Thursday, February 9, 2017

François Fillon says it is determined to “resist shock” – Le Figaro

meeting on Thursday evening at Poitiers, in the company of Jean-Pierre Raffarin, in which he heaps praise, the candidate of the right, has denounced the “demolition company” and strike “ruthless” of which he was the object.

special Envoy to Poitiers

French prime minister François Fillon is continuing the “revival” of his campaign, almost as if nothing had happened. On Thursday, he visited the Vienna, then to Paris, his two elder children, Mary and Charles, were heard by the police. For their part, counsel for the applicant have held a press conference Thursday afternoon, denouncing the illegitimacy of the investigation. This is for the offensive law.

at the same time, at Poitiers, the applicant was ordered to counter-attack policy, calling its support to the mobilization. “Your presence helps me to resist the shock, he launched before some 2,500 supporters gathered at the Futuroscope. Candidate in the presidential election, one examines my life with the laser, looking for the slightest error, the slightest flaw, the slightest scoop. We would like to in the media that I am a saint, I’m a man. A man who has not violated the law.”. Saying they are determined to “resist shock”, he then denounced “the attack merciless” of which he was the object.

“If I am at this point the man that he must kneel, it is because I am the bearer of a project that shakes up the system”

Protesting his innocence, the applicant has found that there was no chance in the succession of revelations relating to him. “If I am at this point the man that he must kneel, it is because I am the bearer of a project that shook the foundations of the system,” he defended. I am much more than a political opponent, I am an opponent of ideology. It wants to chase us out of the presidential election in favour of a duel of which dreams the system: on one side the caricature of the extreme right, the other the macronisme light and trendy.” “This obsession to want to put me to the ground, begins to see,” he added, betting on a turnaround at the end of the opinion. The bet is far from won. In the investigation of the daily Ifop for Paris Match and Sud Radio, French prime minister François Fillon was down another half point Thursday, to 17.5 % of voting intentions, behind Marine Le Pen (26 %) and Emmanuel Macron (21 %).

The support of Raffarin

waiting for better days, the applicant has received Thursday the support of Jean-Pierre Raffarin. The senator of Vienna was felt, also, that “the target of all of this, it is the alternation”. “Too much is too much”, is it still irked by calling the “media pressure” d’”demolition company”. Guaranteed success with the public, which was copiously booed the press.

With activists RL as well-wishers, the thesis of a conspiracy seems to be widely shared. “It’s balls stink, it’s disgusting, everything is distorted,” complained Jean-Bernard. But this will not last, the French are going to understand that this smear campaign does not hold the road.” This retired, who supported Nicolas Sarkozy, do not imagine for a second his champion eliminated in the first round: “Macron, it will be pschitt”, it forecasts. Not far away, Josie, came from the Vendee, provides that “all these affairs are guided”. By who? The young woman doesn’t have the answer, but it considers that “if there are officials and trade unionists who demonstrate each time that Fillon goes somewhere, there are always accomplices in high places”.

light Programme

on Thursday evening, the protesters were thirty in chanting “pay back the million” in front of the entrance to the palace of Congress. And they never crossed the path of the candidate. For this displacement in the Poitou-Charentes region, the program of François Fillon had been alleviated. He gave up including the visit of an institution for persons with disabilities as originally planned. The team of the candidate feared she repeated manifestations of discontent, which along its travel from the revelations of the Duck chained? The organizers have assured that not. “We are back to the original programme, that is to say, a simple meeting, because François Filon needed time to prepare, it was explained Thursday to the headquarters of the campaign. A meeting with Jean-Pierre Raffarin, it is very important to him.”

The former prime minister, Jacques Chirac was one of the centerpieces of the device of Alain Juppé during the primary. The fillonistes are today almost surprised to see how much the senator of Vienna supports the member of parliament for Paris. “Jean-Pierre Raffarin has been very fair”, said François Fillon on Wednesday to a few reporters. When the campaign team of the candidate bruissait of rumor of a coup, senator of Vienna, itself, “did the job”. The two men would be sharing, in particular the haunting of the “crisis of the regime of extreme severity” if the right was without a candidate few weeks to the presidential election. Sealing their alliance, Raffarin hailed Thursday evening the “courage” of Fillon and Fillon praised the qualities of “man of State” of Raffarin.


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