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Crash A320: what do we know about the black boxes? – Europe1

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They contain all the information necessary to understand the circumstances of the crash. The black boxes of the A320 that crashed Tuesday morning are logically at the heart of the investigation conducted by the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA), responsible for technical investigations during aircraft accidents. Its director, Rémi Jouty, said Wednesday that investigators had been able to extract usable data from the black box found in the wreckage of the plane of Germanwings company. Europe 1 summarizes what is known about these black boxes.

The data from the black box “usable”. The first black box is found usable. “We have just successfully extract usable data from the CVR,” said the director of the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA), Remi Jouty. The “Cockpit Voice Recorder” is one of the two black boxes, which records all the sounds of the cockpit and allows you to hear the conversations between the captain and the pilot, but also all the sounds and heard ads in the cockpit, or alarms that could possibly sound.

Despite some difficulties, the BEA “managed to extract a usable audio file”. “We know that it is on this flight there,” said Rémi Jouty only. At this point, investigators only “able to verify that the recording was of normal hours and contained flight sounds.”

black boxes soon deployable in Airbus?


… But no explanation for the time. The director of BEA however, was not able to give more details on the contents of the TRC. “It is far too early to draw any conclusions about the reasons of the crash,” insisted Rémi Jouty.

BEA Investigators will now begin to “a detailed work to understand and interpret the Once the sounds and voices that can be heard on the audio file, “he added. The task of the BEA will initially “work (…) understanding of sounds, alarms, voice, voice allocation to different people,” detailed Rémi Jouty.

Reliable answers in “several months” . The analysis of the black box is, moreover, by step, explained the specialist. “We usually within a few days together a first approximation, but usually contains errors that need to come back once you refine understanding of the flight, to get to a transcript of which we are convinced that it reflects as closely as possible what happened aboard the cockpit. And this is for once a job that takes several weeks or months. “

No case closed . “At this stage it is no assumption farm” insisted Rémi Jouty. The director of the BEA was only able to say that Airbus’ flew to the end “, followed by radar and thus did not explode in flight, as indicated by the configuration of the debris, consistent with an impact of the whole apparatus.

The second still sought black box. At present, the other objective of the police is to find the second black box, which contains the flight data and technical information of the aircraft, registered to impact. Contrary to rumors, it has not yet been found. Hollande, however, announced Wednesday afternoon that his “envelope” had been “found” but “not the black box itself.” Information that the Director of BEA has not confirmed, repeating that she had “not been located.”

This is by crossing these data with the content of the conversations that experts can try explain why the Airbus A320 has a long descent and why the crew did not send a distress signal

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