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Police and security, proposed by the presidential candidates – The Cross

While four police officers have been indicted for rape and violence after the arrest of the young Theo at Aulnay-sous-Bois, The Cross reviews the proposals of the candidates in terms of security.

To the left and to the right, security in programs, such as the emergency provide police with additional means of action. But the candidates differ on the nature of the reinforcements needed : human, material or legal ? And the prevention and the fight against discrimination remain subjects of cleavage.

left unanimous wants to strengthen the means

To the left, the safety is definitely no longer a taboo subject and the candidates agree to devote a supplementary human resources. Benoît Hamon wants to replace all retirements and create 1 000 jobs per year. Jean-Luc Mélenchon proposes ” to strengthen the human and material resources “, bringing the number of police officers at their level in 2007. Emmanuel Macron, too, had already spoken in favour of an increase in urgent numbers : “the 10,000 members of the police and of the gendarmerie, it is necessary to recruit staff in the next three years “, he said.

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A ” culture of the result “, for François Fillon

On the question of human means, it is the candidate of the right slice, considering it to be irrelevant : “France does not need more police, gendarmes, or more laws “, stated, for example, François Fillon, stressing however the need to ” means of action material and legal challenges “.Advocating a ” culture of the result “, the candidate also hope that the municipal police forces and private security to “participate in the recapture of territories ” : empowerment to conduct identity checks and to record the minutes out of the domain of the movement for municipal police officers ; enlarged missions of guarding for private companies. Based on the responsibility of the mayors in the area, it proposes that, with the State services, build Local Plans, Security setting of ” annual objectives specific “.

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Marine Le Pen for a ” massive re-armament

of the Strong implantation of the vote frontiste among police officers, Marine Le Pen made the restoration of security one of its priorities, and advocates for the ‘massive re-armament of the forces of law and order ” : personnel (recruitment plan of 15 000 police and gendarmes), and equipment (modernization of equipment, stations, and barracks, an adaptation of the arms to the new threats), but also “both morally and legally (in particular, by the presumption of self-defense) ” to ” put in place a plan for the disarmament of the suburbs in question, and taken in hand by the State of areas of non-right “.

re-establish the community policing

This is a point of consensus to the left and forms a cleavage with the right : the re-establishment of local police forces, ” or a utopia lax, or a gadget of communication “, according to Emmanuel Macron, which aims to provide sustainable human and financial resources.

Even the emergency according to Benoit Hamon : “to renew the trust with the population “and give it to the police,” a social function foreground” to put an end to the vicious circle : the distance, mistrust, discrimination and violence “. Among the measures considered by the candidate of the socialist Party, the organization of foot patrol in charge of the contact with the locals or the redeployment of staff in areas very difficult thanks to a system of premiums.

In its VIe Republic, Jean-Luc Mélenchon also intends to reform the policy of public safety on the ” the basis of the triptych prevention, deterrence, punishment “. For this, the candidate wants to restore community policing, ending the policy of revenue, and dismantle the BAC (Brigades anti-crime) ” who do flagrante delicto and do not ensure a good relationship between the police and the population “.

Fight against the controls on the facies

Commitment taken by François Hollande, the fight against discrimination remains a debated topic to the left of the chess board only. Object of a weapon in 2012 between Jean-Marc Ayrault and Manuel Valls, then minister of the interior, the furnishing of a receipt during identity checks, has not been implemented under the five-year term, with the executive preferring other arrangements, such as the generalization of mobile cameras worn by police forces.

If he is elected president, Benoît Hamon intends to experiment with these receipts in five departments, and launch a national plan for training of police officers and gendarmerie in the fight against prejudice and discrimination. Jean-Luc Mélenchon insists on rewriting the code of ethics and its importance in the training of police forces.

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