Monday, February 6, 2017

“Difficult to Fillon counter-attack if he does not deliver the evidence in support of his defense” – The World

The journalists of the “World” Gérard Davet and Fabrice, the Man answered the questions of internet users after their new revelations on the case Fillon.

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Matt : How did you get access to the information on the auditions ? Is it not a current folder, and therefore subject to the judicial secrecy ?

Gérard Davet and Fabrice Human :, As we repeat often, and contrary to what suggests a tenacious legend, the journalists are not held to the secrecy of the investigation or the secrecy of the instruction. Only the parties to the investigation (judges, police, clerks, etc).

Vincent : Your revelations are they likely to affect, or influence, the “defense” of Mr. Fillon, or do you think that the latter was not ignorant that journalists would have access to the record of the hearings ?

We don’t know what know or not, Mr Fillon of our investigations. On the other hand, it is certain that the new items we are releasing today should be referred to by M. Fillon during his press conference planned for Monday afternoon at 16 hours. It is certain that these new revelations are hardly favorable.

Alix : A surrender charge is it still possible ? Some spoke of the difficulty in laying the outlines of the tasks of the parliamentary assistant, this difficulty may play in the favor of the couple Fillon…

we have to remind ourselves as often as possible : every person to whom justice is presumed to be innocent until she is sentenced. This applies more to Mr. Fillon, in the state, the latter is not even pursued : it is the subject of an investigation very thorough, but it is possible that at the end of its investigations, the public prosecutor national financial decided to drop the case.

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jakodorn : Can we consider that, in the absence of physical evidence (agenda, minutes, etc) the crime of employment dummy is made of ?

Excellent question ! This is the difficulty of this type of investigation : to establish that someone has not worked is not an easy thing, especially as some missions may not give rise to the drafting of notes and other documents…

5de7 : How do you believe then that you are part of the media lynching in progress ?

We do not participate in any ” lynching “, but we are interested in a legal case became a political scandal major, which is our primary mission. Moreover, it is not we “believe” because we do not give our opinion on this matter, but disclose the factual elements are undisputed. One can then interpret them of course…

5de7 : Are you commissioned by François Hollande or his entourage of which you are so close ?

No, we are not “mandated” by François Hollande, for which we are not ” close “, or per person of the rest ! We are investigating the affairs politico-financial with each time the desire that we stick to the facts, without bias no.

Nibelung : Fillon can “counter-attack” in a credible way, as he said, without finally of the evidence on the work of his wife ?

I quite agree with you : difficult, Mr Fillon counter-attack if he does not deliver the evidence in support of his defence. This is probably what he intends to do this afternoon at its big press conference of the explanation.

Esberit : All this smells-it is not the reference to a judge of instruction ?

indeed, It is possible that at the end of its investigations, which should not last more than a few weeks, the prosecutor’s office financial decides to refer the case to an investigating judge. Other options : return directly to Mr Fillon before the court, or on the contrary drop the case…

C : Why these information are not “outputs” before Mr. Fillon to become prime minister ?

This is a good question, indeed. It may be that all of us journalists have not been curious enough, indeed. At the same time, better late than never ! And then, in France, it is the presidential election, the pace of life in politics, and the media pay much more attention to the politicians when they are candidates to the supreme magistracy. This is not an excuse, just an explanation.

Chris93 : do you Think that Mr Fillon will do everything to keep the risk of losing his camp ?

Difficult to assume how you will react, Mr Fillon to our revelations. In any case, it was not expected that he announces his withdrawal, it was even the reverse : it seems to be determined to cope and to maintain at all costs. Remains to be seen if he can withstand the pressure of judicial, political and media influences on him…

MB : That to replace Fillon in the case of a withdrawal ?

For the moment, it seems that the hierarchs of the party The Republicans have simply no plan B, which explains their huge embarrassment !

Justé : has there been a similar story in our past policy ? How this is done ?

Yes, there have already been cases of this type in the past. For example, the case of secret funding the RPR via the mayor of Paris and private companies, from the time of Jacques Chirac, that had resulted in the conviction of a certain Alain Juppé.

quickone : The statements made to the investigators by Mr Fillon concerning his children – who were not the function for which they were paid – would be sufficient to justify an indictment ?

For the moment, no magistrate has been designated because it is the public prosecutor who conducts the investigation, an indictment is legally impossible. But the problem could arise if a statement that was open, knowing that this would be then up to the magistrate to decide whether or not there are sufficient charges to justify an indictment. Mr Fillon may also be referred directly to the tribunal if the public prosecutor financial deems necessary. In all cases, it is not up to us journalists to judge guilty or innocent?

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