Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nicolas Sarkozy in search of the electorate – The World

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Nicolas Sarkozy visits the factory bolts Beck Crespel at Armentieres, accompanied by the Director General Kaine Charbonnier-Beck on 25 March 2015.

” Change begins with the county elections! “ A four-day second round, Nicolas Sarkozy visited the North, Wednesday, March 25, to enhance the mobilization of his party. The department was not chosen by chance: it symbolizes the defeat of the left in the first round. In its historic bastions, the PS has already lost Sunday 27 cantons 41. “In some places, the left is no longer present in the second round and leaves the right duel with FN: never before seen! “, is astonished Marc-Philippe Daubresse, MP North UMP.

The UMP-UDI block has qualified in 28 cantons, against 37 for the FN. The battle for the presidency will be decided exclusively between the right and the extreme right. “C is a historic opportunity that this department is no longer led by the PS and exchange majority” , Sarkozy stressed Wednesday in the output of a tour of the factory bolts Beck Crespel at Armentieres. This first factory visit since he made his return to politics is supposed to, according to his entourage, “symbolize the return of Mr. Sarkozy to the working world.”

He who seeks to regain the electorate has one priority: to contain the rise of the FN for …


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