Thursday, March 26, 2015

Crash of the A320 in the Alps who was on board? – TF1

No list has yet been provided. But hours after the crash of flight 4U9525 Germanwings Tuesday morning first information emerged about the identity of the people who were on board. There were 144 passengers and 6 crew members (60 women, 82 men and two babies) to have taken place in the Airbus A320 that would link Barcelona to Düsseldorf. The Spain and Germany are the most affected by the disaster countries.

The Spanish authorities covered 50 the number of Spanish victims after initially announced that 45 and at least 49 passengers were wearing Spanish-sounding names. “There are 50 victims of Spanish nationality and a victim who lived in Spain for over 20 years,” said Thursday the Spanish Secretary of State for Security Francisco Martinez. The latter was identified as Spanish by his family but did not officially holds the nationality. “Many went to Germany for professional reasons,” as many exchanges between Catalonia and the regions of Düsseldorf and Cologne, “said LCI correspondent in Spain. Among them, two executives of the clothing brand Desigual who were to attend a works council, two employees of SMEs in the agro-food sector expected a fair in Cologne and a union representative and the local Delphi HRD, employees of Bayer and Fujifilm España.

The wife of the Catalan Republican Left party chief of staff was also part of the passengers, the Spanish media reported. Marina, 37, from Jaca joined his home in Manchester with her baby seven months. She was not able to find a direct flight, said the Daily Mail . Pilar, Professor 55 near Valencia, was going to visit his three children currently Erasmus in Düsseldorf. A young married couple, which was passed by the mayor on Saturday in La Llagosta, was moved into the German city. According to La Vanguardia , the mayor declared three days of mourning. A three-day national mourning has also opened Wednesday at midnight in Spain.

Germany had 75 nationals on board (against 67 then 72 previously), according to a latest report from Berlin. A class of 16 students and two professors Haltern am See, just an hour’s drive from Düsseldorf, was returning from a language exchange. They had spent nine days in immersion in Catalan families Llinars del Vallès. Two famous singers of the opera in Düsseldorf , Bryjak Oleg and Maria Radner, returning after giving a performance of “Siegfried” at the Gran Teatre Liceu in Barcelona. Contralto was traveling with her baby and her husband. Baritone had plans to return to Spain next season. Two minutes of silence will be observed in their memory Wednesday night, said the theater in El Pais .

The British authorities deplore the presence of at least three of their nationals among the victims. Their families were contacted, told Sky News the British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond who “can not rule out the possibility that there is other British victims.” “We are also in contact with the French, German and Spanish authorities and we will make a further announcement once we see more clearly there,” he added. The Consul of Japan in France informed the mayor of Digne-les-Bains two Japanese were among the passengers. It should be on site, announced Tuesday Patricia Granet on LCI.

Two Australians , Carol Friday, 68, Greig and her son, who was to celebrate his 30th birthday next month, had also sailed to Düsseldorf. Mother and son took advantage of a few weeks off before he assumes his English teacher positions in Europe, says Australian 7 News . “They will remain forever in our hearts, our memories and our dreams,” wrote family in a statement read by the Australian Foreign Minister. A Belgian living in Barcelona was on board. According to Belgian media, it would be a Liégeois 59 years.

The offices AFP also refer to Danish victim , two Colombian victims , two Argentine victims and three from Kazakhstan . Two Mexicans were killed after Mexico. Germanwings has identified passenger Netherlands , Israel and Iran . Manuel Valls has reported the presence of American , a Moroccan and Argentines. “But again, it is for Lufthansa and Spanish and German authorities to provide, hopefully as soon as possible, all of these data,” the Prime Minister said.

Two Americans were aboard, confirmed the State Department. According to the New York Post , this is Emily, 22, and his mother Yvonne, 58 years old from Nokesville, south-west of Washington DC.

VIDEO. The details of the CEO of Germanwings on the nationalities of the victims


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