Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Aulnay-sous-Bois : Theo wants “a justice worthy of the name” – Obs

The questions and considerations for this Eric Dupond-Moretti has been seized by Theo 22-year-old victim last Thursday of a serious assault by four police officers in Aulnay-Sous-Bois. The young man, who was hospitalised, had to be operated on for a tear in the anal of 10 cm and a perforation of the colon. A judicial information was opened. Three officers have been indicted for violence, while another was for rape. The lawyer answers the questions of “Obs”.

Theo and his family have filed a complaint since the commission of the facts ?

I was seized Saturday. At the moment I am talking to you, Theo and his mother are constituted as civil parties. They have not filed any complaint because a judicial investigation is already open.

So, you’re confident ?

Absolutely not. I am vigilant. This is what is gained : we have videos, blood on a wall, a tear anal of 10 centimeters, which required a surgical intervention, a temporary inability to work for 60 days, and my client must, for the moment, to wear a pocket.

The public prosecutor of Bobigny had required the prosecution to “violence”. The investigating judge has put one of the police officers under investigation for rape. What do you think of the classification adopted of “violence” against the other three ?

In the museum of horrors, of which I am the keeper, I’ve seen a lot of rape with the introduction of objects. But I’ve never met a prosecutor of the Republic, which qualifies this kind of facts of “violence.” To claim that such facts, the introduction of a truncheon into the anus of a person, are not sexual according to me, heretic. I am, however, good note of the fact that the judge of instruction, he continues, one of the police for “rape”. The judicial inquiry will help clarify the divergent positions between what they say to the police officers, and Theo.

today, the police are free…

They have not been placed in detention. We can say that the principle that detention should remain the exception has been respected to the letter. But I wonder : would it have been the same if the four young people had struck a fifth, and it had introduced a baseball bat into the anus ?

the statement of The prosecutor of Bobigny, it was suggested yesterday that it is in the course of an intervention related to a drug trafficking that Theo was arrested. What say you ?

So, I’m going to tell you two words about the personality of Theo : he is an educator, he has never been convicted, this is a sports crazy about football, which moved to make a pair of sneakers for his sister’s friend. His path has crossed that of four police officers, today he is in the hospital. Theo told us that he had felt a pain so intense that she anesthésiait, to the point that it felt even more shots. According to him, violence has continued in the cars of police officers. The latter would have grabbed the genitals, he would have spat on, and would have uttered racial slurs against her. So I have to say that I was shocked today to hear again, Gregory Goupil, the police union Alliance, to talk of a senate inquiry which would be conducted after a rebellion.

the minister of The Interior has invited the family to come meet him, in vain. That happened ?

I have, in fact, advised not to go there. It was a Sunday. Has 16 hours, they would be so went to see Bruno The Roux, which would have offered tea and biscuits. And at 17 hours, the prosecutor of Bobigny required qualifications of “violence” to the facts of which Theo was the victim. It seems to me that this would have given the image a degree of coherence which was not timely.

In what state of mind Theo and his family are they today ?

They are in the desire to pacify things, which increases, of course, their requirement to justice. It should be understood that it is not a question of people asking where it wants to, this family is smart and He knows what he wants : a justice worthy of the name.

interview by Elsa Strong


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