Illustration: A pizza. – Matthew Mead/AP/SIPA
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An elderly man of 45 years would not have hesitated to draw a firearm to ask for an extra cheese on his pizza this Saturday night at Pecq (Yvelines).

The forties, which turned out to be just escaped from a psychiatric hospital, had first placed his order without any violence. But he then realized that he had forgotten to specify that he wanted an extra dose of cheese.

The customer would then have trained his weapon on the pizzaiolo (pizza maker) by asking them to add cheese and, once satisfied, would have immediately ceased to threaten the trader.

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As if nothing had happened, the forty-something woman would have then settled his note, leaving even a tip in passing, tells Le Parisien. It is leaving the place with the pizza that the man was arrested and identified as a patient of the Charcot hospital in Plaisir (Yvelines).

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