Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fillon book “his truth” in a letter to the French – The Point

French prime minister François Fillon, candidate of the right in the presidential election, in turmoil, jobs alleged dummy of his wife, gave his “truth” in a “letter to the French”, to be published Wednesday by the daily newspaper Ouest-France.

“At the end of a media campaign and a policy of unprecedented violence, I chose to address myself directly to you to tell you my truth,” writes Mr. Fillon in this letter, where it retains most of the arguments that he had developed during his press conference the day before.

“It is true, for a few days, the fury of the forces that are raging against me has left me stunned. However, I decided to do nothing to yield to the intimidation and pressures. I chose to stand in the face of the French, in the face of their judgement”, he says.

It reaffirms understand “disorder” felt by the French, and would like to elaborate on that “everything is legal”, in its activities, that of his wife and his children.

“That those who give lessons of democracy to bend to the same exercise of transparency !”, he asks.

“thirty-two years of political life, I have never been put in issue in a case. I have always acted in strict legality, and in the most perfect honesty. But I made a mistake : by working with my loved ones, I’m lucky to have a collaboration of trust which, today, arouses mistrust. Time, time, has changed. I decided on my own to stop this collaboration in 2013. I probably should have done that before. I owe you so apologize”, he reiterates.

less than three months of the presidential election, the candidate said : “Now, it’s up to you to decide and you alone. Do it consciously and do it with a requirement”.

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