Thursday, February 9, 2017

Marine Le Pen held its “114 commitments” – Media Centre

The candidate of the Front national in the presidential election, was the guest Thursday night of “The political Show” on France 2. Explanations and confrontations.

Two hours of broadcast prime time on a public channel: Marine Le Pen could not dream of a better place to promote his electoral programme, five days after officially presented in its activists.

is balanced

On the set of The political Show, on France 2 Thursday night, the candidate and leader of the national Front was able to place a part of its ” 114 commitments presidential “ over the sequences. Waiting period of two years for the reimbursement of expenses of health of the foreigners, ” to stop accepting migrants “, to stop the relocation or control channels, the training… But before that, Marine Le Pen has had to pass under the forks yoke of ” business “. One of its staffers to the european Union (” I am quite innocent “), of the compensation of its companion as an employee part-time€ 5,000 per month (” In the family, we are all engaged in politics “), or eight times the Minimum wage monthly of his body guard said, as attached to parliamentary, ” that is a real job “.
But the president of the Front national has not failed to return the candidat e of the Republicans, and the fact that he has scored Axa among the clients of his consulting company: ” Mr. Fillon has been paid by Axa, I request if, in its programme, the abolition of social Security, which will obviously benefit the insurance companies, it is not also the counterparty of all amounts that were paid to him. “, Contested also on the financing of its program, Marine Le Pen has shown just as combative: ” Our program is balanced. “ Even if to compensate for the lower taxes, the retirement at 60 years of age or the unlikely nationalization of the motorway companies, it is reminiscent of, among others, postulated $ 80 billion from tax evasion of large groups.
clearly, the candidate will still have to clarify a few essential points to lend credibility to its ” commitment “.

According to the “barometer” of the show, 41% of viewers were convinced by the words of Marine Le Pen, but they are only 38% believe she would make a good president.


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