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In the first round in the Tarn, Sunday, March 22.

The second round of departmental elections, Sunday, March 29, confirmed, and he seems amplified, the results of the first round: a comeback from right UMP-UDI, dry defeat of the Socialist Party and the National Front a breakthrough without the conquest of the departments he was ambitious to win is assured. According four institutes polls, abstention would be in a range between 49.8% and 51%. This is equivalent to the participation of the first round (49.83%), but significantly higher than the one found in the local elections of 2011, where abstention reached 55.29%.

While awaiting more details on the results department by department, according to an estimate of the institute IPSOS, the right chair between 64 and 70 departments in the left does retain between 30 and 37. According to CSA The left would win 27-31 allied departments and right in the center of 66-70.

Also, according to preliminary estimates, comes with the usual caveats from a source to the PS, the UMP would find himself at the head of 68 “minimum” departments, which would draw, as outlined in the evening of the first round, a blue horizon departments of France and confirm the clear victory for the right. PS, which would retain only 25 to 27 departments, according to the same source, so cash a serious defeat, not surprisingly. As for FN, it would be at a high level in the Vaucluse department in which he had the best chance of winning, even if the losses in Avignon and Cavaillon 3 seemed to make the difficult victory.

“Net win”

The line has little quick to welcome the second round. “The test was changed” welcomes the spokesman of the UMP, Sébastien Huyghe. “This is a great blue wave since it took over thirty departments. For our constituents, there is hope. For the French, the UMP is the only bulwark against the FN, “ judge North MP. “This is a clear victory because it was nearly ten points ahead of the PS” adds Gerald Darmanin, in charge of elections in the UMP. “As Manuel Valls had clearly not understood the message last Sunday, voters decided to make him understand the second round,” says the mayor of Tourcoing (North). “After the defeat of the left, I do not want to believe that François Hollande continues like this, and does not change policy line, or Prime Minister,” he said.

Mr Huyghe, this success validates the line “all right” followed by the party president. “This shows that the gathering strategy of Nicolas Sarkozy and his willingness to talk about topics of interest to the French, without taboos, was correct. “ Mr Darmanin puts stressing that this success provides nothing for 2017: ” We have not yet won the presidential election because only two voters voted and popular places, the FN made a big score so that electorate does not make us more confidence. It has yet to regain. “ Frédéric Péchenard, Director General of the UMP, ” even the lower range, hold 68 departments, was our top dream. This will be a great victory for the UMP and a net loss for the PS “ estimated that close to the former head of state, who sees this as ” a collective victory but the victory Nicolas Sarkozy and the UMP “

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Solferino, the mines, much more severe than the first round, did not deceive the magnitude of the rout. “We’ll save a defeat that he would not be minimized,” says David Assouline, Senator of Paris. While last week, the Socialists were delighted – too quickly – to have limited the damage, the second round marks the loss of many bastions. “Do not be in denial, when you lose the pillars of socialism as the North, Bouches-du-Rhône, Isère, we can not say it’s good,” loose a party official. Jean-Christophe Cambadélis in the evening should appeal to the union of left forces. The first secretary of the PS will meet the staff of environmentalists on Monday. The Communists have also accepted the idea of ​​a summit meeting.

The boss knows that the PS left the party will put pressure on him in the coming days, while the conference deadline approaches . Slingers were also came in numbers to the meeting of the national office of the PS, which was held from 18 h 30 to Solferino. “I’m in a bad mood, I voted right,” dropped arriving Emmanuel Maurel, head of the left wing of the Socialist Party, which had a FN-UMP duel in his township Val-d’Oise. These elected officials gathered in the collective “Long live the Left”, will launch in the evening a call to ask for “a gathering of the contract of any left,” with a shift in economic policy in particular. “A change nothing, we might underestimate the political shock of the county,” says Christian Paul, the deputy of the Nièvre. The battle of the post-county has already begun on the left.

Quiet atmosphere

Since Sunday, March 22, Prime Minister following the election night in his office Matignon with several ministers and secretaries of state. And like last Sunday, Manuel Valls normally speak quickly after 20 hours. Not sure that the communication of denial, this time enough to withstand the shock.

As for the far right, the frames were invisible end of the day Sunday at the headquarters of the FN. “We have no rise departments,” invariably announced crossed leaders Square, the seat of the far-right party in Nanterre. No frontist would venture to comment on the first ballot outputs. No question of grilling politeness to their president before his televised intervention within 20 h 25. The atmosphere was very quiet in the great hall on the ground floor of the building where many journalists crowded into the waiting results.

Marine Le Pen, arrival around 18: 30 pm rushed into his office to prepare, especially with Florian Philippot, number 2 of the party, his speech. Jean-Marie Le Pen, he made the trip in Provence, home of her daughter Marion Marshal Le Pen. This department is one of the FN targets. The candidates of the extreme right party have even learned to Sunday afternoon, in an article by Mediapart, the Head of the Vaucluse UDI supported the dam to the left. A rally that surprised even in the entourage of the member of Vaucluse.


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