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Case Theo : the police of the police favours the thesis of the accident rather than the rape – The Figaro

VIDEOS – the first conclusions of the IGPN dismiss the idea of “rape deliberate” based on the cctv footage. These images still need to be viewed by the investigating judge in the course of the investigation, which continues. “There are no new elements” and “let’s let justice take its course”, says the lawyer of the young man.

The gesture, which has inflicted a serious injury to Theo, during his arrest in Aulnay-sous-Bois, was it intentional? This is the question that punctuates the case since its inception. It is a question of whether the trousers of the young man slipped out by accident, if the introduction of the baton in his rectum about 10 cm could be a gesture involuntarily, as affirmed by the police officer involved and his lawyer.

According to information from LCI and BFMTV, the general inspectorate of the national police – the IGPN, the “font fonts” – has passed its first findings on the matter to the investigating judge in charge of the case. They are similar to the elements already provided during examination: the IGPN retains the thesis of a “transaction gone wrong” based on the cctv footage. It is, however, not the final report but initial conclusions.

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according To investigators, He did not let himself be handcuffed, which would have triggered a fight with three of the four police officers who intervened. One of them would have used a nightstick to make him bend his knees. But none of them would have willingly dropped her pants. According to LCI, the IGPN regrets “in a serious accident and real”, but dismissed the idea of “rape deliberate”, because there is no intentional element.

These elements from the video surveillance, particularly on the issue of the pants to Theo, were those that had motivated the re-qualification of the facts of the “rape” in “voluntary violence” at the opening of judicial information. The decision had been challenged, including by the mayor of the city. A police officer has finally been indicted for “rape” afterwards, the other three for “voluntary violence”.

In a detailed account of the questioning that has degenerated, Le Parisien also referred to Thursday, the fact that the pants He was able to slide in the quarrel. “A police officer holds the friends of Theo at a distance, while his three colleagues attempt to control the young man. He is struggling in every direction, which has the effect of dragging his tracksuit pants on the top of the thighs”, explains the daily. The journal also mentions the scene that precedes the confrontation, during which “Theo, 21 years old, athletic figure of 1.90 m, climbing the stairs, going back to a usual gesture of his jogging pants dark blue slide on her hips”.

Le Parisien does not specify whether this description corresponds with the stored images, but says he has based this account of the events on the statements of the police officers to justice, their intervention report, the story of Theo and his friends “as well as numerous videos filmed by the people”. The log also indicates that the baton has pierced the boxer shorts that the young man had on him.

Determine if the gesture is intentional

in Addition to the pants, there remains the question of the gesture responsible for the serious injury of Theo. For the lawyer of the policeman accused of rape, it is an accident. “The IGPN, at the end of the police custody, has actually made the report with the public prosecutor who has also watched these images” of video-surveillance, “the character obviously, not intentional in the gesture of the servant”, said to Me, Frederick Gabet Thursday morning on RTL.

The young man, on his side, has stated the opposite on his hospital bed: “I was back but three-quarters. I saw him with his truncheon: I was down in the buttocks, voluntarily”, he said according to a recording of his remarks by his lawyer, mr. Eric Smith-Moretti. The latter stresses with BFMTV that the observations of the IGPN are not new and that the prosecutor of Bobigny had leaned over to recharacterize the facts of the “rape” in “violeneces volunteers”. “there are no new elements. You would imagine that the police officer will not say "yes, I had the intention to rape". But the use of a baton like that it is a rape”, slice the avocado, considering that“let’s let justice take its course” without “unleash passions”.

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The investigation is continuing and, according to LCI and Le Parisien, the investigating judge has not yet viewed the videos in question. An analysis frame-by-frame must be held to determine if the gesture of the policeman is intentional or not. The question is vital to determine if the act is an offence and can be termed rape. In the contrary case, the judge could choose to reclassify the prosecution.

new events

In parallel to the instruction, the tensions are only partially impact and spread in the Seine-Saint-Denis, despite calls for calm from Theo and his family. On Wednesday evening, 28 new arrests have taken place to urban violence, one in Aulnay-sous-Bois, says the AFP. This is the fifth night in a row marked by skirmishes in the city.

Paris, a new event was also attended by about 250 people asking for “justice for Theo” and chanting “Cops, rapists, murderers!”. To Nantes, 300 to 400 protesters briefly marched behind a banner “Solidarity with Aulnay, justice for Theo”. The firing of a projectile against the security forces, who responded with tear gas, have led to a rapid dispersal of the procession. To Rennes finally, a gathering of about 200 people was held. The protesters attempted to go demonstrate in the streets of the historic centre but were prevented by the cords of the security forces which encircled them.

VIDEO – Aulnay-sous-Bois: several hundred demonstrators in Paris

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