Wednesday, February 8, 2017

El-Hamahmy wanted to sell all his possessions before the attack on the Louvre – The Dauphiné Libéré

Mutique, for several days, the Egyptian 29-year-old suspected of having committed a bomb attack Friday at the museum of the Louvre by attacking military operation Sentinel began to speak. Due to the deterioration of his state of health, his custody was lifted on Tuesday evening.

Prior to that, Abdallah El-Hamahmy had confirmed his identity to investigators of the anti-terrorist Section (Sat) of the major crime unit. And he gave a first version of the events that occurred Friday.

Fervent pacifist

The police officers, he explained to be a devout pacifist: his only intention would have been to tag works of art in the Louvre, say our colleagues at TF1/LCI. The paint bombs were discovered in his backpack.

Condemn the bombing of the French on Syria

He said he never wanted to kill soldiers, but simply to condemn the bombing of the French on Syria.

The machetes were not sharpened

The machetes, purchased a few days earlier in an armory in the Bastille ? They should be used only to defend themselves, and besides, they were not sharp, ” he says as proof of his good faith.

One version that investigators take with a lot of tweezers: at the time of the attack, the paint bombs were in the bag of the suspect. The police also have an interest in messages posted by the Egyptian on the social networks, suggesting a close with Daech.

Two terms cash sent from France

A defense challenged also by new items unveiled Wednesday afternoon by our colleagues of BFM TV. The suspect, who arrived in France a week before the attack, would have sent you two warrants cash of 2000 and 3000€ to a european country, on 31 January and 1 February. The recipient remains however unknown.

An egyptian friend based in the united arab Emirates

In addition, BFM says that an egyptian friend of El-Hamahmy, based in the united arab Emirates, was informed of the plan to attack the Louvre. The suspect would have asked her to sell all his property, and he would have entrusted his credit card and the keys to his apartment.


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