Monday, March 30, 2015

Sarkozy appropriates the victory of the UMP – The World

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Nicolas Sarkozy at the headquarters of the UMP, Sunday, March 29th.

The right has transformed the test. After arriving ahead of the first round, the UMP, combined with the UDI, was released largely victorious from the second round of the departmental elections, Sunday, March 29. She managed to reverse the balance of power with the left, repeating it 28 departments, which allows it to control now in 67 of 101. Given two out of three. Blue Wave is real: in a poll, the right has taken over all the territory it had lost since the cantonal 1998. “Never, in the V th Republic, our family policy had won so many departments, “ welcomed Nicolas Sarkozy, a seeing it as” final repudiation “ for the government.

sign of the magnitude of the victory: the right has managed to conquer the historical bastions of the left she thought impregnable, such as North and Seine-Maritime; Côtes d’Armor, the PS ruled for thirty-nine, or Bouches-du-Rhône, socialists since 1953. Two symbolic booty Adding luster to its success: Corrèze, chosen land President François Hollande and Essonne, home of the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls. Other land left fell into the hands of the UMP-UDI block: Isère, Deux-Sevres, Charente, Cher, Indre-et-Loire, Pyrenees-Atlantiques or Allier, one of the two latter departments run by the Communist Party.

The former head of state did not fail to present this achievement as the forerunner of a victory of his camp in 2017. “These results …


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