Thursday, February 2, 2017

“I never was his assistant,” said Penelope Fillon in 2007 – The World

The program “special Envoy” shall broadcast, Thursday, on France 2, of videos, unreleased interview of the wife of François Fillon, who is suspected of having received a job fictitious assistant parliamentary.

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Penelope Fillon, during a meeting of French prime minister François Fillon, on the 30th of January.

” I was never his assistant “ and ” I am not occupied in its communication rather than “. What are two sentences with heavy consequences, that Penelope Fillon has spoken about her husband in an interview with british journalists in may 2007, according to France Télévisions.

A video excerpt of this interview, in which France Télévisions has rediscovered the trace (but The World has not watched), should be broadcast on France 2, during the program “special Envoy” on Thursday, February 2, presented by Elise Lucet.

These statements cast new doubt on the reality of the job for which Penelope Fillon has been paid for the first time between 1988 and 1990, and a second time between 1998 and 2002, as the assistant parliamentarian of her husband, as revealed in Le Canard enchaîné. Suspicions that cripple the candidacy of the candidate of The Republican (LR) in the presidential election.

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” My children, I have known that as a mother, “

The origin of this document lies in a portrait of Penelope Fillon carried out by the british newspaper The Sunday Telegraph in may 2007, while François Fillon was appointed prime minister by French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

These last days, this portrait has been unearthed and it has been the subject of occasions, including by reason of a sentence in which Mme Fillon said : ” I realized that my children I have never known that as a mother “, giving the impression that she had not had a professional activity before this date.

Or a video, which is no longer available online, accompanying this interview. The journalists ofspecial Envoy Yvan Martinet and Tristan Waleckx have found the person who had shot the images, dated may 18, 2007.

it had kept the footage of the interview, in which she sold the rights to France Télévisions. It is in viewing these shots that the two journalists have found that some of the passages, including the one in which Mme Fillon said the two sentences, had not been exploited at the time in the portrait. They now take on a whole new dimension.


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