they are his children that made him to take up a university course: “I realized that my children only saw me as a mother. Then, I told them: ‘You know, I have a degree in French, I made the right, I passed the lawyer’s examination. I’m not so stupid!’ I told myself that I would at work, that I would encourage.”

the accompanying but “nothing more”

But as to whether she assisted her husband in his political career? Penelope Fillon has then delivered a detailed account of his involvement: “I have always accompanied him in his election campaigns, in the meetings to help. I slid flyers under doors. I like to put myself at the bottom of the room and listen to the comments that people make on what he said. This is what I did when he was mayor of Sablé-sur-Sarthe. I was going from time to time in the associations of older persons. Nothing more, nothing”. Penelope Fillon concludes at this point with these words: “I never was his assistant or anything like that. I care not of its communication”.

In another testimony gathered by the journalists ofspecial Envoy Marie-Armelle Lelièvre, a friend and neighbor of the couple who, while grateful to not be aware of the possible function of parliamentary attaché, Penelope Fillon, said: “She was there to send e-mail, to respond, to take appointments. When we had something to pass on to Francis, we did not hesitate to pass by Penelope. And then it happened to him to represent him in meetings, or meetings in Sablé-sur-Sarthe.”


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