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Bayrou is “fun” to be raised “to the level of obsession” of Sarkozy – Le Point

The president of the Modem, Francois Bayrou, is “fun” to be raised “to the level of Nicolas Sarkozy’s obsession has he said on Tuesday iTV renewing its position vis-à-vis reluctance of a primary right. “I read that Sarkozy told. It is a new claim to fame of being elevated to obsession Nicolas Sarkozy, since all its meetings, all meetings, there necessarily a must (of François Bayrou, ed), it gives smile it’s fun and interesting, “said the president of the modem, so that his name is regularly booed at meetings of the president of the UMP. Bayrou had called for a vote Hollande in the second round in 2012.

“No branch of the UMP”

Before the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy said Tuesday morning that he was “not an obsession” party of François Bayrou but “did not accept” the UMP Damien Meslot “was beaten by a modem-PS alliance” in Belfort. “Not true!” retorted Mr Bayrou. “There were seven nominations in the first round, one PS and FN, and, indeed, the protégé of Mr. Sarkozy, Mr. Meslot, found himself in the second round against one of my friends, Christophe Grudler, who beat ” has he said. “This is by no means a partisan agreement,” he added. “I think for years, I even wrote a book on it, Nicolas Sarkozy whenever he chooses to be in aggressiveness, to draw people against each other (…) he chooses a way that is not the way that the situation in France requires, “he has said.

It has also called for “classic” the alliance between the right and the center for the county. “I believe that Nicolas Sarkozy was using a metaphor, ‘the big ball attracts small”, he has said. “The center, this is not a branch of the UMP,” he said.

He reiterated his “reserve” in respect of the primary right and center who “always gives the premium on hard, no mobilized in each camp.” Bayrou said he was ready for several months to help the UMP mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé, for the presidential 2017.


2015 county Essonne: dissent Georges Tron … – MetroNews

alone Georges Tron in Essonne begins to irritate the highest levels of the UMP. The deputy mayor of Draveil, indicted in a rape case, insists on running for president of the County Council, whose election is scheduled for Thursday. The local right has yet ruled on Monday by 15 votes against 12 in favor of François Durovray, UMP mayor of Montgeron.

On Tuesday morning, the political adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, Luc Chatel, has launched LCI very diplomatic “must be reasonable” to the attention of the former minister. Sanction in sight? In the headquarters of the UMP, we simply tell MetroNews that Georges Tron has “no support” party. An elected Essonne UMP goes further and believes lapidary that “his political career is not over if he does not make the con Thursday”.

Leader during the campaign , outcast after

Georges Tron has some reason to be bitter. He who says he “led the battle of municipal and cantonal A to Z” in this department can boast of having led the right to victory after a tough battle against the Socialist Jérôme Guedj. The mayor of Draveil even achieved a score of 61.9% in its common

Right, no one says, but everyone thinks. The mayor of Draveil departed from the presidency because of possible reference to the foundation, he also contest Wednesday before the Court of Cassation. “The decision to Georges Tron surprised everyone as he himself set the rules of the primary, irritated François Durovray. He probably thought that he would be beaten.”

Fight against the “far right”

Georges Tron, who could not be reached Tuesday found a new justification for his personal crusade: the struggle “against the extreme right. ” It is well … François Durovray because it is close to the MP Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, founder of the sovereignist party Standing France. Needless to say that the applicants have not really enjoyed the label that was glued to them.

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Reshuffle: the outstretched hand of the Prime Minister to environmentalists – Le Parisien

CM | March 31, 2015, 4:46 p.m. | Update: March 31, 2015, 7:09 p.m.

Just one year after its entry and exit at Matignon environmentalists from the government, and two days after the crushing defeat of the majority in the departmental elections, Manuel Valls again tends out to those partners who are demanding a “political shift”.

While hammering that the “cap” of reforms is maintained, the prime minister said Tuesday at the session of questions to the government in the National Assembly that “instead of environmentalists, it is in the majority, and I have already had occasion to say, it is fully in government, this was the case a year ago. ”

He was responding to the member EELV Barbara Pompili, who launched “can not change nothing!”. The elect of the Somme asked to specify particular “instead of ecology in the government road map” and “rebuild the conditions of confidence”, while environmentalists are calling for a change of course. That François Hollande, from Berlin

VIDEO. Pompili: “No one can remain inert in the first place the executive”

Main tense but under certain conditions

The head of government has argued that the majority had already “well advanced” on the ecological transition and biodiversity “with the commitment of Ségolène Royal.” “It is never about to lock up, it is to listen to each other,” he repeated. He also assured that “the door is open” and “outstretched hand” for environmentalists, who showed serious faces, as most of the PS deputies.

VIDEO. Valls: instead of environmentalists is “fully in the government”

On Tuesday morning BFMTV, Manuel Valls already had again left the door open to a possible reshuffle, and possible return of environmentalists in the executive. With some conditions, however. “If there was a pact between socialists and environmentalists,” “if they consider that it is possible to govern the economic line of ours on reforms in energy transition that we are conduct and the fight against inequality. “

QUESTION OF THE DAY. Should environmentalists go to the government?

For the Greens, the question of a return to government is still divided. Between pro-Holland, anti-Valls, return to the pro-government, which includes hostile Cécile Duflot, which has granted an interview to Le Monde charge against Manuel Valls, nothing says that the outstretched hand will be accepted . In any case, the practical work, which started on Monday between the number of the Greens, Emmanuelle Cosse and the PS, ahead laborious.

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“The killer of the Essonne” said to be “someone quiet” – FranceTV info

Yoni Palm is facing justice since Tuesday, March 31. The 36 year old man faces life for the murders of four (two men, two women), executed automatic pistol between November 2011 and April 2012 in the Essonne. Two of them were shot in a parking lot, the other two down home.

“Yes, I have a connection with these crimes, but I am not the assassin “ Palm said. The suspect, nicknamed “the killer of Essonne,” denies the facts since his arrest on 14 April 2012.

His guilt is little doubt to the civil party lawyers. ” This is his weapon, his cartridges is his car “, says Elisabeth Auerbacher facing camera France 3 ” The one and only DNA found on the murder weapon This is Mr. Palmier “, says Adel Fares.

” Hands in pockets, the casual air, Yoni Palm does not seem impressed by the court .. Assize To questions of the president, he coolly responds expeditiously (…) When asked to define himself, he replied: ‘I am a quiet, solitary “, says Nathalie Perez, a journalist from France 3. The trial should last three weeks.


The other subjects of JT

On the same subject


Palm admits “some responsibility” in a murder … – TF1

He did not kill, but he “let it happen” by others, he said, admitting “some responsibility” in the first of the four murders he is accused. First breach on Tuesday at the opening of the trial of the “Killer Essonne ” in the fragile defense Yoni Palm. “I have seen a succession of harassment and assault. And at some point in my life, I contacted some people who committed these crimes,” admitted the accused before the Assize Court Evry. “They offered me, I joined.” In question, four people were killed in cold blood at least one shot in the head, between November 2011 and April 2012, in a five-kilometer radius in the Essonne. The idea of ​​these four “accomplices”, which he refuses for fear of “set the blaze”, was first to “break the bones” of his attackers. But “we do not find them.” “A force not found people we wanted, plus my complaints are not successful, it ended in a delirium of this kind,” he says. . “In starting and making an atrocity”
President tries a summary: “You come to agree for you to attack people, first the perpetrators of injustice, and the first person comes, the important thing is whether in the Essonne? ” He nods. “I feel responsible today, because I have left to do (…) At least one, yeah, that’s my fault (…) After that, it went on a testicle.” His fingers clinging to the wooden wall that defines its box, on which he had first heard, slumped, President summarize the facts, he tries to stay on course to face civil party lawyers, who sometimes observed with dismay embroidery around its guideline, then contradict get excited, sighing, playing the insolent and eventually escape the pressing issues. Why Nathalie Davids, the first victim, found in a car shot several bullets? “I do not know.” How were chosen victims? “I do not know.” Why his DNA alone on common weapon in the four murders, found at home? “I have no answer.” A lawyer thundered: “Is what you get it is just the beginning credible explanation?”. He looks away, silent.
Another evokes a disturbing psychiatric examination ordered by the president after the investigation and received on the eve of the trial by the civil parties. “Having a strong temperament, I preferred to kill relieve myself and my problems,” explains Yoni Palm about the murder of Nathalie Davids. No doubt a key document, but that will not be detailed before the hearing of the psychiatrist in question, on 14 April. The accused had timidly started the day by saying, head in the shoulders, not to be “the author of the murders,” before to point to a more unstable and quarrelsome temper.
Anxious at to discuss his “absent father” and his “pretty good relationship” with his mother, he suddenly closes: “Our relationship between me and my family watching me, especially for my mother!” He then agrees to talk about his unique “girlfriend”, Valerie, a one-year relationship “a little shit,” interrupted because he had “tired of sex.” A homosexual relationship, too, with a neighbor: “Experience is everything, without it being something very deep and dirty –for be clear with you– that offends us and fuck us deeply.” Yoni Palm like alternate registers: one side clear thinking in developed vocabulary, another senseless and inaudible statements that leave speechless room. “When I say I do not want to talk, I will not speak!”, He says once the limit is reached.


Crash of the A320 – Compensation for victims who will pay and who will … – MetroNews

What price do we give to the life of a victim of a passenger plane crash? The question, as sordid as delicate, inevitably arises after the crash of the A320 Germanwings, which killed 150 people. While the time of mourning and the investigation just beginning, insurers airline announced Tuesday, a week just after the tragedy, having set aside $ 300 million, 279 million, to cover the likely applications for damages which they will have to answer (the sum includes the loss of the aircraft, which would be provided just over € 6 million). A rather broad provision, called to be corrected. Because it is a long procedure of compensation that looks for relatives of victims.

Who will pay?
The Montreal Convention of 1999, which sets the rules on aviation disaster, is very clear: the carrier is automatically responsible for the crash and injuries he caused. So are its more than 30 insurers, led by the German giant Allianz, which will bear the financial burden. And the bill looks salt: If the Montreal Convention provides for a maximum compensation of 143,000 euros per victim, this only holds if the airline demonstrates that it is not the cause of the disaster. The fact that the co-pilot of the A320 is caused by suicide does not relieve nothing: “Obviously, this is a major fault of the company, which is responsible for its employees,” explains lawyer Jean-Michel Bonzom specializing in transport and insurance.

How will be calculated the amount of compensation?
Two types of losses are taken into account. Economic, first: insurers will estimate the loss of earnings suffered by the spouse or children who were financially dependent on the deceased. The allocated amount varies depending on the profession or age of the latter. Moral damage concerns over world grandchildren, siblings or even uncles and cousins ​​(but slightly lower for amounts) may also make their suffering
But while the victims of the crash is 17. different nationalities, moral damage, which can account for 40 000-50 000 euros in France, is valued very differently from one country to another: Germany does not even recognize it. Everyone therefore may not be housed in the same boat. Note that in the case of the crash of the A320, another element should be taken into account: the fact that passengers are reported on the fatal waiting for them when the captain tried in vain back in the cockpit. “The minutes that have elapsed from the time they became aware of the crash constitute harm anguish that is transmitted to the beneficiaries,” said Jean-Michel Bozon.

Will there any trial?
“In almost every case, everything happens in through negotiations between insurers and families, “says MetroNews Stephane Gicquel, secretary general of the National Federation of victims of bombings and mass accidents. Airlines prefer indeed avoid bad publicity. The amounts allocated are then kept secret (we talked an average of € 1 million per victim in the case of Concorde crash). But in case of disagreement, the trial could be brought in many countries. The Germanwings A320 taking off from Barcelona to win Düsseldorf, families could indeed decide to attack Spain, Germany or in their country of residence (to do in France, they would need to have bought their ticket ).

Will the insurers reimburse the costs of research?
The French government has made great ways to locate the aircraft and conduct on-site investigation. But it should not be able to present the note to insurers. “This is part of the public service mission of the French state in case of accidents on its territory,” said Jean-Michel Bonzom. The lawyer, however, considers that “exceptional costs”, as the road created to access the site, could “possibly” be borne by Germanwings.

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Cécile Duflot meets Manuel Valls: “Your software is out of date” – The Obs

Cécile Duflot was quick to respond Manuel Valls. In an interview with “World”, the member Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV) laments that “asked the partners” Left “to align” and says the “Valls software is out of date.”

A live response to the condition set by the Prime Minister who believes that the return of government to environmentalists is subject to “the signing of a pact” with the PS.

While we pointed out to him that Manuel Valls does not intend to change course, the former housing minister replied:

Determination is a quality, but the stubbornness may be a fault. “

” Where are the results? “

” Today we do not ask the partners to come together but to line up, “said -t it.

According to Cécile Duflot , “historically, the right can be satisfied with a militarization around a strong man, but the left she, needs a unifying project. “

Manuel Valls Can not embody the rally She answers with a question:” Would the “

? The accentuation of inequalities, territorial and social as well as ecological crisis seem to be blind spots of his thought. He tense up, but where are the results? Its objectives, namely to reduce the National Front, improve score left and reduce unemployment, are not met today. Its software is out of date. “

” I do not believe in war left and I’m ready to rally, but I do not think nor modernity either to abdicate on each of the social benefits and have a conservative project, “she added.

The Member EELV view, however, Mélenchon” is wrong the fact to consider as a priority the fight between two left. “

” The rally is not decreed “

Asked about the causes of the defeat left the departmental Cecile Duflot argued that “a year after the slap of Municipal, the same policy was accelerated. It is again punished. “

Cape Town was chosen by the gouvervement and how to exercise authority are the two factors of this failure,” she said.

Presents Sunday in the plane of Tunis with François Hollande, Cécile Duflot says “that the discussion continues with the President of the Republic, the election which Environmentalists have contributed. I will never tire of trying to convince. Things are never static. And as an ecologist I know that we can not waste time. The climate conference at the end of the year is a historic opportunity to change the course of our societies. “

Asked by journalists on the formula” outdated software “when he arrived at the PS group in the Assembly, the first secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis said:

I think Cecile Duflot may be afraid that dialogue begins between the Socialist Party and environmentalists. I do not understand the statement “

To which Cécile span class =”>. “Duflot said on twitter:” Mr. Cambadélis is wrong … but I know that the rally is built on a project, it can not be decreed. “


Prostitution – Benbassa: “This law is an empty shell” – Le Point

The Senate, right since September, has significantly modified and adopted by 165 votes for and 44 against the text of the Socialist deputies voted in December 2013 to the National Assembly. The text originally proposed to repeal the offense of soliciting introduced by Nicolas Sarkozy and establish in consideration the criminalization of clients. The special Senate committee has done the opposite Monday night by reintegrating the offense of soliciting, yet highly criticized by the associations in the field, and rejecting the sanction of customers. For the environmentalist Senator Esther Benbassa, “it conjuring trick only around the problem, not solve it.” Maintenance

Point.fr. You who Advocate for years against the offense of soliciting and penalizing customers, you inspire changes to the draft law passed yesterday by the Senate

Esther Benbassa : I think that this text is very poorly designed. The problem is not to ideology or morals, but, as said Elisabeth Badinter, to “tackle organized evil”, these networks of pimps who put young women at risk. Or, keep the offense of soliciting is weakening further prostitutes. It’s simple, since Nicolas Sarkozy has restored the number of pimps tried has not increased. Not only the method has not been proven, but it is terrible for prostitutes. He just has to see what is happening abroad. The journal The Lancet notes in its January 2015 issue of these laws that penalize greatly increase the vulnerability of sex workers in the countries concerned. This is the case in Sweden, for example, where street prostitution has indeed declined, but where prostitution “chamber”, which happens today primarily through the Internet, increased from 700 to 6 000. In France, prostitutes “traditional” a certain age and do not use the Internet. The girls from the East, meanwhile, will be taken to other countries. Just like those practiced in Sweden increased in Denmark. Thus around the problem without solving it.

Make soliciting a crime he did not allow precisely to collect information on networks?

Absolutely not. I spent whole nights repression brigade to see how it was. The French, it does not affect them. The police often have known for years: they will not put them in custody. And foreign, they do not speak. They are simply afraid of reprisals.

Prostitutes “traditional” expressed their deep concern yesterday and associations largely denounced the text changes to their security. What needs to be more

I deeply regret that the Senate – and before him, the Assembly – has not been central to the debate all those women who are at the front chef. To hear the exchange yesterday, we are dealing with “Cosette” poor abused women, often raped as children … Let the speech of another time! Admittedly, women in prostitution in France today, in 2015, to have a job and feed their children. In working with some associations, I saw small provincial ladies who came into prostitution few days a week in the city to feed their kids. In the same way, we can not close our eyes to these students and students whose families have few resources and who engage in prostitution point to round their income, pay their room or buy a pair shoes.

The Minister of Social Affairs, Marisol Touraine, wanted us to believe yesterday that 97% of prostitutes in France owned by procuring networks. These numbers are completely tampered: Today, international agencies estimate between 14% and 27% the number of prostitutes in networks. Moreover, all foreign slaves are not pimps. Some, from Asia, South America or Africa, pay the travel expenses and then come to work on their own the Bois de Boulogne. After all, everyone has the right to dispose of his body as he pleases and the state should not intervene in the sexual privacy of citizens.

The text should start in the second to the Assembly. What can we expect from this second passage?

This folder is a sea serpent. The problem is that instead of giving real means to fight against pimping which is a very specific aspect of prostitution, it puts everything in one basket without addressing the underlying problem. Yesterday we passed an empty shell. After all, we are left to hope that it stays in closets. What may well be the case before the regional elections and pending presidential elections.


Prostitution: the Senate wants to punish prostitutes, not the clients – L’Express

The debate promised to be stormy. The Senate has removed the night of Monday to Tuesday penalizing customers and restored the offense of soliciting, strengths of the proposed legislation to strengthen the fight against prostitution. The sages adopted by 165 votes for and 44 against the deeply modified text of socialist deputies voted in December 2013 to the National Assembly.

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He originally planned to repeal the offense of soliciting introduced by Nicolas Sarkozy, and build in consideration the criminalization of clients. The special Senate committee has changed the situation by reinstating the offense of soliciting, though criticized by associations in the field, and dismissed the sanction of customers. It was followed by the senators in session.

“Our determination and confidence remain intact”

The text should start at second reading in the Assembly. In case of disagreement between the two chambers, the deputies who will have the last word. “The shuttle continues,” have pointed out the Socialist deputies Catherine Contello and Maud Olivier. “Our determination and confidence remain intact, our goal remains the same: to allow some 90% of prostitutes trafficked, the vast majority of women, to finally get out of this true modern slavery.”

189 senators, right, voted against the introduction of a contravention of 1,500 euros for customers of prostitutes, and 107, mostly left for. “The ban on purchase of sexual acts should be seen as an integral and necessary part of the fight against prostitution system,” said Laurence Cohen (CRC). Michelle Miller (PS), it was “clearly reaffirm the abolitionist position of France and allow to say concretely that no one is entitled to exploit the vulnerability and risk or have the body of another person to give it a sexual act with money. ”

But the chairman of the special committee Jean-Pierre Vial (UMP), “customer criminalization included more risks than benefits. It was therefore logical to restore the offense of soliciting.”

“The security forces must have the means to trace networks”

The offense of soliciting was reinstated by 162 senators, 142 UMP and 19 UDI-UC, while 161 voted against: 12 centrists, and members of the Socialist, CRC (Communist, Republican and citizen), RDSE (predominantly PRG) and environmentalist. For Esther Benbassa (environmentalist), the consequences of the offense of soliciting “are terrible for prostitutes.” “It is simply unthinkable to restore this crime that did, in twelve years, proof of its uselessness law enforcement networks and dangerousness against prostitutes.”

But for Jean-Pierre Vial, “The police must have the means to trace the networks.” Penalizing customers had the support of associations advocating the abolition of prostitution (Mouvement du Nid, Scelles Foundation, etc.). But prostitutes associations (Strass, Bus women, etc.) and others who are helping them (Act-up, Doctors of the World) fought him, fearing outbreaks prostitution further underground and more to the few customers thank you.

The bill also provides for strengthening the fight against trafficking in women, assistance to victims and the development of alternatives to prostitution, and a policy of prevention with youth.




The UMP will open its primary center – Europe1

Europe 1

Nicolas Sarkozy wants to open for the presidential primary in the center. © KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP
Europe 1

Nicolas Sarkozy and Jean-Christophe Lagarde were spotted together many times in the last weeks. Sunday night, just after the announcement of the results of the second round of the departmental elections, the former head of state did not hesitate to speak of “victory of the right and center.” This alliance with the centrists should materialize with the possibility of their open primary for the presidential election.

For the presidential election, the UMP will open its primary center


Lagarde would have accepted the idea Relatives of Nicolas Sarkozy in doubt. not a moment: the boss of IDU, Jean-Christophe Lagarde has accepted the principle of participation centrists to the primary of the UMP. Joined by Europe 1, the “boss” of the UDI refuses to confirm. According to him, it is the activists IDUs who will decide the next Congress.

In the organization of the election, which will nominate the candidate of the right and center for the presidential election, everything was done for the UDI can not refuse. For example, the number of referrals needed to attend this primer can be adjusted according to the party.

UDI at the head of three regions? In the ongoing discussions on the regional elections (the 6 and 13 December next, ed ) Nicolas Sarkozy demonstrated, again, benevolence towards centrists. UDI could thus lead three regions: Central, Upper and Lower Normandy, Burgundy and Franche-Comté. Nothing is final yet, but this privilege already annoys local barons of the UMP.

A political calculation? Primary open to centrists, it is naturally a good way for Nicolas Sarkozy to snatch a single candidate for president. By opening this primary, the candidate Bayrou solo would be tricky. Finally, a UDI candidate who would moderate line to the primary, it would also be a way to bite on the electorate of Alain Juppé …

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Isère: the principal revoked for life – Europe1

Europe 1

Primary School Villefontaine, in Isère, where a director is suspected of raping her graders © AFP
Europe 1

It will soon be struck off for life of Education. Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said Tuesday morning on the antenna of France Bleu Isère that revocation proceedings against the Director of the Primary School Villefontaine accused of rape and sexual assault several students committed. Teacher suspended since last Tuesday, should be revoked in the coming hours.

The services of the Ministry of Education invited by mail Tuesday the Academy of Grenoble using a section of the code of education to initiate this procedure against the school principal Villefontaine following his image holding child pornography conviction by a court in Lyon in 2008.

Article L 911-5 of the Education Code provides that “are unable to run a first-degree educational institution (….), or be employed in any capacity whatsoever, those who underwent a court conviction for a criminal offense contrary to probity and morals malfunction “”

The minister pointed several times in recent days. “His ministry and the Ministry of Justice began a joint administrative inspection, the first results are expected on April 30

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When Sarkozy and Cope écharpent on the future name of the UMP – The Obs

Two departments in three. Right after the triumph departmental elections, which marked the dismal failure of the PS. It was enough for Jean-Francois Cope, UMP deputy mayor of Meaux feel grow wings.

At the Politburo convened by the President of the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean -François Cope has put his foot in it, reports “The Opinion”

Is it really useful to change the name of the UMP after such a victory? We won with this brand.
– It is an innocent question, replica Nicolas Sarkozy
-. Yes, Nicolas is an innocent question.
– Well, I will tell you why Jean-François UMP will change its name: it is because I have to manage a judicial calendar you know well, “concluded the former head of state, lashing


For several months, Jean-Francois Cope does not hide his lack of enthusiasm changed the name of the right-wing party. This is yet a willingness to Nicolas Sarkozy, since “the brand [UMP] has was slightly damaged, “referring to the Bygmalion case after which Jean-Francois Cope had to resign from the presidency of the party.

UMP’s leaders have agreed on a time the name “The Gathering” finally dismissed by Nicolas Sarkozy, especially a sovereigntist party of the same name already exists. The president of the UMP would now be tempted by “Republicans” to attract Republicans and right center, scoring a separation line with the National Front (FN).

The official name of the party to be unveiled on 30 May. The number two of the UMP, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, is responsible to reflect on this, taking into account the requirements of Nicolas Sarkozy.

The schedule should also accelerate. “The Opinion” also reports that Nicolas Sarkozy has decided that the political bureau of the party will not meet every two weeks, but every week to finalize the terms of organization of the primary in 2016 and the statutes of the new party . Political power relations will also change to include more sarkozystes political office.



Monday, March 30, 2015

Nicolas Sarkozy: in force to 2017, after the county – 24matins.fr

Following the ample victory of his party, together with the UDI, departmental elections, Nicolas Sarkozy expanded its position before the primary in 2017, although its main rivals remain determined to block his path.

66 departments in the bag of the right and center to the left against 34 undergoing one of its most acute setbacks, zero for the National Front (which nevertheless accounts for 62 advisers Departmental against one in 2011): the UMP won “unprecedented victory” on Monday welcomed his spokesman, Sébastien Huyghe. “This is a membership vote our values” , added Gerald Darmanin, deputy general secretary of the election.

“I am aware that the road will be long, difficult “ and ” alternation is on, nothing will stop “, warned Sunday night the former head of state, which aims to win back the Elysee, even if he still has not declared his candidacy for the primary of his camp, in November 2016, unlike its two main competitors, Alain Juppé and François Fillon.

The terms of this primary should also be detailed by Mr Sarkozy himself during a press conference at the end of a political office on April 14, said a UMP source told AFP.

To achieve its goals, Sarkozy hopes to count on the new party that will create at the conference on May 31 and could be called “Republicans.”

According to its allies, it is the strategy adopted since his election as head of the movement, there are less than four months, which resulted in the victory of appeasement signals inside after two years of strong turbulence, alliance with the center, also advocated by Mr Juppé, virulent opposition to the socialist political and talking tough on integration.

Also, and perhaps especially for “It’s a matter of life or death for the UMP” by Mr Sarkozy, the attitude to FN, need “brutally attacking” , he . But Mr Sarkozy has always taken care to distinguish the National Front party of his voters, refusing to “judge” or “lecturing” .

Again, the strategy paid off since a large majority of votes in the first round FN were deferred to the second in the duels right / left on the pairs UMP / IDU. . Reserves voice that could prove crucial in a possible second round of presidential

On Sunday evening, the former head of state delivered a message in two directions: one on local, promising the French implementation in the departments earned by his side, their campaign pledge (Master taxes, fight against the assistantship …) “only way to restore credit public speaking. “

The message also wanted national in scope and concerns ultimately, 2017.

” We will strengthen the unity of our political family. The unit is my priority for several months. Without unity, nothing is possible in the future “, launched Mr. Sarkozy, stressing that the victory came back ” to all those who have chosen the collective “, referring including the alliance right / center martingale necessary to hope to win the primary, draining the electoral base of the mayor of Bordeaux, supposedly more popular than him in the center.

Monday late morning, he again met Jean-Christophe Lagarde, president of the UDI, welcoming the end of the meeting that the strategy of the UMP / IDU alliance was “acclaimed.” ” We will now work with the situation of the regional elections (in December), the second stage of alternating necessary “, warned Mr Lagarde.

Sarkozy now intends to ” speed the preparation of a republican project of alternation, strong, realistic project, a new and profoundly. “

The ambitions of the former president, whose name is mentioned in several court cases, however, will face the equally assertive, MM. Juppe and Fillon who each work on their own project.

For the entourage of the mayor of Bordeaux, who think I have a leg up on Mr Sarkozy in terms of alliance with the center, including the MoDem of François Bayrou reviled by the former tenant of the Elysee Palace, Sarkozy is “a competitor like the others.”

As for Mr. Fillon, who calls his project, the most advanced of the three, “radical” , he said Sunday night that the UMP was now “a very heavy responsibility” without mentioning Mr Sarkozy

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Germanwings: The six failures that led to the drama with … – Abidjan.net


 An aircraft in flight Germanwings Airbus 320 company of the German company Germanwings from Barcelona to Dusseldorf (West Germany) crashed on a mountain, over 700km an hour making 150 dead. The German daily Sunday, March 29, 2015 “BILD” reveals the content of exchanges recorded inside the cockpit between the pilot and Andreas Lubitz, German co-driver aged 27.

We hear passengers screaming and the last sounds from the black box. It is not a terrorist attack by a Muslim fundamentalist / fanatic / Islamist / Salafist. The author of the immoral and irrational criminal suicide is a young European, a German citizen, a native of digital Western civilization, rational, Cartesian, pragmatic, technical and scientific. The immorality and irrationality of the crash over Europe that shocks the world, wishes to co-pilot an Airbus 320 with a mind unhinged, a red line that should not be exceeded in the name of the precautionary principle and responsibility.

At 10:27, the pilot requested to prepare Lubitz landing in Düsseldorf. He responded “I hope we’ll see.” The pilot goes out to the toilet. A few minutes later, the plane began its descent. Andreas Lubitz locked the cockpit door after the momentary release of the captain, before triggering the descent of the aircraft above the mountains. While the passengers were screaming, minutes before the crash, the captain yelled “opens the damn door” Lubitz which precipitated aircraft Germanwings to the ground. The voice of the driver “for the love of God,” opens the door. “He tries to get into the cockpit in vain, trying to open the door with an ax, writes” BILD “.

eines Tages wird Jeder meinen Namen kennen (One day we shall know my name) once said the young German to her friend. She doubted her angst which leads to madness and his psychological fragility because it was plagued by nightmares. The personality of Andreas Lubitz hiding dark secrets of his life. He has always hidden from Germany and his employer’s five (5) evils nailed to the pillory his dream of one day becoming command, including

1 His mental condition;.
2. His panic attack;
3. Its psychological fragility;
4. découlement his retina ;.
5. The acceleration in loss of sight
It was a cover-up in full online co-pilot that was never to be the Airbus orders 320. Originally, crash was not the mechanical or technical unit from the Control Tower. Fatal errors declined in considerable flaws were made, namely:

1. The flaw of the personality of Andreas Lubitz
He was mentally disturbed. He suffered from depression since 2009. He was not a man of action because a man of action is cerebral and emotional. Argue that because of his illness, the world is unfair and hurts is a reflection of frustrated, selfish, jealous and loser. The man of action likes to fight. He draws in this fight his reason for living and hoping. The mobile e the action is the survival instinct of every strong man, sensible, intelligent and courageous. The failure was first announced by an internal weakening. Aggressive confrontation of the young German co-driver driving 149 passengers and crew members to death through suicide is absurd criminal rage powerless to control its destiny through deceit, concealment and duplication of his personality.

No man has grown by lowering the other and killing gratuitously, premeditated and deliberate. Lubitz was low because of any problem, it y’au at least one solution. The collective suicide was not the right solution to his illness, much less the new balance in his madness. It’s too easy to kill and to kill the innocent. One that eludes the action excuses. One that is dedicated to action, to find ways to get out forever. The irresolution is an impossible approach for a man of action who understands that life is made of non-antagonistic contradictions that make harmony, namely the day and night, man and woman, rain or shine time, marriage and divorce, health and illness, wealth and poverty, victory and defeat, ascent and descent, power and fall, white and black, the sun and the moon, the sea and the desert etc. The captain begged him to open the door for God’s sake. He was deaf to the invocation of the name of God Almighty and the Devil remained marble service who loves blood, violence and the death of 150 people.

2. The flaw authority of the captain
He did not know decode Lubitz response to its order. “Hopefully, we’ll see” is a response to double indiscipline and insubordination relaxing by a co-pilot to his captain. This sentence demonstrates that the pilot was not authoritarian respect to the co-pilot. Firmness is needed in the command, because if the rider hesitated, the horse escapes. The captain sin through complacency and inexperience of the personality of Lubitz. He was not able to recognize the changing circumstances in the cockpit and to act promptly, dealing landing itself of the A 320 in Düsseldorf, following terse response and rebellion “I hope we’ll see “the young German.

3. The flaw familial
The family is the foundation of a nation and the last stronghold of an individual. Andreas Lubitz family lived with his parents who knew too much and hard on his illness and its consequences. Why have they not made the behavioral approach method to determine the incompatibility between the illness of their son and his dream to continue to fly and become captain someday? Why have they not in a mental asylum? Why did not they helped their son against making a medical report in two different German or European psychiatrists for more information on its descent to hell and Lufthanza inform his employer of pernicious evil that gnawed it instead of hide the compassion or complicity?

4. The flaw in the neighborhood
In his entourage, everyone knew he was the victim of a depression in 2009. How often must surely know his family and its immediate vicinity. Why omerta prevailed to give the impression that Andreas Lubitz was a normal driver like the others? Why tongues are they untied not until after the crash on the young German behavior problems?

5. The fault of the medical
In Europe unveil patient confidentiality is punishable by law and by way of private law. After the diagnosis of his illness, medical care, support, treatment, it was not appropriate and responsible by the treating physician to inform the employer of sick leave due to the young pilot as cost-effective medical alert for this and preventative for the society of risk of complications and drift of his angst which leads to madness (Der Amork)?

6. The flaw in the business
Is it possible that the employer is not aware of the underlying causes of sick leave after his first depression? It is certain that no one in the company is aware of his illness and negative impacts on its line of co-pilot career? Lubitz he foresaw or been notified of a long-term unemployment? Is there was a flaw in the operation of the business Lubitz considered an injustice against him or sanction of merit and brilliance aviator 27 years? The aircraft is and will long be the safest means of transportation in the world. Avoid operating the anguish and despair in favor of the black series. It there’s two years, Jan Cocheret, Dutch driver 35 years of experience flying today to Emirates airline, a columnist for the airline website Luchtvaartniews (“Aviation News”), predicted the crash scenario Germanwings . Through his article criticizing the Cocheret cockpit security system introduced after September 11th. It was the inappropriate about it there’s a problem inside the cockpit. In his paper published in the journal Pilot in Vliegtuig (“pilot and plane”), he proposed the requirement for a crew member to enter the cockpit when the pilot comes out or the introduction of a second code emergency incident inside the cockpit.

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Right enjoys his success in departmental – FranceTV info

On Monday 30 March, Nicolas Sarkozy and Jean-Christophe Lagarde are displayed all with a smile. The president of the UMP and the UDI, allies in the departmental elections were acclaimed. Right now controls 66 departments out of 101. “They are friends, partners” , says Nicolas Sarkozy members of the IDU. The balance of power with the left is reversed. The Socialists lost several strongholds: Corrèze and the Essonne, fiefs Hollande and Manuel Valls, but also the North and the Bouches-du-Rhône “And where are they, the Socialists?” sang yesterday right-wing voters Oral Rhodaniens.

Right, Francois Fillon and Alain Juppé, rival Nicolas Sarkozy in 2017, mostly welcomed the victory of the Republican right. Former Prime Minister speaks of a “great success for the UMP” , while the mayor of Bordeaux evokes the “victory of a strategy (me) close to the heart” .

For the regional elections in December, the alliance UMP / IDU should be renewed.


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The left has perhaps not win the Lozère (or kept the Tarn-et … – The Express

The left, which welcomed Sunday a “historic success” in Lozere seemed a little less sure of herself Monday because of the unknown surrounding the two elected representatives of the canton of Chirac, who reiterated their were “neither right nor left.”

“The right has lost the department, we have not won yet,” noted with some despite Senator Mayor DVG Mende Alain Bertrand on the website of the Midi Libre . Sunday, Lozère was presented as the only department of metropolitan France have switched from right to left.

A close result

In the final tally, the right, which had hitherto always led the least populated region in France, won six cantons. The left has also won six districts. In the thirteenth division of the department, that of Chirac, UMP deputy Pierre Morel A Usher dropped.

But the winners of this decisive Township, Henry and Sophie Boyer Malige (54.76%) recalled that they had campaigned unlabeled and reaffirmed their “neither right nor Left “. However, the Interior Ministry has indeed classified as the binomial “other left.”

Disagreements about a possible regional president

In addition, despite a meeting Monday morning, the Socialists were unable to agree on the name the potential successor of the UMP Jean-Paul Pourquier at the head of the local executive.

The application of the leader of the United Left in this election, Sophie Pantel (DVG), elected in Saint-Etienne du Valdonnez (51.15%), was questioned by some of the PS who prefer another Pantel, Pantel Guylène (PS) elected her, Florac (60.97%) and no family relationship with its namesake. The result: Lozère socialist authorities have decided to organize a vote by members on Tuesday.

In the circumstances, John Paul Pourquier, one of the few bosses the right to have saved his seat, wants to believe in a potential turnaround. The outgoing president imagines take advantage of disunity on the left or the support of the Modem Bourgade Régine elected with the PS Suau Laurent Mende 1 (52.65%).

Similar situation in the Tarn-et-Garonne

45 years Chaired by Baylet family for 30 years by the boss of the PRG Jean-Michel Baylet, candidate to succeed him in that position, right and left are out of the second round with 14 seats each in the Tarn-et-Garonne. The fate of the majority depend Thursday of the attitude of the fifteenth elected binomial, which claims no label. It is classified various left by the Ministry of Interior, but the local UMP claims its support.

“There will be no UMP candidate” for president of the county council, said cryptically at the vanguard of the local right Brigitte Barèges, adding that “the Presidency shall vest in the we see as the best or better able to bear the change. ” In the general outgoing council, PS and PRG counted 22 of the 30 elected.




Presidency of the Essonne: the gamble of Georges Tron – Le Parisien

Florence Mereo | March 30, 2015, 5:08 p.m. | Update: March 30, 2015, 7:22 p.m.

A surprising twist in the context of the battle for the presidency of the Essonne department, which has switched to the right Sunday. Beat at the right internal vote on Monday, Georges Tron (UMP) announces maintain his bid for the election of the new head of the departmental proceeding on Thursday.

And this despite the outcome of the meeting of 28 new right-wing elected officials on Monday morning were predominantly (15 votes against 12, white) voted for François Durovray, UMP mayor of Montgeron elected in the canton of Vigneux.

“I am a candidate for the presidency door in the vote which will take place on Thursday,” says the former minister after his defeat yet officially recorded initially. Referred to the foundation for rape (he has appealed), released by his peers who preferred the mayor of Montgeron, Georges Tron does not make weapons. “I thought about it and I will not let go of Essonne extreme left to extreme right. “

The leader of the UMP elected to the general council denounced a coup

In the mouth, the term” far left “refers therefore to the presidency of Jérôme Guedj socialist figure of the left wing of the party. The “extreme right” concept refers her to the party of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Debout la France). François Durovray is close to the deputy mayor of Yerres (it was his first deputy until 2008 before leaving in Montgeron), but never joined his party.

George Tron, Standing France – which had led a fierce campaign in the canton of Draveil face former minister – has “the same political line as the FN.” “NDA after Jérôme Guedj (outgoing socialist president Ed) , no thank you,” said Georges Tron.

Reaction Eric Mehlhorn, outgoing leader of the UMP General Council which organized the internal vote this morning: “François Durovray is the candidate of the right gathered, he insists. The secret ballot was the best vector for democracy. Georges Tron, as Francis Durovray, agreed early on in principle. Voting is very clear. “In the evening, Eric Mehlhorn, denounced in a statement a real coup of the county councilor, mayor of Draveil.” “I understand that the man may have been disappointed with the result of the vote this morning, which is not after losing an election. Nevertheless, I can not accept that we are freeing of the rules we

 we collectively fixed. “


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Andreas Lubitz suicidal long before driver – BBC

According to the prosecution of Düsseldorf, he received psychotherapy successfully. But he always took antidepressants.

According to the Attorney General in Düsseldorf, Christophe Kumpa, the first officer of the Airbus A320 Germanwings had before to exercise his profession, manifested suicidal and received psychotherapy. The treatment was successful before Andreas Lubitz obtains his pilot’s license. In his last medical visits, which gave rise to judgments Medicare, the young man “showed no suicidal danger or aggression towards others.” The Communication prosecutors, “medical documentation makes no mention of organic disease.” University Clinic Düsseldorf sent Monday morning to justice the medical record of the co-pilot. It has a department for eye problems, and problems for Andreas Lubitz explain his last three consultations between February and March. The silence of the prosecutor seems to attest that these problems could have been psychosomatic or related to antidepressants. According to Bild, the companion of Andreas Lubitz, yet pregnant, had left shortly before the drama precisely because it took too many liberties with his treatment with antidepressants. What would have made irascible and unpredictable. Prosecutors in Duesseldorf further states that “it can not take part in speculation about the motives of the co-pilot, as it should stick to the facts. We have not heard, when the first research in the personal, family or professional environment of the driver of a solid index or a possible motive. “No letter announcing a project to crash a plane or claiming the crash was found to come.

When contacted by Bild Aunt copilot, Brigitte W., 79, regrets that his nephew had “decided to send his plane against the mountainsides. For the family, it’s hard to live with that. “She describes” a small-model son, who came to greet his grandparents when he put his plane in Munich. I never knew anything about his mental problems or his eye problems. When we had family celebrations, he was cheerful and never spoke of his work stress. “Yet Andreas Lubitz was indeed ill. As evidenced by the work stoppage from 16 to 29 March that he had torn.

The real nature of his health problems, apart from his psychological problems, is not yet known with certainty, in Because of confidentiality. The representative of the public prosecutor leading the investigation German side. Over a hundred investigators were mobilized in the special commission “Alps”. Their priority is to quickly access the DNA of German passengers in order to make possible the comparison with the debris collected at the scene. The police spokesman confirmed to Rheinische Post : “We look for hair or skin particles. Samples are sent to the Federal Criminal Police, which sends the genetic code to French investigators for comparison. “

Two guards guard the entrance of a building in the quaint subdivision Rath Düsseldorf. On the ground floor living Marianna, mother of the captain killed in the disaster. This septuagenarian does not want to be bothered by reporters. Before the building entrance is guarded, Marianna responded behind the door to special envoys from Europe and 1 English newspaper Daily Mirror . She spoke of her son, Patrick S., 34, who had realized his dream of being master mariner but had asked to be paid to employees Germanwings. Short-haul flights of low cost airline allowed him to see more of her two children, ages 3 and 6 years. “I lost my son, and all because of an idiot. I can not understand it. How could he? “Was still carried Marianna. Other guards also paid by Lufthansa, monitor housing access for family members.


A320 crash: investigators dissect the mystery Andreas Lubitz – Les Echos

French and Germans searched all aspects of professional life and personal Andreas Lubitz.

A week after the crash A320 with 150 people on board, investigators continue their mission: try to understand what led to the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crash the plane into a mountain in the Alps. French and Germans dissect every aspect of his professional and personal life and trying to determine what he had in mind before and during the fateful flight. A blows almost daily revelations in the German media began to draw the image of a confused man.

Mental Health Disorders

So far, we know that Andrea Lubitz suffering from psychological problems sufficiently serious to require medication, probably for many years. On Monday, German prosecutors revealed that Andreas Lubitz was monitored for suicidal in the past, that is to say, before obtaining his pilot’s license. And after that “until recently, other physician visits took place, resulting in sickness absence but not certified are suicidal or aggressive towards others,” said added the floor

According to the newspaper, antidepressants have been found in his apartment and several orders, one was thrown in the trash. Was also found a work stoppage for the relevant day, 24 March.

Germanwings said he was never aware of medical documents Andreas Lubitz. According to German law, an employer can not have access to medical records of its employees and sick leave never give information on the health of the employee.

Medical confidentiality in question in Germany

Germany questions easing of medical secrecy for so-called risky trades after the revelations and rumors about the health of the co-pilot Germanwings. Many politicians, like Dirk Fischer, an expert on transportation issues within the Conservative party of Angela Merkel (CDU), demanded that pilots, as well as other sensitive professions, “only consult doctors to them nominated by their employers. ” These practitioners “should be released from their obligation to secrecy in communication with the employer and the civil aviation authorities.”
MP Thomas Jarzombek, also from the ranks of the CDU, requested creation of a commission of experts to study how to be supported disease of those people who, in their work, undertake the health or lives of others.
But the solution is not so simple, as noted in an editorial for the daily Die Welt “Pilots also have the right (…) to have an open discussion with a physician without fear that their employer is kept informed.”
The rules of the German Medical Association are clear on the matter: “physicians should remain silent on what is entrusted to them or what they learn in the course of their medical practice.” The betrayal of the secret, which remains valid after the death of the patient and is enforceable against members of his own family, is punishable by imprisonment and a fine.
Is already There are exceptions to this secret, especially when it comes to avoiding “particularly serious crime” or to prevent the risk of endangering the safety of others.

view Problems?

The prosecution has denied weekend reports that Andreas Lubitz had vision problems. The documents seized can not yet give clues about “organic diseases.” This is also, according to the prosecutor for an alleged retinal detachment copilot, the press reported.

A “normal” life …

Since the age of 14, the young man dreamed of becoming a pilot . For his knowledge and his colleagues Andreas Lubitz was an accomplished professional, a copilot who roamed Europe for Germanwings, a loyal son who spent much time in his hometown of Montabaur with his parents as well as its Dusseldorf apartment. In recent weeks, he had bought two new cars, according to German media, probably one for him and one for his girlfriend.

Behind the apparent normality of this great sporting than 28 years nonetheless hid a fragile mental state. According to Die Welt, which reports the words of one senior investigator, handwriting analysis Andreas Lubitz revealed a man plunged into the dark world of the disease that still managed to conceal her condition on the outside.

… and complicated

His personal life also seemed complicated. There has been in recent days several anonymous testimonies collected by the German newspapers. Including Saturday Bild published an interview with a stewardess, former girlfriend Andreas Lubitz. The latter, speaking under a false name, told Andreas Lubitz was unstable, he was screaming at night and he complained bitterly about the way he was treated at work. It would have assured him that one day he would do “something that would change the whole system and then the whole world will know my name will be remembered.”

In its Sunday edition, the same newspaper reported that his girlfriend, who teaches mathematics and English at a state school in North Rhine Westphalia, was pregnant. Friday, people close to the investigation said they had interviewed the woman who, according to them, shared her life with Andreas Lubitz for years and even shared the day of the accident. This woman has not been formally identified.


Andreas Lubitz has he acted on impulse when he would have found himself alone in the cockpit or would he planned everything in advance and waited for the right opportunity to take action? Nothing in his apartment and his house, neither notes nor indication, lets not think he would have premeditated his actions, says the prosecutor.


Crash A320 Andreas Lubitz had been treated for trends … – Les Echos

While in the French Alps, the search for debris from the A320 Germanwings, which crashed last Tuesday continues, investigators are trying to understand what led the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz to crash the plane into a mountain, with 150 people on board. A difficult task for the French and the Germans must detail all aspects of professional life and personal Andreas Lubitz and try to determine what he had in mind before and during the fateful flight.

On Monday afternoon, the German prosecutor made a point about his latest research. Andreas Lubitz had been treated for suicidal tendencies there several years “before obtaining his pilot’s license,” but no longer was at the time the accident flight, he said. The latest medical consultations “were not attested suicidal or aggressive towards others regard” recently, said the prosecutor Düsseldorf, Ralf Herrenbrück.


Nicolas Sarkozy, the new champion of the center-right alliance – Le Point

“Good win.” These two words, this Sunday night at 238 rue de Vaugirard, have been rehashed a thousand times. A week earlier, putting his hand over her mouth as not to be caught in pessimism and run, some tenors UMPistes murmured their fear that their party will win a quarantine departments. So, between 66 and 70 departments moved to the right, this is a result that should be welcomed, admired, drummed up tired.

No more doubt. “Anyway, Nicolas never doubted,” deals a Pierre Charon filled with admiration. Cooped up with his close and extended custody on the 10th floor of the UMP before the announcement of the final results, the boss likes to make fun of some worried the air – “? There has been bad news in your family” – Tries to hide his feelings when finally pollsters announce him by telephone early estimates. In short, “the boss”, still angry a few weeks earlier, this March 29, found the going and playful attitude of good days.

The French have overwhelmingly rejected the policy of Holland

And because “tonight, he took at once all that has since lost 98!” enthuses Senator of Paris. “Even the lower range of results was our top dream,” regales his side Frédéric Péchenard, Director General of the UMP. What to pass to Nicolas Sarkozy’s sobriety start of last week.

“The Republican right and center have clearly won the county elections,” he began. Before igniting “This victory is primarily the result of the campaign for months by our candidates [...], but this goes far beyond local considerations, the French overwhelmingly rejected Policy François Hollande and his government, the disavowal with regard to absolutely no appeal. ” Typing shortcuts on the left arm, a classic from the former president. Arise herald of the center-right alliance, the approach is rather more daring.

While the former tenant Elysian welcomed throughout his campaign alliance with UDI; Although it held, in between the two towers, a joint meeting with the president of center-right party, Jean-Christophe Lagarde; Certainly, his relatives assure that “it has always been in favor of the alliance of right and center,” but beyond strategy and political maneuvering remain fundamental differences.

François Fillon UMP

By positioning, for example, against the substitute meals in school canteens, or claiming to embody an offensive right, Nicolas Sarkozy is it in the best position tooth and nail to defend an alliance of the right and center? Hearing Laurent Wauquiez analyze that “martingale chosen by Sarko of the failure to compromise with the FN while being very hard on our values ​​provides a right that is not a warm water net”, it is questionable. “An electoral alliance does not mean fading ideas, retorts an employee of the employer. The fact of fighting between the two rounds FN lets say the strongest things. I have not understood that the issue was the question of focus. “

On the side of his opponents, laugh yellow. While in the entourage of François Fillon, some mock “a catch-all strategy”, others fear that Nicolas Sarkozy appear new champion of the UMP-UDI alliance. Straw! The arrival of François Fillon to 20 h 45 at the UMP headquarters is it evidence of some excitement? “It’s not the house of François Fillon, the UMP?” irritated one of his employees. “The idea that there is one side against the other, it’s over, and that great leaders take ownership of the seat, that is very good news for everyone, Sarkozy promises. And then … It is Palm Sunday. ” Does it mean that Francois Fillon has come cheer the god Sarkozy shaking palms?

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Loir-et-Cher: Find the results of the second round – FranceTV info

In the Loir-et-Cher, the county council remains right, with 11 cantons against four to the left. All details in our interactive map

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