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Crash A320: a drama, revelations, questions – BBC

VIDEO / GRAPHICS – Tuesday, a plane crash in the French Alps Germanwings took away the lives of 150 passengers. After five days of successive revelations, Le Figaro reported on the evidence gathered over the week and the issues that remain unresolved.


• An A320 crashed in the French Alps

The news rather quiet Tuesday morning suddenly transformed at 11:30 an Airbus A320 of the company Germanwings, which was to liaise Barcelona-Düsseldorf, crashed in the area of ​​Barcelonnette in the Alpes de Hautes Provence. The plane disappeared from radar screens at about 10:30. It was carrying 150 .

A half hour later, Hollande speaks briefly from the Elysee and confirms that the violence of the crash leaves little hope for victims . “The conditions of the accident are not yet clear, suggests that there would be no survivors ,” says the president. The area is very difficult to access. Less than an hour later, the Minister of Transport, on site, confirmed that all the passengers perished

“GRAPHICS -. The worst air disaster in France since the Concorde

• troubling crash Conditions

The conditions of the accident have many questions. We quickly learned that the weather was optimal. After reaching cruising altitude to 10:27, the aircraft suddenly lost altitude at 10:31, very rapidly from about 10,000 km to 6000 km altitude in five minutes before striking the ground after eight minutes drop (see infographic at the end of this article) . Although a fast but steady descent, which excludes a stall. The initial announcement of a distress call turns out wrong way: plane did not send any message to air traffic controllers in the minutes before the crash . “This is the air traffic control has decided to declare the aircraft in distress because he had no contact with the crew and the aircraft,” said the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. First aid at the scene also indicate that the unit is completely disintegrated

“Crash of the A320.” The terrorist hypothesis is not privileged “

• A very difficult job for relief

balance sheet crash is gradually accurate, even if it is impossible to establish prior analyzes bodies found: 67 Germans would be among the victims, including 16 students returning from a school trip and two opera singers, and 51 Spanish passengers. Other nationalities were subsequently confirmed: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Morocco and the Netherlands. The on-site is difficult: it is made by air, the rescuers and the indices being airlifted. By late afternoon on Tuesday, the Interior Minister, however, announced that one of the two black boxes was found and must be transferred to Paris.

“The identification body after a crash, a process codified


• The data in a usable black box

On Wednesday morning, a source close to the investigation told AFP that the black box found is that records cockpit sounds (CVR for “cockpit voice recorder”) and is damaged. The recorder arrived in Paris in mid-morning and began its operations in stride. A few hours later, the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) announced that it managed to recover usable data .

“the first black box data is” usable “

Advanced • No explanation

This advertisement does not yet extinguished assumptions. “We are not able to have any explanation or interpretation of the reasons that have led the plane to go down,” says the director of BEA. Investigators hope like using parallel voice and flight data – the RVF for “flight data recorder”. The same day, the “envelope” of the second black box is found, but not the black box itself.

The BEA & # XE9 diffuse; the photo of the flight recorder retrouv XE9 & #; on the site crash this bo & # xed;. black te & # XE9; t & # xe9; damaged & # XE9 e but given & # XE9; es they contain could & # XEA; be feat & # XE9;. es

The BEA released the photo of the flight recorder recovered at the crash site. The black box was damaged but the data they contain could be exploited Photo credit:.


• The revelations of the New York Times

While the BEA has denied any clarification on the nature of trade recorded by the black box and any specific hypothesis, the daily New York Times reveals in the night information giving a new look to the crash, one of the two pilots of the A320 got stuck outside the cockpit shortly before the crash. “You can hear that he is trying to break the door,” said the newspaper a military official close to the investigation. A release later confirmed to AFP by a source close to the investigation.

“One of the drivers stuck out of the cockpit during the fall

• Track Suicide

Since 2001, a system & # XE8; me opening s & # XE9; curis & # XE9, the door allows & # xE0; a person pr & # XE9; feel in the cockpit of emp & # xea; its opening price.

Since 2001, a secure door opening system allows a person in the cockpit to prevent opening Photo credit:.

At a press conference, the prosecutor of Marseilles, Brice Robin, confirmed that only one of the two pilots at the controls: this is the first officer, who refused to momentarily open the door to the captain left the cockpit and operated the controls activating the descent of the unit. Behavior that “can be analyzed as a will to destroy the plane ” because “he had no reason to prevent the captain to return to the cockpit ‘, since’ we hear her breathing.

“Seyne-les-Alpes shocked after the announcement of a possible suicide driver

Evoked among others before, suicide becomes the track more plausible. The safe operation of cockpit doors since the attacks of 11 September 2001 supports this thesis: only a deliberate action of the driver can explain that the captain was not able to enter the cockpit. According to the Bild , the captain would have even tried to break the door using an ax, present in all planes

“COMPUTER GRAPHICS. – Secure access cockpits in question

• Debate on safety cockpit

These revelations led to many questions about the security surrounding the cockpit and possible measures to take on this. FOR many companies quickly demanded the presence of two people in the cockpit permanently. Other issues, particularly surrounding the emergency code, are under consideration.

“A quiet crisis meeting of the French safety authorities

Brice Robin also affirmed that victims have included the “at the last moment” disaster. Panic cries come at the very end of the recording of the black box.

• The identity of the co-pilot unveiled

 Andreas Lubitz had XE9 & #; t & # XE9; & # XE9 engaged; Germanwings in 2013.

Andreas Lubitz was hired by Germanwings in 2013 Photo credits:

The prosecutor released the names of the co-pilot . Earlier, Lufthansa had indicated he was hired in 2013 by Germanwings and that totaled 630 hours of flight. Aged 27, a German national, passionate airplane, Andreas Lubitz is “not listed as a terrorist,” said the prosecutor of Marseilles. At a press conference, the director of Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr, said Andreas Lubitz began his training in 2008, before stopping for a period of “several months.” Of those interviewed by several German media and presented as close to the driver evoke a burn out.

“Who was Andreas Lubitz, the first officer that caused the crash of the A320?

“Crash A320: previous theft suicides

• The collection of families

The victims arrived at the drama of the scene to meditate. The families of the crew of the aircraft traveled to Seyne-les-Alpes and those of passengers Vernet, a few kilometers. Relatives of passengers were collected in the chapel in which François Hollande, Merkel and Rajoy had done the same the day before the flags of their countries, facing the mountain on which the A320 Germanwings has crushed. A stele was erected three languages ​​

“Crash of the A320. The spirit of solidarity of the inhabitants


• Revelations on depression

New critical information, this time in the German daily Bild : the young man have suffered a “heavy depressive episode” in 2009. He would have been a psychiatric treatment for a total duration of eighteen months. Since then, the young man was being treated “special and regular medical”

“Crash of the A320. Andreas Lubitz would have suffered from severe depression

” In Germany the press questioned Andreas Lubitz, the “amok pilot”

• A work stoppage for the day of the flight

The raid by Investigators at the home of co-pilot Andreas Lubitz reveal never should be on board an airplane on the day of the crash. It was indeed within the scope of a work stoppage. Several stops disease “detailed” and “torn” were discovered. We did not know Saturday the nature of the disease that caused a shutdown. The daily Tagesspiegel also revealed that the first officer had visited a clinic. The clinic has confirmed two passing Andreas Lubitz within its walls but not for “depression”.

• A complaint of pilots union

The revelations which are linked not to the taste of the National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL). The organization decided to file a complaint against X for violation of professional secrecy, following disclosure by the New York Times information about the black box obtained from an investigator. “Pilots agree to be stored on their work to advance flight safety. But it is unacceptable to throw these pasture conversations in the press. It’s a lack of respect for the judicial process and especially for families “, denounced the vice president of the SNPL.

” The pilots’ union complaint after leaks in the New York Times


• The testimony of ex-girlfriend

Maria W., a stewardess 26 years presented by Bild as a former girlfriend Andreas Lubitz, says that when she heard about the crash, phrase copilot he is “back in memory:” One day, I’ll do something that will change the whole system, and everybody know my name and remember it. ‘” The young woman is convinced that if Andreas Lubitz “did it”, “it is because he understood that because of his health problems, his great dream of a job at Lufthansa, as captain and as longhaul driver was practically impossible. “

” Andreas Lubitz wanted “everyone” knows his name

• The likely crash zone known driver

troubling finding: Andreas Lubitz knew the area where the plane he was piloting crashed. The members of the aviation his hometown club, Montabaur, where he led the state: avid glider pilot had participated, as many Germans, internships club Sisteron, a few Instead kilometers from the point of impact. The latter would it have been anticipated? “I do not think he deliberately chose this place,” believes Dieter Wagner, Montabaur club driver that confirms the presence of co-pilot in an internship in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. “How could he know that the captain was going out of the cockpit at that time? It’s too coincidental, “said he felt the microphone of France 2.

• Andreas Lubritz suffering from vision problems

According to information from the German judicial record, sent to French investigators, Andreas Lubitz suffering from a very strong visual, suceptible to worsen. Degradation of view which was likely to burden his professional future.

French senior source, his sight was already down about 30%. Investigators do not exclude that this deficiency is one of the causes of depression in which he was for several years. Lubitz, who aspired to move from Germanwings to Lufthansa, the parent company of low-cost, would never have been able to achieve this transfer with such a handicap.

According to the New York Times , the hospital in which the pilot went for tests has a clinic in the view. Requested by the newspaper, the hospital, run by medical confidentiality, declined to respond to that information.

• Other assumptions studied always

The “personality” of the co-pilot is “a serious track,” “but not the only,” says a French investigator, General Jean-Pierre Michel. “We provide a number of elements that we move forward in this track, which is presented as a serious track, but that can not only be the only,” said the investigator, citing the hypothesis an “involuntary error or technical failure.” He added that at this stage of the investigation, there was still “no particular element” in the life of the co-pilot as a breakup or a professional problem, which could explain a voluntary gesture to destroy aircraft.


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