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On the right, Sarkozy harvest the laurels – Liberation

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Announced by all forecasters, the blue wave has indeed swept Sunday on France departments. Sarkozy saw “immense” True, it looks great. The right to the left takes almost half of the departments she ruled. “ never a majority in place had lost so many departments,” savored Sunday night the former head of state. According to him, the “final repudiation” punishes the “lying, denial and powerlessness.” Very presidential, Sarkozy concluded his televised speech a very solemn “alternation is on, nothing will stop it.” It sounded like a nomination for 2017.

Superlatives . With its allies in the UDI, the UMP chair between 65 and 69 county councils on 101. overwhelming dominance that justifies superlatives. Officially, the right claimed that a sixty presidencies would be a great success for reversing the balance of power, very favorable to the left from the cantonal 2011. But really, Nicolas Sarkozy’s party could hope to do better again. Faced with an exploded and left overwhelmingly rejected, experts held to be a truly historic raid, surpassing the record set by the right in 1992 with 76 departments.

“A victory rally” the sarkozystes exult. And consequently a Sarkozy victory himself, who spent his entire campaign to celebrate the rediscovered unity of the family. His entourage did he not suggested last month that “Rally” could be the name of the new party he wants to celebrate the birth with great fanfare on May 30th? The project would be abandoned. But it is indicative of the strategy of Nicolas Sarkozy. He is desperate to install the idea that the right, thanks to him, finished with the miserable quarrels that have torn between 2012 and 2014. Four months after his return, so this victory would reward his leadership skills peacemaker.

increment. By dint of being hammered, that vision has come to settle. Apart from a few embittered, nobody has the bad taste to point out that the victory in municipal 2014 – described as “blue tsunami” to a BBC – n was not less spectacular. The head of the UMP then, Jean-Francois Cope, had also welcomed the fulfillment of a long- “reconstruction work” launched since its disputed election in November 2012. He claimed also have “ restarted the UMP machine.”

By placing the right way ahead of the departmental elections, voters have rewarded the work of the president of the UMP? This analysis is obviously not that of Nicolas Sarkozy to the primary competitor for 2017. From 20 hours, Bruno Le Maire paid tribute to the victorious candidates, particularly his lieutenant Sebastian Lecornu elected in Eure with over 70% of the votes. But he said that success of the right and the center-right should be understood first of “the expression of a total ras-le-bowl” , which does not justify any “triumphalism “. François Fillon, he took the trouble to move rue de Vaugirard, at the headquarters of the UMP, to greet the “great victory for the right.” is an initiative that has unleashed on social networks fury of ultrasarkozystes exasperated that Fillon persists in failing to recognize that the former president was taxed, March 29, as the only possible candidate for 2017 .

The mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé, has also attracted criticism for him saluted a “victory of the alliance strategy UMP-UDI-Modem” . Implicit critique of identity-upmanship and obsessive denunciation of Muslim communalism dear to Sarkozy.

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